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Going live with more Explore Jam 3 at

Will play for a few hours & hopefully complete a couple maps.

Explore Jam 3 (pt. 2, more explorin')

Video features maps by Madscientist, Konig, Iyago, Recycledoj, CommonCold, and Aesopolis

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I'm streaming the Quake 1 mod Quoffee 2 again tonight over at

Quoffee 2 (part 3, the last cup)

Episode 4 of Quoffee 2


I'm on the final episode of the map pack. I last picked up singleplayer like two weeks ago, let's see if I can remember anything.

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Starting the Shadowrun Hong Kong bonus campaign on stream today at

I suspect this session will mostly be me reading to myself. I remember the fights in the bonus campaign being very challenging so I'm looking forward to those.

SRHK Bonus Campaign (part 1)

Rude Awakening & Ikon Tower run