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Completed Arcana today, the final chapter was much easier after I spent yesterday gaining levels. Beat it a bit quicker than I anticipated and so I spent around 90 minutes replaying Quake 1 Dimension Of The Past.

Will probably learn some form of the Arcana speedrun, that seems fun to me.'s avatar image / . source.

CW: Horror movie talk, Occult (2009), minor spoilers

Watched Occult (2009, dir. Koji Shiraishi) today. My second Shiraishi after seeing Noroi last year. Lovecraftian cosmic horror faux-documentary, like Noroi, but with a different scope. Felt more focused, with a smaller mystery and set of characters.

Occult is uneasy, it made me very anxious. Really great (and jarring) noise soundtrack by Hair Stylistics. I liked all the performances (Kiyoshi Kurosawa appears as himself in a pretty funny cameo). Sketchy (and in one place bad) CG effects. I liked it & would recommend it, although it did make me pretty uncomfortable (which I imagine was intentional).'s avatar image / . source.

Watching the Quake Champions tourney, the two most recent lower bracket matches have been incredible. Raisy v Rapha, Chain v Vengeur.'s avatar image / . source.

Arcana for the SNES, an old dungeon crawling RPG, is like comically difficult. The game often takes away party members in story events mid-dungeon and then ramps up the difficulty. It's brutal, especially if you don't know it's about to happen.

I still love it though. Great music, fun artwork, combat is rewarding when you're not seriously outmatched.'s avatar image / . source.

Found out today that Lasergum Records, Juno Lazermachine's label, ceased activities in March and set all their music to free download. I went through their catalog tonight and downloaded about 15 releases. Some good electro and IDM in there for anyone who wants to dig.

MTT 285 / Pump It Up Some

MTT285 Spectrogram

More electro & miami bass this week. Florida & a few detours into Detroit. Nothing new I'm afraid, the most recent tracks here are by Ashrock, Code Rising, and JR10.

This mix contains one track with some profanity at around the 40 minute mark. (I forgot to give a warning in the vocal intro, sorry).

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.'s avatar image / . source.
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Finished Chapter 2 in Arcana today. I love the game but it can be really tough - there's a huge jump in difficulty between Chapter 2 and 3. I'll need to study some maps and think about my route before playing further.'s avatar image / . source.
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I swear playing this stuff, these electro-bass records, is a huge rush. I always get way into it mixing them.

Not my best performance but not one I'm too upset with either. I'd be happy with a performance like that in front of a crowd. Good enough.