Florida Electro Artists Vol. 2 on Frajile Recordings

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The Florida Electro Artists Volume Two compilation released on Frajile Recordings in 2001. Catalog number FRJ1-006. Side A by Factor E (remixed by Jackal & Hyde), side B by Resident Alien (Exzakt and James Wolfe). Design by Clutch. Mastered by Steve Smodish at Echo Beach Studios. Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM. Flac, 16bit/44.1khz, 86M. Tracklist and credits are from the sleeve artwork and discogs. Track durations, file size, bit depth, and bitrate are of my stored recordings of the vinyl.

No.Artist / Title BPMDur.
A1.Factor E / 20K Freaks (Jackal & Hyde Remix) 14106:26
B1.Resident Alien / Movement Through Thought 13306:45

The A side is 20K Freaks (Jackal & Hyde Remix) by Factor E. (The artist is credited as "Unknown" on the release artwork). This is a hard track. Loud, noisy, and tough. The Jackal & Hyde sound seems to be Florida electro-bass crossed with something like industrial and that's on full display here. It's a sound I personally associate with 2006-2008 Monotone and the few Bass Frequency Productions releases I have. This is a good remix, I think, it's hype and it showcases the Jackal & Hyde sound well. Unfortunately the harder end of electro-bass has never really worked for me and I rarely listen to this track. No shade on Jackal & Hyde, though, I love some of their work (in particular Cogito Ergo Sum from last year).

Side B is Movement Through Thought by Resident Alien. It's stripped-down, synth-driven, dynamic electro. The track floats seamlessly from one sweet synth riff to another, each with a distinct rhythm, sometimes buzzy, sometimes smooth. The drum sounds are a typical electro kit, 808 or 808-alike, and they run through quite a few variations of a couple main patterns. Resident Alien seem conscious of the listener's attention as a resource - they know when to ride a loop, when to throw in an extra drum hit or two, when to subtract, when to rest. Movement Through Thought has been perfectly reduced and concentrated to its essence; I would not add or remove anything. This is one of my favorite tracks of all time.

The only release of this that I'm aware of is the 2001 vinyl (FRJ1-006) on Frajile Recordings. The Jackal & Hyde mix of 20K Freaks has been uploaded to youtube a few times, the most complete version being this video uploaded by DJ Sean E. Movement Through Thought hasn't been uploaded to youtube (that I can find) but it can be heard in the mix I put together last week, appropriately titled MTT 233 / Movement Through Thought (2), at the 26 minute 30 second mark.

I love the B side of this enough that I've produced a few hundred episodes of a DJ mix show named after it so of course I'm going to say: if you're at the record shop browsing the used bins and see a copy of Florida Electro Artists Volume 2 you should pick it up.


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