Real Men Use Carplan E.P. by Voigt Kampff

The Real Men Use Carplan E.P. by Voigt Kampff. Programming by A.(DOL.B)Balneaves, vocals by Lyken, scratching by Raiz, beatboxing by Rage, and graff by Elf One. Released on Panic Trax in 1997. Vinyl, 12". Flac, 16bit/44.1khz, ~130M. Tracklist, track durations, credits, and BPM from the label artwork. File size, bit depth, and bitrate are of my stored recordings of the vinyl.

I'm confused as to which side is side A. The runout groove indicates that "This Side", the side with Skinny Cap, is B; discogs says otherwise. For this article I've gone with the track order shown on discogs.'s avatar image // / 105625533520232420 Origin link. Source file.
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I've been having a quiet but productive few days. Did a bunch of work on some hidden bits of my website, wrote an article about a '90s electro record (to be published tomorrow), cleaned out my incoming music directory. Lots of boring data entry.

In the middle of all that I somehow re-watched Witch Hunter Robin.'s avatar image // / 105597279421218713 Origin link. Source file.
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Spotted this in episode 1 of Otherside Picnic. Now I'm wondering if there's anything else hiding in the show.

Marking as sensitive 'cause I guess it could be a spoiler. (And there's a drawing of a scary monster). I'm sure it's old news by now anyway.

An image from the anime "Otherside Picnic" showing a computer screen on which Aphex Twin's logo is prominently visible.'s avatar image // / 105592272123810532 Origin link. Source file.
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I haven't followed new anime in a few years, but I heard about Otherside Picnic through preview guides and just watched the first episode. It's a surreal horror/science fiction/supernatural yuri show (loosely inspired by Roadside Picnic, the "Otherside" being the "Zone"). I like it a lot, it seems promising. Will watch the rest of it as it airs.'s avatar image // / 105578698379298376 Origin link. Source file.
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"The best thing about an influence is to realize it and to swallow it and to never throw it away. It's like throwing away all the advantages of meter or rhyme. Everything is grist to your mill. You want to be on guard but not afraid."

Rosemary Tonks, from a short audio interview clip in the latest episode of the Backlisted podcast. Something about that really struck me today.

129. Rosemary Tonks - The Bloater — Backlisted

For this discussion of Rosemary Tonks fascinating third novel, The Bloater - first published by the Bodley Head in 1968 - Andy and John are joined by two enthusiastic fans of Tonks’s writing: the author and critic Jennifer Hodgson (who appeared on episode 61 to discuss Berg by Ann Quin) a

Backlisted's avatar image // / 105480122042620512 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.

CW: Lyrics, Italo nonsense

"I Wanna Rock You" by Giorgio Moroder:

"I wanna rock you, I wanna roll you, all night long..."

"Mystic Eyes" by the Polgyamy Boys & Lindsay-J:

"We've been in this rut for far too long / it's time to show me if you're really that
Where is the man I fell so hard for / are you ready to give me more?
Do you have eyes for others? Do you have eyes for me?
Do you have eyes for others? Do you wanna be with me?"'s avatar image // / 105479518195131173 Origin link. Source file.

CW: Alcohol

I made it, my sober year is done. This was a tough one.

And now I'm drinking on amateur night.