MTT 119 / Broke Down

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MTT119 Spectrogram

I've been feeling sick recently, so this show is on the slower side. Ambient, downtempo, hiphop, etc.; 90-100 BPM, nothing fancy.

This show (like most of MTT Year 3) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. The War Against The Sun / Protosphere 00:00
  2. Transcend / 2003 02:22
  3. Tubeway Army / Are 'Friends' Electric? 07:37
  4. Dr. Octagon / 3000 12:32
  5. Jega / Sakura 15:27
  6. Occult Orientated Crime / Doggerland 19:17
  7. DJ Food / Inosan 22:45
  8. Neotropic / Under Violent Objects 27:30
  9. FSOL / Slider 30:54
  10. DJ Shadow / Mutual Slump 36:40
  11. Neotropic / CCTV 40:20
  12. RPM / The Inside 42:50
  13. Massive Attack / Group Four 45:01
  14. Electric Street Orchestra / Reconstruct 51:55
  15. Electric Street Orchestra / Reconstruct (Tiny Hearts Remix) 54:31
  16. Coil / Broccoli 58:26

After playing Rother's Friends Are Not Electric last week, I knew I had to play Numan's Are 'Friends' Electric? this week. That's the foolishness I brought up in my intro; that track drifts in tempo quite a bit, and can be a little tricky to mix. Fading into some Dr. Octagon afterwards was a special treat.

Electric Street Orchestra's Reconstruct (both versions) is my highlight this week. It's from The Natives EP, produced by Jeedo aka Wajeed, and released on Dirt Tech Reck in 2013. The record has some famous collaborators - Mad Mike programs the 303 lines on the A-side, and (according to discogs) Theo Parrish plays keys on Reconstruct, the B-side. I'm not sure how to characterize the music; it's some intersection of hip-hop, soul, and detroit techno. Wonderful stuff. If you're into it, be sure to check the rest of Dirt Tech Reck's catalog.

There's a lot of favorites in this hour (DJ Shadow, Legowelt, Neotropic...), but I'll leave it there. I wish I'd transitioned into Are Friends Electric a little faster and played it a little louder, but other than that I've got no major complaints. Good music for a sick day.

Shoutout and thanks to Kez of 360 Vinyl for recommending the first three Dirt Tech Reck releases.


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