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Bought a bunch of music today, enough to hold me over for the next month or so.

Picked up a few new releases from CPU, a few old ones from Southern Outpost (that have recently been made available in digital format), the new DVIDEVAT x Nulla on #kamizdat , a two-tracker by Anz, Mariska Neerman's EP on HC Records, and more... I might have gone overboard.'s avatar image // / 106325445268344751 Origin link. Source file.

CW: Moderna (2nd dose) Trip Report

I don't want to say too much, I don't want to discourage people from getting vaccinated


That was brutal. Had a great big fever and a headache that lasted days. I feel like my brain has been cooked a little and is now cooling.'s avatar image // / 106310369996769360 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.

Posting early so I can go sleep zZzZzZz.'s avatar image // / 106309037989427904 Origin link. Source file.

CW: Covid, Vaccine, Personal

Just got my second dose of Moderna. The first one left my arm really sore; not looking forward to that again.

I'm really, really, really scared of needles.'s avatar image // / 106270005620872181 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.

Posting this early because I'm very tired and need to sleep.'s avatar image // / 106260642463831089 Origin link. Source file.

CW: MH, Sleep

Woke up at 7 PM, will probably go to sleep around noon tomorrow. I like being awake at night but I don't like waking up in the evening.

I feel OK though. Productive. Less anxious than usual.

Does make it difficult to interact with the normal world though. And my window into the fediverse is quiet at night.

Music File Management 1: Formats, Names, and Tags

Like most DJs I have a lot of music and a lot of that is files. CD rips, recordings of cassettes and vinyl, flac and mp3 purchases from online record stores, and so on. Articles and conversations about music library organization are always interesting to me, so I thought I'd take a minute here to document how I handle my own collection.

I manage and interact with my digital music library using a computer that runs FreeBSD. Everything is done from the command-line using the Bourne shell, the standard file utilities, some shell scripts, and a few specialized encoders and tagging programs that I'll list next. I don't use Picard or any of the other automated taggers.'s avatar image // / 106237482028304102 Origin link. Source file.
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My friend Josh Walund's radio program Cortex Primer is live right now on KBVR Corvallis. Hugh Manoid just did the little spoken intro, music is just starting.

88.7 FM if you're in the Corvallis area, otherwise you can tune in at:

KBVR-FM, 88.7 FM, Eugene-Springfield, OR | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn

KBVR-FM - Located on the campus of Oregon State University, KBVR-FM is a free-form station staffed by OSU students.

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Kind of a low-effort mix this week, a lot of the tracks run long. That's OK I guess. It felt right given the structure of these particular songs.'s avatar image // / 106220389414979474 Origin link. Source file.
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A few things I learned today:

It's fine to burn a great big ISO image to a blank bluray. (Works for the purpose of backup, mounts on my FreeBSD system, haven't tested with a bluray video player).

growisofs can burn BD-Rs.

It takes a really long time to burn a single layer BD-R at 0.3x.'s avatar image // / 106191902901185785 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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Really happy with the Chrono to Tour De France '16 to Tomorrow to Wahawa to Drift Away sequence in the middle. Le Monde could've (should've) been louder, but that's OK.'s avatar image // / 106186616729581406 Origin link. Source file.
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I keep returning to old 2000s era electro records when building sets. Particularly old Satamile NYC releases. Most of Satamile never played well for the crowd at the arcade, but I really like 'em.