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CW: self-indulgent self-reflection, writing

I'm weirdly very afraid of structured, planned writing. I'll talk a lot of nonsense on IRC or in person but expressing coherent thoughts in text is petrifying.

When I started DJing for internet radio (and later for my website) I knew I wanted to work on this problem by forcing myself to write about each set. Even if it was only a sentence or two. It's been challenging. The writing part has often been more difficult than the DJing part. I feel like it's beginning to pay off, though, in that it has become noticeably easier and more comfortable to do.'s avatar image // / 108133114291588431 Origin link. Source file.
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I woke up at 4 PM so tonight's mix may be a little late.

Oof. Having breakfast & a cup of tea now, hoping that'll get me going.'s avatar image // / 108123650076734277 Origin link. Source file.
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Selling stuff on craigslist (or thru any similar classifieds listing) makes me very nervous.'s avatar image // / 108118708594807423 Origin link. Source file.
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Been watching a streamer I like play through the game "Disco Elysium", the recent "Final Cut" edition. I had thought it was an action game, one that would annoy me. Turns out it's a smart, provocative, and very funny throwback to Planescape: Torment. No combat at all.

It's pretty impressive. One day I'll play through it myself, I think. When Wine catches up to it.'s avatar image // / 108065254728363447 Origin link. Source file.
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I took a train a few miles down the road to the nearest thrift store today. Picked up a movie, walked around a shopping center.

First time I've really been out of the house in I think months.

Wozowski's Ear, Wozowski's Drum

Posting today to recommend The Ear & Drum, DJ and drum & bass historian Wozowski's excellent mix blog. I'm a fan of his atmospheric, deep, and intelligent DnB mixes, but there's a lot more on his site, and it's all top quality. I've picked up quite a few releases over the years after hearing them in a Woz mix.

A couple of my favorites from their back catalog:

As I write this the latest mix on the site is Ear & Drum Session 229 Killah Deep, which features a bunch of releases from Omni Music, who re-released a couple tracks I played on my own show this week.

In short: great drum & bass mixes, give 'em a listen.