Git Repos / List

This site hosts the following read-only "dumb HTTP" Git repositories:

Name Description Owner Last Commit
blogofile A static website compiler and blog engine written in Python. EnigmaCurry 2022-11-22
blogofile_blog A Blogofile blog plugin. EnigmaCurry 2022-11-21
blogofile_gitview static git page generator (for blogofile) cvanderz 2022-01-23 Source files for cvanderz 2024-04-16
dotfiles Local scripts & configuration files cvanderz 2024-01-09
fte_dogmode Quake 1 Dog Mode cvanderz 2024-04-12

Some of these repos are local copies or forks of software from Github (or other places). I've noted the original source on the repo pages when applicable.

If you wish to contribute code (or report a bug) then please send me an email. (One of the downsides of this setup, read-only repos.)