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MTT 190 / They Don't Need A Reason

Posted 2020-10-15. Permalink. Tagged audio download, dj mix, electro, idm, industrial, mixcloud, movement through thought, music.

MTT190 Spectrogram

Electro, sometimes smooth, sometimes noisy, leaning into IDM territory near the end. A similar selection to last week's program (I guess I wasn't done with that particular mood yet).

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Dr. Lovelock / Protobiont 00:00
  2. Andrea Parker / Angular Art 02:53
  3. Shadowbunny / Hidden Temple 05:58
  4. Silicon Scally / Default 09:42
  5. Versalife / Raptures Of The Deep 12:06
  6. Zyntax / New World Order III 16:06
  7. Uniflux / Broken Wave Encoder 19:34
  8. Vertical67 / Black Water 22:30
  9. Sigma Algebra / Funaphy 27:18
  10. M_Step / Xylograph 33:02
  11. Trichome / Seraphimzt 37:34
  12. Annechoic / Ba 41:50
  13. Umwelt / Mogul Project 44:54
  14. Datacrashrobot / MMIC 48:46
  15. Ben Milstein / Felonius Crunk 51:30
  16. Haujobb / Solid State Logic 54:42
  17. Noise Unit / Dismembered Quietly 59:08

More Brokntoys (track 8 Black Water by Vertical67 and track 12 Ba by Annechoic), two from Black Montanas (track 1 Protobiont by Dr. Lovelock AKA Hadamard and track 7 Broken Wave Encoder by Uniflux), and two from TRUST (track 5 Raptures Of The Deep by Versalife and track 10 Xylograph by M_Step).

Vertical67's Black Water is from a recent series of self-titled 7"es on Brokntoys, all sort-of experimental, all very cool. I'll be playing more from that series in upcoming sets, so keep an eye (ear?) out.

A couple things about Ben Milstein's Felonius Crunk: one, it's playing at -6% here to fit with the tempo of this mix, and two I wouldn't be surprised if I've misidentified where the downbeat is. It's a difficult track to figure out. I'm a fan of Milstein but I rarely play his music in sets. His work is pretty abstract, dark, noisy. It's worth saying too that he's terrific live, don't miss a chance to see him perform.

Felonius Crunk leads into Solid State Logic by Haujobb from their 1995 album Freeze Frame Reality. Kind of a stretch as a mix, but it's my habit to go out on a big track, and I really wanted to hear it.

And that's that. I'll be back next week with another upload on Thursday evening PDT. I think I'll play a little industrial next, it feels like a good time. (My industrial collection is pretty limited, so don't expect anything too fancy).

Mix Availability & Downloads On This Website

Posted 2020-10-12. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, meta, movement through thought, music, website.

A couple of things have prompted me to re-evaluate how I distribute recorded mixes on this website.

First, I stopped broadcasting on aNONradio a few weeks ago. Since I'm no longer a contributing member there, I believe it's unfair for me to link to files in aNONradio's archives. (And those files could disappear at any time - whenever the admins decide they need the disk space, basically). I'm going to have to host my own files from now on.

Second, 189 mixes (200 soon) is too many to keep available all at once, in my opinion. Right now it's 15 gigs of mp3 data. That's not an amount of data I can afford to serve, given my current hosting and money situation.

So here's my plan: each new episode of Movement Through Thought will be available as a downloadable file hosted on this website for one year. I'll remove old files as I add new ones. The tracklist blog posts will remain up. Old mixes that I think are significant I'll keep available as downloads indefinitely, no more than a couple for each broadcast year. I'll tag posts with audio download to hopefully make them easier to find. Recordings uploaded to mixcloud will remain there for as long as mixcloud keeps them.

I do still have all these files, so if there's a specific mix you want that isn't available on this website send me an e-mail and I'll try to get it to you.

That's where I'm at. This seems like a reasonable system to me, a good middle ground. I hope it works out.

MTT 189 / We Bypass Time

Posted 2020-10-08. Permalink. Tagged audio download, dj mix, electro, idm, mixcloud, movement through thought, music.

MTT189 Spectrogram

Electro all at ~128 BPM, the October mood. Features a few classics (Isolation, Think Like Us) as well as new tracks (Trichome's Thoth Lowrider). And: I finally cleaned the potentiometers in my DJ mixer.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Jauzas The Shining & G13ck / Proton 00:00
  2. XY0815 / Cleo's Theme 03:30
  3. Solvent / Think Like Us (Think Like Ectomorph Version) 06:01
  4. Shadowbunny / Δ 10:16
  5. Das Muster / Superzeichen 14:19
  6. Rude 66 / Isolation 16:27
  7. Confutatis / Mulct 21:48
  8. Franck Kartell / The NDE Song 24:50
  9. Annechoic / Sheut 27:36
  10. Audioelectronic / Final Annihilation 29:52
  11. Mono Junk / System Night (RMX) 34:08
  12. Ra-X / Anaconda 36:22
  13. Soulweaver / Parra Attack 40:38
  14. Trichome / The Thoth Lowrider 43:38
  15. Andrea Parker / The Swamp 47:34
  16. Señor Frio / Polar 50:35
  17. Versalife / Pathogen 54:52
  18. Jake Mandell / Untitled 27 (Phoenecia Remix) 58:54

