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MTT No. 095 / Beyond Reality

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MTT095 Spectrogram

Tracker mods! Breakbeat, IDM, and oldschool mods this week. Featuring ten tracks sourced from The Assembly's music competitions.

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  1. Skaven / Second Reality I 00:00
  2. Firelight / After The Storm 01:33
  3. Roz / Straightbackward 04:30
  4. Necros / Cloud City 06:40
  5. Lizardking / Claustrophobia 09:52
  6. Buzzer / Let's Party Again 12:49
  7. Darkhalo / Underwater Voyage Pt. 2 15:07
  8. Yli. / Mass Control 17:56
  9. Unconsciousness / Ramshackle Place 19:36
  10. Hooligan / Jazzy High 20:37
  11. Nagz / Nuclear Deterrent 22:29
  12. Willow / Machine Drome 24:20
  13. Understandable Product / _01 (Mix B - Tapestry) 27:17
  14. Rb387 / Invisible Objects 28:34
  15. DNA / Unelmia (Dremas) 31:38
  16. MD / Headroom 34:28
  17. Nagz / Skin After Flash 36:55
  18. Xhale / Attending Eart 38:48
  19. Jcole / Berylux Tones 41:37
  20. RS3 / The Lunar Trinity 44:07
  21. Purple Motion / Second Reality II 48:56
  22. Ambientmove & Velvet / Sojourner 54:56
  23. Ceniq / XEQ-Complex 56:53
  24. Skaven / Second Reality III 58:23

Ten of these songs come from The Assembly demoscene party's music archive, as mentioned. Straightbackward and Let's Party Again were both released this year - the Assembly 2018 Tracked Music entries in general are excellent. Five tracks are from the Assembly 1998 Music competition. For some reason, there's only one music category in 1998, with 100+ entries. There's a lot of great downtempo, drum & bass, and IDM in that 1998 competition, some of which I plan to write about later.

Cloud City by Necros and Headroom by MD (aka Mellow-D) both come from the excellent group Five Musicians. I'm a big fan of the artists in FM, and can't recommend their music enough. Their catalog can be found at and at

This one's pretty good! There's a small popping noise at 24:21 that I forgot to mute, and an unfortunate zip noise at 25:12. (Digital DJ-ing problems). Also, some of these tracks were rendered with the wrong sample interpolation settings (particularly noticeable on Sojourner - that song isn't supposed to sound crunchy). I'll go back and fix those tracks as I come across them.

Shoutout to Foamhat and JWM.


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