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Received an M-Audio Conectiv audio interface today, one of the old ones made for M-Audio's Torq DVS system. It unfortunately has a broken Input A Phono/Mic/Line switch. After disassembling the unit I was able to force the switch into a usable position. The audio interface seems fine otherwise.

Next steps: buy a raspberry pi, install xwax, do DVS things.'s avatar image // / 106152003030804629 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.

Kind of a disjointed set, my selection of DnB is pretty limited. I mixed myself into a corner around the 45 minute mark. Was a good time though.'s avatar image // / 106111316683333349 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.

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Currently playing endless duels versus bots on cpm22 to avoid writing.'s avatar image // / 106104275504531739 Origin link. Source file.

CW: Food

Having a cup of green tea teacup without handle containing green tea and a very large peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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CW: MH, Sleep

For most of my life my natural 'day' length has been a bit longer than 24 hours. I sleep fine, just usually not when I'm supposed to. I woke up today at midnight, for example. In a week I"ll be waking up at 6 AM or something like that.

I guess the term for this now is "Non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder". I've never been formally diagnosed; I should do that at some point.

If I ever disappear for a few weeks it's probably because my sleep schedule doesn't line up right.