MTT 152 / Unstable Alignment

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MTT152 Spectrogram

Drum & Bass. Halftime, minimal (I guess?), and a couple old '90s tracks. A whole bunch of these tunes are from Om Unit's label Cosmic Bridge.

This mix (like most of MTT Year 3) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. XY0815 / Hz52BChromblond 00:00
  2. Jus Wan / Miles Away 02:02
  3. Vromm / Restart 05:03
  4. Moresounds / Ruff Times 08:51
  5. Om Unit / Fumes 12:29
  6. The Aesthetics / Girl In Yer Tree 15:18
  7. Margari's Kid / Titan 17:34
  8. Oliver Yorke / Totem 19:49
  9. Anonymi / Venturi (Jason oS Remix) 23:13
  10. Eschaton / Aphelian 26:36
  11. Crypticz / The Crawler 29:37
  12. Margari's Kid / Darkness Is Older Than Light 33:00
  13. Earl Grey / Bermuda Triangulated 35:38
  14. dBridge / Creatures Of Habit 38:14
  15. Hooverphonic / 2Wicky (DJ Pulse Dub) 41:16
  16. Amen Fyre / Badboy Sound (Made In 2 Hours) 44:58
  17. Sully / Flock 48:01
  18. Intensity / Generations 51:48
  19. Art Of Noise / Crusoe (Aquasky Remix) 56:46

A total of six tracks in this mix are from Om Unit's excellent label Cosmic Bridge. Tracks 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, and 12; about 20 minutes of music. Track 5 Fumes by Om Unit himself is from his Aeolian EP on Civil Music, so not quite Cosmic Bridge, but certainly adjacent. My favorite of those releases is the super moody We Are Ghosts Now by Margari's Kid. They're all good, though, so go hit up their bandcamp.

Aphelian by Eschaton and Bermuda Triangulated by Earl Grey are from the third Subtle Audio compilation. I've played both those tracks on this show before, but they deserved another spin. (And they both fit the theme I was going for here).

The last 20 minutes is of course more recognizable as drum & bass. The weird track in this segment is #16 Badboy Sound by Amen Fyre, from the 2010 Dogs On Acid "Grid" Old School Jungle Competition. I found that release through Wozowski's mix of the competition entries. Both the mix and the compilation are worth checking out as a fun jungle throwback that predates the current trend. And give Wozowski a listen anyway, he's always putting out quality DJ mixes.

Megaphysics & I are playing music at the arcade next week, so the next mix will be something mellow. Maybe some recent beat-driven vaporwave tunes.


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