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DJ Megaphysics and I are DJing at Ground Kontrol Arcade tonight, 9:00 PM until close, games are set to free play, $7 cover, 21 and over.

I've got the opening set, so I packed a bunch of oldschool electro (plus modern pieces written in that style). Good times.'s avatar image // / 102536395894511820 Origin link. Source file.

My sleep is messed up, so I spent the last five hours (from 2 AM to now) lining up music and putting my set together for the arcade tonight.

I'm doing the thing where I know I have enough music but refuse to believe it. 200 tracks is four times what I need, but I won't be happy until there are 300...'s avatar image // / 102519282448370696 Origin link. Source file.
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The final day of #quakecon is live with a day of prize matches. The stream for it is over at , and it just started.

There are discussion threads on ESReality and plusforward, and liquipedia has the standings.

quake - Twitch

The official Twitch channel for Quake Champions. Tune in here for competitive arena-style first-person shooter action! Play for FREE now!

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My show on starts in 30 minutes. It's called Movement Through Thought, and it's live every Friday 06:00 to 07:00 UTC.

Four-on-the-floor again tonight. Tracks by Brothomstates, Carl Craig, Legowelt, Orgue Electronique. Gonna drift along for an hour.

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I meant to go to sleep, but I put on Cameron Paul's City Nights Power Mix VII (Mixx-It 23). Now I'm dancing. One of the great DJs and remixers arranging freestyle in 1988. It doesn't get any better.

Cameron Paul Mixx it CP 23 HQ Vinyl Remastering

mix et medley 80


Various - Mixx-it 23

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1988 Vinyl release of "Mixx-it 23" on Discogs.

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I just finished a re-read of Chris Moriarty's "Spin State". The book seemed more pulp-y the second time through. It still gripped me the same way, though. I read it in hundred page chunks.

I have its two sequels "Spin Control" and "Ghost Spin" set aside to read next.'s avatar image // / 102433304983983921 Origin link. Source file.

I had to dodge a skunk on my way to the corner store tonight. We've had skunks in this neighborhood for a few years now. I managed to pass by this one without disturbing it. I hope it succeeds and doesn't run into too many humans.'s avatar image // / 102426828957959995 Origin link. Source file.
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Movement Through Thought on is live in 30 minutes. I broadcast my show every Friday 06:00 to 07:00 UTC.

I've got a stack of techno and dub techno I want to hear, so that's what I'm doing. I'll be featuring tracks by Aril Brikha, Convextion, Kit Clayton, and Mike Huckaby.

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I've fallen behind on my reading. I wanted to complete two books every month this year, but I'm averaging about one.

That's not too bad, now that I think about it.'s avatar image // / 102404737746465039 Origin link. Source file.
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Tracklist for MTT 123 / Spare No Fakes :

and at :

Mostly Detroit electro this week. I picked up J. Shaw's album on Tec-Troit, and was pleased to include two tracks from it. Also picked up OFI by Model 500 and worked that in. This one was a good time.'s avatar image // / 102387209061636002 Origin link. Source file.
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I'll be live on in 25 minutes with my show Movement Through Thought. It airs every Friday 06:00 to 07:00 UTC.

Detroit electro and miscellaneous other peices tonight. I feel like rocking out. Tracks by EDMX, J. Shaw, Juan Atkins, Keith Tucker, UR.

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We've got thunder here. It feels like the power is going to go out any minute. Might be a good time for a walk.