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Really good (and sad!) final episode of L.A. By Night. A satisfying sendoff and resolution to the series. And it seems there's a NY By Night coming next year to look forward to. #labynight's avatar image / . source.
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Kind of an unfocused set. It doesn't have a strong resolution. The tracks are all good though, and I don't get in the way of them too much I think, so that's OK.'s avatar image / . source.

Good practice tonight, made me happy. Played some old Bitstream, old Meat Beat Manifesto, even older Scorn. Love playing Scorn.'s avatar image / . source.

watching Footprints On The Moon (1975). The copy/version that was uploaded to youtube. Looks like it was digitized from a Greek VHS tape. English audio, low-resolution blurry video.

I think there's a cleaned up bluray of this available but I forget who put it out.

the title card from Footprints On The moon; an image of the moon with the word "FOOTPRINTS" in yellow lettering over it.
Image taken from the movie Footprints On The Moon (1975). Alice Cespi (played by Florinda Bolkan) requesting a room at the hotel in Garma.'s avatar image / . source.

Note to self, don't watch old Kiyoshi Kurosawa horror movies right before going to sleep.'s avatar image / . source.

Doing some personal wiki cleanup today. Adding entries that escape elsewhere, removing old (in some cases sensitive) stuff.

I like vimwiki a lot, it's convenient and easy to use.

The Light Brigade by Kameron Hurley

The Light Brigade by Kameron Hurley. 2019, Saga Press. Hardcover, 356 pages. ISBN 9-781481-447966.

Military science fiction of the anti-war "war is hell" variety. Dietz enlists with Tene-Silvia corporate infantry to fight human colonists on Mars after their family goes missing in an attack on São Paulo. The military transports people over long distances by breaking them down into light; Dietz's combat drops do not go as expected.

There are clear references to Starship Troopers (both the book and I think Verhoeven's movie) and Haldeman's Forever War here. I didn't mind that, the references and any borrowed structure helped to ground the book while other aspects went completely sideways.

Dietz and the reader experience the war out of order and have to puzzle out what's really going on. It's confusing, but purposefully so, and never for too long. It's a pretty gnarly book, gory and mean. I found it to be a propulsive, blunt, and pretty direct read. Liked it quite a bit. Particularly liked the ending. I look forward to reading it again to see how it works with prior knowledge of the plot.'s avatar image / . source.

I just finished reading Kameron Hurley's "The Light Brigade". Liked it a lot!

Military SF of the anti-war "war is hell" variety. Gets a bit gnarly, gory, and mean at times.

It's clearly riffing on Starship Troopers (both Heinlein's book and Verhoeven's movie) as well as Haldeman's Forever War. Which is fine by me, I found that aspect more familiar than distracting.

I liked the structure of the book and the ending quite a bit. Was a good time, a real page-turner.'s avatar image / . source.

Time for an ear break.

Something I do when DJing or working with music is take the headphones off and/or get away from loud sounds every 15 or 30 minutes. Go listen to something quiet.

cpm.1 FastCaps[.df] by power_of_heavy_metal

cpm.1 FastCaps[.df] at The latest (and sadly probably final) Quake 3 Defrag compilation video from power_of_heavy_metal. 15 minutes of fastcaps performed with cpm movement and fastcap 1 rules (so no weapons, teleports, or jumppads).

Content warning for flashing lights and first-person gameplay that might cause motion sickness. Same for all Quake videos.

power_of_heavy_metal has great taste in music and the selections for this video are no exception. I particularly like the second track, Io by Concealed Identity from their Nightingale Floor EP on Repertoire.

Linking this today because I found it recently and it's rad. I'll probably link the other power_of_heavy_metal compilation videos when I get around to rewatching them.