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About & Contact

Created 2015-02-10, last updated 2020-10-05.


Hi, I'm Cameron.
I collect electronic music, read books, use Linux and BSD, and play Quake.

I've been a DJ for about 20 years, playing breaks and electro. (Though I'll play anything I listen to, given the chance).

Accounts, addresses, where to find me

Here's a list of my various accounts and contact points:

The fastest way to reach me is by e-mail or IRC. All other services are checked much less frequently.

Shows, gigs, music things

Logical Aggression at Ground Kontrol every last Wednesday, 9 PM 'till close with with my friend DJ Megaphysics. Playing weird electronic music, vinyl and digital, since 201x.

Movement Through Thought on Anonradio from 2017/03 thru 2020/09, new home here at and at the mixcloud link below.

And I have a mixcloud account where you can find one-offs and special recordings.