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Walked into town today and picked up some tea at the grocery store and a few movies (on DVD) at the local thrift store. Found the first season of The Expanse, a copy of The Witch (2015), and - the best find - a copy of Doctor X (1932), the two-color version. It was a nice day out, too. Good weather.'s avatar image // / 106652667958402229 Origin link. Source file.
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Catching up on podcasts this morning and I'm just now getting to Anime World Order #200. Which is over three hours long and mostly comprised of an interview with Helen McCarthy. Been looking forward to this one, glad I have time today to listen to it.

Practice Time with Fatal1ty

How to be PRO? Tutorial by Fatal1ty at (Previously uploaded with the title "Practice Time by Mr. Positivity"). The clip linked above is from Fatal1ty's segment of the I'm A Gamer episode of MTV's True Life.

You gotta practice. Practice. Practice practice practice practice. Practice. And if you're not practicing you should be practicing. So keep practicing. It's the only way you're gonna get better. It's the only way you're gonna be number 1. Number 1 in anything. You need practice practice practice.

I keep a copy of this on my hard drive and watch it whenever I need motivation. I like the part where he tells me to practice.'s avatar image // / 106598867267801298 Origin link. Source file.
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I recently switched from keeping a to-do list to taking short notes on what I've done each day. It's not a lot, four or five lines in a composition notebook per day, but it's nice. Makes me feel more "productive".'s avatar image // / 106571642363036221 Origin link. Source file.

OK, I'm going to import my following_accounts now. Here we go~'s avatar image // / 106571639507035960 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.

Following on from that introduction:

I don't post very often and I keep odd hours. Also I'm pretty slow to act or make decisions. I take my time.

I do sometimes post / promote my own projects and those of friends, but I try not to do so to excess.'s avatar image // / 106571612495898282 Origin link. Source file.
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I am retiring this account at and will be moving over to .

I'll be importing my followers list over there in a moment so if you receive a follow request from that account it's me.'s avatar image // / 106571513787825541 Origin link. Source file.
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Hello b.n. (and the wider fediverse). I am a disc jockey, music collector, and lapsed sysadmin from the Portland (Oregon) metropolitan area. I was a regular DJ at Ground Kontrol Arcade in Portland and now produce a mix series for the internet.

I do most of my computing with the BSD variants; I'm using FreeBSD now to write this message and interact with the fediverse.

I'm moving to this account on from and was previously's avatar image // / 106559913424153995 Origin link. Source file.
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I've been fooling around with my website a lot in the last few weeks. Not sure why. I guess I'm in the mood to tinker with something.

Shio And Five Rooms Of True Torture

Final torture [Quake3 DeFRaG movie] at

Quake 3 Defrag map gnj-finaltorture performed by Shio. VQ3 physics. Video by xajjA, map of course by gnj. Run and video both from 2013. Content warning for flashing lights and first-person gameplay that may cause motion sickness.

Incredible run of a punishing Q3 defrag map. Fall at any point and you start over from the beginning. One of the great Quake videos of the last decade. Even ESReality likes it.

Posting because this is where I first heard Running Away by DJ Infiniti. (It's the second music track, starts at 01:52.) That's the same Infiniti whose mix of Move Over was just played in MTT 228. Every time I hear Running Away I think of Shio and gnj-finaltorture.'s avatar image // / 106544073947300293 Origin link. Source file.
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Spent the night putting together tomorrow's mix. Having a real "what the hell did I just mix" moment right now.

Website Refactoring: Articles and Notes

I've made a significant change which will hopefully make it easier for me to update this site more often. I've re-implemented traditional blog categories and grouped most existing posts into long-form "articles" and short-form "notes". This gives me a category where I can publish short pieces like photos, recommendations, links to albums, links to videos, and so on without feeling like I need to write a thousand words or whatever. (That's a pretty low bar for "long-form" writing, I know, but writing scares me.)

This matters because there are new browsing and RSS feed options available. Articles (RSS) and notes (RSS) both have their own chronological pages and feeds. The main page and main RSS feed will continue to display all posts as normal. If you're currently subscribed to the main RSS feed of this blog and still want to receive all posts then you don't have to change anything. There's also a unique (and hopefully podcatcher compatible) RSS feed of just the Movement Through Thought mixes. These different feeds and views are available so you can choose how much of my nonsense you want to read.

Think of the short-form "notes" as something like a microblog in the style of tumblr, a place where I can link videos and do other lazy posts.'s avatar image // / 106535488305813629 Origin link. Source file.
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I'm thinking about moving to another mastodon instance. This would be my second move, after going from SDF to It's been on my to-do list for a while, just haven't gotten to it.

Shopping for instances is hard.'s avatar image // / 106520800406699211 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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It turns out Audacity runs fine in Wine. i386-wine 5.0.4, Audacity 2.4.2. It takes longer to start than usual and parts of the UI seem slow but I was able to record and edit audio. I'll give it a real test this week.

Posted as a follow-up to my complaining yesterday.'s avatar image // / 106512582769111009 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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I should run Audacity in Wine at this point. Get a windows build of 2.4.2 and never think about it again. I wonder how well that'd work.'s avatar image // / 106512575016789901 Origin link. Source file.
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I'm untangling my software upgrade mess from yesterday. FreeBSD now thinks that wxgtk31 requires wayland. And it wants to update Audacity. So...

First step, pkg lock wxgtk31. Next step(s), download Audacity 2.4.2, patch and otherwise massage it until it compiles, then never upgrade again.'s avatar image // / 106509261203343438 Origin link. Source file.
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Tried to upgrade youtube_dl, accidentally started upgrading half the software on my system.

A big mess.