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Available Feeds

This website provides a few different feeds, or syndication URLs, that readers can subscribe to. My static site compiler Blogofile generates RSS and Atom feeds for the main blog and each blog "category"; these are refreshed whenever I upload my site and are limited to the 10 most recent entries (for file size & bandwidth reasons). These feeds can be found in the list below:

There's also a special podcast-style RSS feed for Movement Through Thought episodes. Subscribe to this if you want the mixes and a minimum amount of my sketchy writing.

Clients, Feed Readers

I currently use Newsboat as my reader and have used Tiny Tiny RSS in the past. The most famous (now defunct) reader is probably Google Reader.

I've noticed some traffic coming to my site from a neat modernized feed subscriber called Fraidycat. This seems like a good option if you're on a platform that supports it and you want to follow a lot of stuff.