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After fighting with it for hours I got the latest TrenchBroom release to compile and run under FreeBSD. A pretty big upgrade over NetRadiant 1.5.

I have most of the tools I need now to develop for the Quake engine. I think the one thing I'm missing is a 3d modelling toolchain.'s avatar image // / 110240244554650405 Origin link. Source file.
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Started a new version control repo today ("git init" in this case). Not something I do often.

This one is for tracking & publishing the Quake C and Quake engine stuff I've been doing.

A good feeling, starting a new repository and putting stuff in it.

Stanton QuickGrid (Part 2 -

Intro & Problem

For years I used a Stanton SCS.4DJ standalone player / mixer to play digital music in mixes. The SCS.4DJ comes with a program called QuickGrid that is used to generate metadata for music files you plan to play on the device. Notably QuickGrid takes care of calculating BPM, generating waveform displays, and so on.

Unfortunately QuickGrid is only publicly available for Windows and OS X, and I'm a BSD / Linux user. So, after a bit of investigation, I wrote a shell script wrapper around the djanalyze.exe program that comes with the QuickGrid software package. This script lets me do everything QuickGrid does from the comfort of my FreeBSD machine.

Here's a little about that shell script,'s avatar image // / 110186848111733111 Origin link. Source file.
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Digging for tracks this morning, came across my copy of this:

Keep Me (DMX Krew Remix)

Provided to YouTube by EPM Online Keep Me (DMX Krew Remix) · GD Luxxe · DMX Krew The 21st Door Rmxd ℗ Interdimensional Publishing (ASCAP) Released on: 2002-07-01...


The original of this track is good but I like how snappy and upbeat DMX Krew's mix is. Been years since I played it in a set; I keep meaning to and then skipping it for one reason or another.'s avatar image // / 110181237303846008 Origin link. Source file.
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Starting a game of SNES Shadowrun today at

Hoping to get to the halfway point in one session; I suppose it'll depend on how much of the game I remember.

Jake seems cool (SNES Shadowrun pt. 1)

andreaen went live on Twitch. Catch up on their Retro VOD now.

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Picking up Shadowrun Hong Kong again on today at

I'm on the final mission of the main story, will try to finish it this session.

SRHK pt 10 (+ bugfix mod)

Finishing the main campaign (City Of Death).


SRHK pt 10 (+ bugfix mod)

Finishing the main campaign (City Of Death).


(Two links because OBS crashed on me a few minutes in. It happens.)