Two tracks from Brokntoys this week (track 2 Cleo's Theme by XY0815 and track 9 Sheut by Annechoic), two from Schematic (Thoth Lowrider by Trichome and Untitled 27 (RMX) by Jake Mandell), two from Touchin' Bass (the excellent Parra Attack by Soulweaver and The Swamp by Andrea Parker), and two from Transient Force (Superzeichen by Das Muster and Anaconda by Ra-X). This is a pretty varied selection, I think.

Trichome's 2020 album Cognitive Dissonance deserves a paragraph. It's the most Experimental Liquor Museum thing I've heard in years and it's fantastic. Schematic has been on fire lately and this is my favorite of their recent output. Thoth Lowrider is the selection here, and the whole release is great and worth checking out at the link above.

I had another ending worked out with Loopt by The Wee DJs playing right after Polar by Señor Frio but I very much wanted to hear Versalife's Pathogen. I'll get to Loopt some other day.

There's some missed cues and uneven levels here, as usual, but the perfect is the enemy of the good, as they say. I'll have another mix up and ready to download next week (Thursday evening PDT again).

MTT 188 / You've Got Nothing

Posted 2020-10-03. Permalink. Tagged acid, audio download, dj mix, electro, mixcloud, movement through thought, music, techno.

MTT188 Spectrogram

Spooky electro for the beginning of October 2020. Fast, ~135, featuring old favorites by Ectomorph, I-F, Psylocity, and Transparent Sound plus some new(ish) tracks by Illektrolab, JGarrett, and Umwelt.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

This post was updated on 2020/10/06.

  1. Electronic Corporation / Night Falls Over Europe 00:00
  2. Collapsicon / Six 03:06
  3. Sync 24 / Sense 3 06:35
  4. Transparent Sound / Ain't No Time 09:27
  5. I-F / Secret Desire 11:21
  6. Dietrich Schoenemann / Untitled [E.C.01 A1] 15:46
  7. Silicon / Sonic Wave 18:40
  8. Psylocity / Echoes In My Head 22:21
  9. Eon / Dark Nature 25:01
  10. Ectomorph / The Haunting 28:22
  11. Microthol / mod_electro_mix4 32:40
  12. Vertical67 / Morphed Reality 34:36
  13. Illektrolab / Paranoid Android 38:23
  14. ADJ / Machines And Souls 41:26
  15. JGarrett / Objectified 44:09
  16. The Pulse Projects / Ice Cold Funk Series_024 47:08
  17. Umwelt / Perception Of Heaven 50:01
  18. The Exaltics / In The End You've Got Nothing 54:50
  19. Caron / Ghost 57:58

Tracks 11, 12, 13, and 19 are all from the consistently excellent label Brokntoys. (That's mod_electro_mix4 by Microthol, Morphed Reality by Vertical67, Paranoid Android by Illektrolab, and Ghost by Caron respectively). I'm a big fan of both the music selection and the art direction over at Brokntoys, and I recommend anybody reading this go check out their catalog (or at least the albums linked above).

I picked up a bunch of releases from Umwelt's label New Flesh a couple days ago in preparation for October. Perception Of Heaven from Umwelt's 2015 When Future And Past Collapse EP is the one track from that haul that made it into this mix, and it's big. The whole EP is big - dark, loud, sometimes punishing stuff. I'll be playing more off New Flesh in the coming weeks, as I work my way to slower tempos.

The last release I'd like to call out is JGarrett's Transgressor EP on Omen Recordings, source of the track Objectified. I'm familiar with JGarrett as Xyn (still got a copy of the Soil 12") and as the head of the Xynthetic Netlabel. Transgressor is a hard EP, dark and/or industrial techno, four-to-the-floor with the exception of Objectified. Seems good to me, although I don't follow those styles closely.

This is a pretty loose mix, I didn't spend as much time planning and practicing it as usual. Had a lot going on this last week. I hope it's still listenable, that the rough spots don't distract from the music too much.

I'll be back next week with another upload to mixcloud on Thursday (hopefully by 11 PM PDT) with show notes to follow a few days later. And now I'm gonna go clean my DJ mixer...

MTT 187 / I Came Here To Tell You

Posted 2020-09-26. Permalink. Tagged ambient, anonradio, audio download, dj mix, mixcloud, movement through thought, music, radio, vaporwave.

MTT187 Spectrogram

I needed to do something different, so: an hour of ambient music. Sad, sleepy, and distant. I don't know much about ambient, and it's maybe a little awkward or careless to mix it like this, but I hope it's enjoyable nonetheless.

