MTT 271 / On Bright Wings

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MTT271 Spectrogram

Electro in the 130s this week (plus some old British electronic listening music magic to close). This mix features new tracks by Alva Recek (from the recent Soma EP), Shawescape Renegade (from the (forthcoming?) Reconstruct Your Mind EP), and Versalife (from the Shape Shifter 2 EP).

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. Speedy J / Fill 3 00:00
02. Alva Recek / Soma white 02:42
03. Koova / Surveillance Nation 07:36
04. T.E.S.T. / Bodacia 11:44
05. Rational Youth / Le meilleur des mondes (CJ Bolland Remix) 13:55
06. Dagobert / On The Run 16:21
07. Mat Carter / Roll-Out To... 21:21
08. Annie Hall / Sky Watcher 24:38
09. Insektoid / Daughter Of Consciousness 28:01
10. Scape One / Purist Form 2 31:24
11. Shawescape Renegade / Reconstruct (K-1 Remix) 34:46
12. Solvent / Radar Receiver 39:20
13. Plant43 / Slate Grey Sky 41:00
14. John Selway / Stars In The Gutter 44:35
15. Versalife / Phosphorescence 47:50
16. Autechre / Basscadet (BeaumontHannantTwoMX) 52:55
17. Ramadanman / Blimey 57:09

Going through the new releases in this mix we've got #2 Soma white by Alva Recek from the Soma EP on Woodwork Recordings, #11 Reconstruct (K-1 Remix) from the Reconstruct Your Mind EP by Shawescape Renegade, and #15 Phosphorescence by Versalife from the Shape Shifter 2 EP on Delsin. All three are fantastic EPs that I recommend & am happy I could pick up. That Shawescape Renegade EP in particular shouldn't be missed.

I'm not sure where I first heard of track 5 the CJ Bolland mix of Le meilleur des mondes by Rational Youth. I think I saw it on reddit but now I can't seem to find the post. It's a good example of that late '90s / early 2000s CJ Bolland techno-breakbeat style, a bit like Spectre, his contribution to the Megatech Body CD. I'm sure there's more from CJB like this out there, just need to go digging.

The idea to combine Basscadet (BeaumontHannantTwoMX) by Autechre with Blimey by Ramadanman comes from the old Blogariddims 49 / Dubtronics mix, a favorite of mine. All credit to Droid & Slug, though I've done it differently here (theirs is better). Going the other direction I wonder if Versalife's Phosphorescence maybe samples that mix of Basscadet? In any case there's a sound or two that's similar between them.

OK that's what I've got for notes this week. If you're interested in any of the music in this set then please check out the links above, I think all but one track is currently available from online retailers. Anyway I'll be back next week with another mix, something slower, as is my habit. Not sure of style or theme yet. Will have to think on it.


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