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Woah, it looks like Arrow Video is going to release Burst City (1982, dir. Sogo Ishii) on bluray next month. The last english subtitled release of the movie that I'm aware of is Discotek Media's DVD from 2006. It's been hard to get for a decade now.

It's a really good, though challenging, Japanese movie. More punk than cyber.

Hmm, bluray region code B, sadly.'s avatar image // / 104942061406358944 source link
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I'm moving to a new mastodon account, going to try out the big instance. You can find me at . I'll do the account migration in a minute.'s avatar image // / 104942025132372534 source link this is a reply
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This was my last broadcast on . I am moving on. I'd like to find another radio station but for now I'll try uploading weekly shows to mixcloud. See if I can keep up the pace.'s avatar image // / 104942014387333310 source link
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Tracklist for MTT 187 "I Came Here To Tell You":

and at :

An hour of music, inexpertly mixed, though heartfelt. Tracks by Access To Arasaka, Robert Rich & Lustmord, Xela, and more.

Sorry to the folks who tuned in live last week, there were some technical difficulties that made the show unlistenable.'s avatar image // / 104941885371197384 source link
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#introduction #introductions

Hi, I'm Cameron. I'm a #DJ from the suburbs of Portland, Oregon. I follow and and have a soft spot for and music.

I'm also an ex-sysadmin, a user, a and player, a reader of fiction, and more.

I'm moving here from another server to see what the big instance is like. Might move again after some months, we'll see.'s avatar image // / 104939714332750963 source link
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Hello all, posting to say I'm an actual person and not a bot or anything.

I'm moving here from a smaller instance to try out something different for a while. I'll write up a real introduction soon, just have to take care of a few things first.

MTT 187 / I Came Here To Tell You

MTT187 Spectrogram

I needed to do something different, so: an hour of ambient music. Sad, sleepy, and distant. I don't know much about ambient, and it's maybe a little awkward or careless to mix it like this, but I hope it's enjoyable nonetheless.

Due to technical difficulties this installment of Movement Through Thought did not broadcast or archive correctly at aNONradio. As such, the mix had to be re-recorded: right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download, or check it out at mixcloud.'s avatar image // / 104924302407622758 source link this is a reply
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I am not amused.'s avatar image // / 104923909932232544 source link
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I'll be DJing live on in 30 minutes playing ambient music and other beatless pieces. My show is called "Movement Through Thought" and it's live every Friday at 06:00 UTC (that's Thursday 11 PM pacific time).

I don't know a lot about ambient - I'm no expert - but I feel like doing something different tonight. I'll be featuring tracks by Access To Arasaka, Galcid, Robert Rich & Lustmord, and Xela. It'll be sleepy and kind of sad.

Listen at .'s avatar image // / 104901693817511195 source link
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Tracklist for MTT 186 "Breathe Life":

and at :

A varied set of music at around 120 BPM - ambient, electro, IDM, even an old tracker mod. Features new tracks by Pearson Sound and Scape One, as well as old favorites by Dark Vektor, Midnight Star (by way of Boards Of Canada), and Voigt Kampff.'s avatar image // / 104884270604437150 source link
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Movement Through Thought on starts in 30 minutes. My show is live every Friday at 06:00 UTC (that's Thursday 11 PM pacific time).

I'm feeling a little down today so I've put together my usual assortment of electro and IDM, all at ~120. I'll be playing tracks by Dark Vektor, DMX Krew, Midnight Star, Pearson Sound, and more.

The power has already gone out once here due to some weather. Let's hope the storm king doesn't interrupt the show.

You can listen at .'s avatar image // / 104883807796462896 source link

Very happy to see rain tonight in Forest Grove.

The lightning and thunder startled me though.'s avatar image // / 104876867105758563 source link
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I'm listening to the latest Projection Booth podcast about Juraj Herz's 1972 movie Morgiana and it sounds excellent. It helps that Kat Ellinger is co-hosting this podcast, I could listen to her talk about movies for days.

Episode 485: Morgiana (1972)

#Czechember2020 continues with a look at Juraj Herz’s Morgiana. Released in 1972 the film stars Iva Janzurova as both Victoria and Clara Tragen, two sisters who are driven apart by their father’s will and the jealousy of Clara by Victoria.

The Projection Booth Podcast's avatar image // / 104871013487732207 source link

CW: Complaining, Oregon, smoke/air quality

The bad air here is really getting to me today. It's not any worse objectively, I'm not even in a bad area, I'm just tired of it. I tried running a fan in my room and it smelled stale and smokey.

So I'm drinking cold tea and eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because that always makes me feel better.'s avatar image // / 104865421012475601 source link
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Neotropic's latest set for for Reel Rebels Radio is really good. I just spent a chunk of my afternoon listening to it.'s avatar image // / 104865037078129094 source link
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I was reading a list of software to be upgraded on my computer a moment ago and mistook the programs "butt", "check", and "conky" as a single program named "becky". Was very confused for a minute.'s avatar image // / 104854756435747497 source link
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Tracklist for MTT 185 "Like Shadows":

and at :

The usual and IDM at a steady 128, though maybe a little more abstract and distant than normal. Features tracks by Anthony Rother, Legowelt, Low Orbit Satellite, Rude 66, Silicon Scally, and more.'s avatar image // / 104844635815819618 source link
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Movement Through Thought on starts in 30 minutes. My show is live every Friday at 06:00 UTC (that's Thursday 11 PM pacific date time).

I've picked some midtempo ~128 and IDM to play tonight. I'll be featuring tracks by Anthony Rother, Legowelt, Metamatics, Rude 66, Silicon Scally, and more.

Instructions for listening can be found at the station's website: .'s avatar image // / 104842540427003854 source link

CW: Oregon fires, smoke, complaining

Everything is hazy and a dull sickly yellow color. The sun is a small red disk in the sky. I don't like it.

I'm out in Forest Grove, the smoke seems less intense here than in photos I've seen of other places. I don't think I'm in any danger. I think the closest fire is the one near Hagg Lake. Still don't like it.'s avatar image // / 104836916480947387 source link

CW: MH-, depression

Cryptically depressed today. I just saw an advertisement in the paper that reads "Thousands will win! Everyone saves!" and it made me feel awful. I'm not sure why. The last few weeks have been bad.'s avatar image // / 104821864534969014 source link
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Tracklist for last week's radio show, MTT 184 "Not Lost":

and at :

A ~135 mess of breaks, clubby electro, IDM, and a little future garage. Having some fun, maybe experimenting a bit. This show features tracks by Ed Chamberlain, Low Orbit Satellite, Pearson Sound, RAC, Rings Around Saturn, Sepehr, and more.'s avatar image // / 104804999213629103 source link
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Movement Through Thought on starts in 30 minutes. My show is live every Friday at 06:00 UTC (That's Thursday 11 PM pacific time).

Breaks, electro, future garage grab-bag night. Fast, 135, roughly twice the speed of last week's show. I'll be featuring tracks by Aloka, Low Orbit Satellite, Pearson Sound, Sepehr, and more.

Listen at .