MTT 280 / Plastic Ears

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MTT280 Spectrogram

Chunky, high-energy electro up in the 130s today. Nothing new here, exactly, but some good recent tracks from Ganzfeld Records, Mars Frequency, Patterned Media, and more.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. Seal Bient / Runout 06.01 00:00
02. Señor Frio / Bippo 01:46
03. Dj HasH / Return To The Fresh Beats 05:03
04. Drox / Packet Trace (Bonus Beat) 08:42
05. Streetdegree / Stellate 12:18
06. Robert Cosmic / Robot Infiltration 16:10
07. FAFF / Mr Funky Pants 19:30
08. Selway / Go Down 23:39
09. Scape One / Beings! 28:02
10. Illektrolab / Paranoid Android 32:59
11. Komarken Electronics / Granular Material 35:55
12. NTHR1 / I Believe In You 40:09
13. DJ Di'jital / Detroit State Of Mind 45:04
14. Turk Turkelton / Rock It 47:52
15. Espion / Scalex (Mesak Remix) 52:03
16. Skee Mask / Slow Music 56:43

Two tracks from Mars Frequency feature in this mix: #3 Return To The Fresh Beats from the Best Of 2010-2021 compilation by Dj HasH (previously available on Subsonic Device) and #6 Robot Infiltration by Robert Cosmic from his My Universe EP. Also two from Serotonin Records NY: #8 Go Down by John Selway and #15 Scalex (Mesak Remix) by Espion. Those are the doubles / label repeats I see in this hour, all worth a listen of course.

Track 2 Bippo by Señor Frio is from the terrific Alignment compilation on Portland label Patterned Media. PM has a new comp in the works scheduled for release on the 15th (so in about a week) called Heard That Noise & it seems good from the previews available now, so I say check it out (and keep an eye on Patterned Media).

This set was mixed a bit differently than previous episodes. This one was performed using the xwax DVS system running on a Raspberry Pi 400 (with a tiny 7" screen). All beatmatching was done by ear, the old fashioned way. I'm a bit out of practice so please pardon some sloppiness.

That's what I've got this week. Thank you for listening. If something catches your ear then please consult the links above and consider purchasing it from the artist. I'll be back next week at my regular Thursday evening time with another mix, more summer electro.


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