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And now I realize that sounds like an advertisement. I guess it is, in a way. Unpaid advertising, I swear.'s avatar image // / 103390433486603268 Origin link. Source file.
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CPU Records has a 40% off sale on their bandcamp page now thru January 10th. Use discount code "getsorted".

Central Processing Unit

CPU Records

Central Processing Unit

I just picked up 10 releases from them. Nearly wiped out my bank account in the process. I've wanted to get into their catalog for a while, but I couldn't afford it. 96 Back, Microlith, Mikron, Silicon scally, so much good music.'s avatar image // / 103385277822378744 Origin link. Source file.

I've discovered that I can't listen to podcasts, and people talking in general, while trying to write.

I can listen to people talk while working with music. But not while writing words.

Hmm. Now that I've typed that out, it seems obvious.'s avatar image // / 103379757984211968 Origin link. Source file.
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I trashed my X server with ffplay.

Then I found out my VCR still works.

Nice.'s avatar image // / 103367471258612241 Origin link. Source file.
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Re-recorded last week's MTT tonight and managed to get it exactly 59 minutes and 55 seconds long. Heck yeah.

MTT 147 / Pattern Repeat

MTT147 Spectrogram

This is the third annual MTT tracker music show. Weird breaks, drum & bass, and IDM. The mix features 12 (!) tracks from the Assembly demoparty (including two from 2019), plus a few from the 2018 and 2019 Revision party.

My internet connection dropped during the live broadcast of this show, unfortunately. I couldn't leave it that way, so I re-recorded the whole hour: right-click save as here or on the spectrogram above to download it. This mix is also available at mixcloud.'s avatar image // / 103340590516450091 Origin link. Source file.
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I should have threaded the last three posts. I've been watching the 1994 movie Nadja, written & directed by Michael Almereyda.

Somebody uploaded Nadja to youtube if you care to watch it. It's probably been zoomed in or panned or cropped or whatever to fool the copyright algorithms, but here it is:

Nadja (1994) by NoKtvrn VnderL!ne

Nadja (1994) Completa

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Lucy: "Monday I ate half a bagel, hot tea, and a can of coke. Tuesday I ate two diet cokes and a piece of pizza. Today I had a bag of M&M's. But I didn't eat the yellow ones."

Van Helsing: "Face it, Jim. She's a zombie."

Peter Fonda is great (and funny) as Van Helsing.

Screengrab from the 1994 movie Nadja featuring Peter Fonda as Van Helsing's avatar image // / 103340373806451113 Origin link. Source file.
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Renfield: "Do you mind if I sit in that chair? That's the chair I always sit in."

Cassandra: "Yes I do mind. I'm having a nervous breakdown."

Renfield: "I don't think you've been taking your medicine".

Cassandra: "I don't take medicine. I'm the nurse." ...

Renfield: "Well, maybe you should start taking it, because you don't look very well. And you're still sitting in my chair."

Screegrab from the 1994 film Nadja picturing Cassandra (Suzy Amis) sitting in a chair's avatar image // / 103340109114466104 Origin link. Source file.
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"We have come for the body of Count Voivoida Armenios Ceauşescu Dracula. I believe there is a wooden stake in the heart. You will take us to him."'s avatar image // / 103339547876047036 Origin link. Source file.

"Note: the picture should be an expression of your brand identity, whether you're an individual or a brand/collective"

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Apologies for cutting out at the end of tonight's show on . I lost my internet connection at about the 52 minute mark.

Any other night and I'd shrug it off and move on, but the mod show is imprtant to me. I'll be re-recording that and uploading it somewhere; maybe mixcloud or soundcloud. Should be done by Sunday night.'s avatar image // / 103338470523196984 Origin link. Source file.
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Movement Through Thought on starts in ~30 minutes. It's live every Friday at 06:00 UTC (that's Thursday 10 PM PST).

Demoscene music tonight. Tracker mods, old and new. I do this once a year; tonight's the night. I'll be featuring music by Dune, Illusion, Necros, Norfair, RS3, and more.

Listen at .'s avatar image // / 103331402344552464 Origin link. Source file.
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Me and my friend DJ Cache are filling in for Proqxis at the arcade tonight. Cache & CEV @ Ground Kontrol Arcade 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM, no cover, 21 & over.

We'll be playing electro and IDM; house and techno. Probably some demoscene music too, since that's on my mind.

TRONix: Proqxis

Proqxis and rotating guests provide a compelling mix of electronic and progressively abstract tunes. Electroacoustic ambient, electro, breakbeat, techno, trip hop, IDM - mood changes and occassional appearances of other avant-garde genres, prog, goth, synth, and dreampop variations spanning the...

Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade and Bar's avatar image // / 103309032864526347 Origin link. Source file.
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I had seen parts of Cherry 2000 before, but that was my first time watching it in full. The campy tone was surprising. IMDB tells me Michael Almereyda wrote it; in that context it makes a lot more sense.

Lester, for example, reminds me of Peter Fonda's portrayal of Van Helsing in Almereyda's Nadja.

Thanks again #WeAreNameless .'s avatar image // / 103298824851601878 Origin link. Source file.
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Movement Through Thought on starts in 30 minutes. My program airs every Friday at 06:00 UTC (That's Thursday at 10:00 PM PST).

Sort of a lazy, weird show tonight. Electro, techno, a tiny bit of house. I'll be featuring tracks by CRC, Drexciya, Herr Wacher, and Legowelt.

Listen at .'s avatar image // / 103291458408136669 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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I'm just now starting work on this year's tracker music show. Better late than never, I guess.

I think I'll play a bunch of Lassi Nikko.'s avatar image // / 103285582035352616 Origin link. Source file.
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I finally got around to publishing the tracklist for last week's Movement Through Thought.

and at :

A weird show. New tracks from Ivna Ji, Koova, and Point Guard. Old weirdness by AFX, Drøn, and Raw Stevens. Rounded out by some solid breaks and electro from BFX, Chaotic state, and Imatran Voima.'s avatar image // / 103259188425121061 Origin link. Source file.
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Movement Through Thought on starts in 30 minutes. It's live every Friday at 06:00 UTC.

I picked up a couple new electro EPs this week, so that's tonight's agenda. I'll be featuring tracks by BFX, Boris Divider, Ivna Ji, Point Guard, and Sigma Algebra.

Listen at .'s avatar image // / 103258617502020952 Origin link. Source file.
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Went into the city yesterday and picked up the novels "vN" by Madeline Ashby and "Voice Of The Whirlwind" by Walter Jon Williams.

Will start one of those once I finish re-reading Delany's "Nova".