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It's 7 AM and I still haven't gone to sleep. Not good.'s avatar image // / 102182291735241904 source link
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It's the last Wednesday of the month, and that means Megaphysics and I are DJing at Ground Kontrol arcade tonight.

Logical Aggression @ GK , 9:00 PM until close, games are set to free play, $7 cover, 21 & over.

Megaphysics was talking about playing skweee, and I'm going to coast along with some electro. Good times.'s avatar image // / 102161802046425606 source link
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Tracklist for MTT on 2019-05-25:

and at : .

Here's the mp3: .

Tracks from Chris Randall, Novamen, Nullptr, Silicon Scally, XY0815. Happy with this one, it's an odd selection that ended up working out.'s avatar image // / 102138630608418196 source link
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I know it's also possible to generate a waveform image using sox & gnuplot, but this utility is much more convenient.

Might be a fun way to add amplitude information to my show's spectrograms. Maybe apply amplitude to hue/saturation or something.

Probably more work than it's worth, but neat to think about.'s avatar image // / 102132491159115677 source link
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I just watched Ernst Lubitsch's movie "Trouble In Paradise". Episode 398 of The Projection Booth podcast inspired me to track it down.

A fun comedy of manners. "Charming", I think would be the right word. I'm glad I saw it, and that I heard a panel of experts talk about it.

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Tracklist for this weeks' MTT:

and at :

here's the archived audio:

Got a bit lost in the weeds on this show. Three tracks from Soul Oddity, a couple from the Bass Kittens, one from RD. Plus some unusual breakbeat tunes from Digitalis and Darren Price.'s avatar image // / 102109743899011393 source link
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My show on starts in 30 minutes. Movement Through Thought airs every Friday 06:00 to 07:00 UTC.

I've got another stack of electro and breaks lined up tonight. Tracks from Soul Oddity, Bass Kittens, Volsoc, and RD. Plus whatever glue I can dig up to hold that together.

Tune in at .'s avatar image // / 102087635072893242 source link
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Finally got around to posting MTT 115's tracklist:

and at :

mp3 at .

, a couple old Detroit tunes, a bit of acid. Closed with the delightfully goofy "Don't Call Me Roland" by Ant Orange. Was a good time.'s avatar image // / 102070539261837561 source link this is a reply

Whew. Wore myself out with that one.

Back to watching limit break. And writing up tonight's tracklist.'s avatar image // / 102062425846112694 source link this is a reply

Watching while I clean, catch up on some scripting (libopenmpt...), tag audio files, etc.'s avatar image // / 102040413680466313 source link
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Tracklist for this week's Movement Through Thought:

and at :

and the mp3:

Didn't have much time to prepare for this show, so I just attacked some old CDs and records. Fast (135-140 BPM) 2000s electro. Satamile, Boris Divider, and a couple of tough tunes from Sbassship.'s avatar image // / 102030466938645105 source link
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Movement Through Thought on is live in 30 minutes. The program airs every Friday 06:00 to 07:00 UTC.

I'm feeling aggro, so I'll be playing fast electro tonight. Old Dominance Electricity, Electrix, Satamile, etc. This one'll be more improvised than usual, so expect some mistakes.

Listen at .