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Hi, I'm Cameron.
I collect electronic music, read books, use Linux and BSD, and play Quake.

I've been a DJ for about 20 years, playing mostly breaks and electro. A long time ago I used to write bad music with Modplug Tracker and later Jeskola Buzz.

"CEV" is my initials. I've never liked "DJ CEV" as a handle, but I used it for over a decade and never came up with anything better, so it's stuck now.

Accounts, addresses, where to find me

Here's a list of my various accounts and contact points:

The fastest way to reach me is by e-mail or IRC. All other services are checked much less frequently.

Past and current shows, gigs, music things

From around 2010 or 2011 through February 2020 I played music at Ground Kontrol with my friend DJ Megaphysics. We played there every last Wednesday until the pandemic hit. Vinyl at first, then later digital. You can find old tracklists from our shows by browsing the Logical Aggression tag on this website.

Movement Through Thought on Anonradio, the SDF's radio station, from 2017-03 thru 2020-09. MTT numbers 1 through 187 were mixed live and broadcast through Anonradio.

Movement Through Thought on, mirrored to, 2020-09 thru the present. The current incarnation of MTT as a mix series and/or some kind of low-tech podcast.

About this website

This is a static site compiled by Blogofile. I use html5 semantic elements and CSS for structure and styling, but I don't use any client- or server-side scripting. That's why there are no comments, no custom fonts, no social media integration, etc. . This site is designed to look more-or-less the same in graphical browsers and textmode browsers like Links and Lynx. It's a dense, link-heavy, interconnected mess. I like it this way.