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Oooh, Library of America is going to publish the collected Hainish novels of Ursula K. Le Guin this fall. In two volumes, with both "The Dispossessed" and "The Left Hand of Darkness" in the same volume. I was hoping they'd do this, after publishing her Orsinian novels/stories earlier this year.

Looks like preorders are already going. ISBN 978-1-59853-538-9 and 978-1-59853-539-6 .

MTT No. 012 / Midnight Sunshine

MTT012 Spectrogram

Techno. House? Detroit, vaguely Detroit, and perhaps not Detroit at all. Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

This show (like most of MTT Year 1) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.'s avatar image // / 66885 Origin link. Source file.
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