Due to technical difficulties this installment of Movement Through Thought did not broadcast or archive correctly at aNONradio. As such, the mix had to be re-recorded: right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download, or check it out at mixcloud.

This post was updated on 2020/10/06.

  1. Galcid / Retro Grade 00:00
  2. Access To Arasaka / Tonight 05:01
  3. Access To Arasaka / Navi 07:47
  4. FUSE / Nitedrive 10:51
  5. Stringtronics / Dawn Mists 13:55
  6. Neotropic / Odity Round-A-Heights 17:21
  7. Danny Scrilla / Pathway 20:00
  8. Robert Rich & B. Lustmord / Elemental Trigger 22:55
  9. AS1 / Mood Sequence 00.013 28:55
  10. J. Wiltshire / In The Position 31:01
  11. Sangam / Subdioecy 33:22
  12. The War Against The Sun / Protosphere 36:57
  13. Jeff Mills / Replicant 39:30
  14. Newworldaquarium / Curse Of The Bloody Puppets 40:52
  15. Darkpyramid / Floating Shrine 42:40
  16. Xela / Recitation 46:31
  17. Pete Namlook / Music For Urban Meditation Part III 58:00
  18. NNYNYX / Serial Experiments 59:41

There are a few releases I'd like to highlight this week, starting with the classic Stalker by Robert Rich and Brian Lustmord. I suspect this is a very well known album and I'm just out of the loop, but it's worth repeating that it's terrific. The tracklist link above takes you to the album's entry at the Hearts Of Space website which will in turn take you to amazon if you want to purchase it.

The second is J. Wiltshire's album Resa on Musar Recordings, who were kind enough to send me a promo copy of the album. (Thank you). The sixth track In The Position plays here as track 10. It's a hazy album, sometimes warm and playful, sometimes more distant. I like it. And it gave this installment of MTT its name, though I misremembered the exact words.

My last highlight is Xela's album Exorcism, nearly a third of which plays at the end of this mix. I think I heard about Exorcism through Warren Ellis's old blog back in 2012, I downloaded it and loved it immediately. The sendspace link in the original blogpost for the album is down, and so is the soundcloud upload. Fortunately a user named Strelok has uploaded the whole thing to youtube: track 1 Charm, track 2 Recitation, track 3 Potion. This is one I often return to, so give it a listen if you haven't heard it before.

This is my last broadcast on aNONradio, the last new episode of Movement Through Thought to be transmitted there. I won't go into detail why - I don't care for drama, and it's really not worth the time. I'd rather not distract from the music. The music is more important.

I'd like to get back on the radio somewhere, but that will take time I think. For now I will keep up the practice by uploading shows to mixcloud, starting next week. Something for the beginning of October.

187 is a scary number.

MTT 186 / Breathe Life

Posted 2020-09-20. Permalink. Tagged ambient, anonradio, audio download, dj mix, electro, idm, mixcloud, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT186 Spectrogram

An electro, IDM, and ambient grab-bag, all at around 120. New(ish) tracks from Pearson Sound and Scape One plus some old favorites.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

This post wast updated on 2020/10/06.

  1. Mrs Jynx / Dinner Dance 00:00
  2. Space Dimension Controller / VCOcation 04:24
  3. Shadowbunny / Feathers 06:20
  4. Dark Vektor / Cyan 09:51
  5. Scape One / Hyperbolix 14:07
  6. Lego Feet / Untitled [Part 2 Track 5] 17:20
  7. Amorphous Androgynous / Fat Cat 21:47
  8. Kaiowa / Aliensex 25:22
  9. Midnight Star / Midas Touch (Hell Interface Remix) 28:29
  10. Ivna Ji / Laax 32:59
  11. Voigt Kampff / Question 36:22
  12. DMX Krew / The Storm King 39:35
  13. Pearson Sound / Everything Is Inside Out 43:04
  14. Dagobert / Bionic Two 47:20
  15. Azure Taint / Bergluft 50:08
  16. SMX / Sleep 53:19
  17. Jega / Inertia 57:17

Scape One's Hyperbolix is (relatively) new, released in February on the album Cosmic Trax through Mr. Baggaley's bandcamp. I played the first track off it a couple months ago, one of the Jive Rhythm Trax tributes. Hyperbolix is more moody than those tributes, more in line with what the album sounds like as a whole.

The other new song this week is Pearson Sound's Everything Is Inside Out from his Alien Mode EP. I played the A side of this two weeks ago and am really glad to get to this track (B2) now. It's a genre-bending piece, as much techno or breaks or IDM as it is anything else. The kicks are arranged in the same pattern as the second half of the Numbers rhythm, there's no snare or strong accent on 2, I dunno, it's weird. And weird in this case is good.

There's lots more to recommend here: Shadowbunny is awesome, Ivna Ji's Laax EP is one of my favorite EPs of the last couple of years, even an old semi-forgotten tracker mod in Aliensex by Kaiowa. But I feel like moving on. I'll be back next week with something slower, as usual.