Good night, DeFrag [.df] by power_of_heavy_metal

Good night, DeFrag [.df] at New (90 minute!) Quake 3 Defrag compilation video from power_of_heavy_metal. I'm a month late to this, I thought there wouldn't be any more long-form compilations from power_of. Very happy to find it today.

Content warning for flashing lights, first-person gameplay that might cause motion sickness, and edgy graphics. Steer clear if any of those things bother you.

Love the runs of nood-stoned (at 47:46) and biotrix-castle (at 56:19) in this as I've been playing those maps lately. The whole video is great though, watched it in one sitting this afternoon.'s avatar image // / 107866434644547892 Origin link. Source file.
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CW: Quake 3, Defrag, Youtube link, first person gameplay

Yo there's a new power_of_heavy_metal video

, almost 90 minutes long. If first-person gameplay gives you motion sickness then please skip this one.'s avatar image // / 107856593905108850 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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Also this marks five years of broadcasting and/or producing a one-hour mix every week. It's been a ride. And a lot of work. I think I can safely say I'm much better at it now then when I started.

I have no idea what I'll do for year six.'s avatar image // / 107842775343601153 Origin link. Source file.
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libarchive and bsdtar are rad. It (libarchive) understands ISO9660 images and so I was just able to use /usr/bin/tar to extract a ~7 gigabyte multi-extent file from optical media. Good Stuff.'s avatar image // / 107826111700181025 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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CW: re: Podcast, V:tM, Edginess

I've listened to an embarrassing amount of Path Of Night in the last week. It has 40-some episodes and I'm almost caught up.

There's more horror in Path Of Night than there was in LA By Night, I think. It's a pretty edgy show: gore, graphic violence, smoking, the late '90s. It comes close to being too much for me but hasn't yet gone over the line.

I'm really enjoying it (and I'm maybe a bit worried what that says about me).'s avatar image // / 107802165932800984 Origin link. Source file.
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CW: Podcast, Vampire The Masquerade

I've been wanting a good audio drama / TTRPG show lately. LA By Night ended, campaign 3 of Critical Role didn't really grab me, and NY By Night hasn't started yet.

So I did some searching & took a look at the available VtM actual play shows. After trying a few I got hooked on Path Of Night:

VtM 20th anniv. ed. game set in Connecticut. Very nicely edited & recorded show. Can be a little confusing at times. I'm really enjoying it.

Memory & MTT Work Files

Part of my DJing process is to take notes while practicing. I started with notes on paper for performances at Ground Kontrol and switched to text files in 2017 for the internet radio mixes. I do this to help figure out and remember transitions, and to reflect on old sets.

I thought it might be nice to publish these text files, so I did. They're now available in the Work / MTT page of the external memory section of this website. You can also find a "work file" link in individual mix pages that will take you to the associated practice notes.

BPM counts and (especially) keys listed in these files are only estimates. Some of the notes are in shorthand. And I haven't gone back to clean up or edit any of the files so I wouldn't be surprised if I've written something foolish in them.

Maybe they'll be useful to somebody out there; if nothing else, I can now browse my work notes when away from home.'s avatar image // / 107784792591591901 Origin link. Source file.
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Wow, a rare lock-up in FreeBSD. The video player I had open froze and the system stopped responding to keyboard and mouse input. Keyboard didn't even toggle the numlock or capslock lights in response to the appropriate keys.

Ended up having to reboot.'s avatar image // / 107779428179829017 Origin link. Source file.
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CW: Horror movie talk, Eko Eko Azarak 3

Watched Eko Eko Azarak III just now. Different director than the first two, different actress playing Kuroi Misa, has a different vibe. I suspect this one is closer to the comics, it goes much harder.

They don't take away Misa's powers this time so there's a lot more fun witch magic. Liked that part. Didn't care for some of the casual gore (the movie opens with an unconvincing but still gross autopsy scene). Was not expecting where the story went at all.

Kind of loved it? I don't know. Maybe I'm in a weird mood.'s avatar image // / 107777377515092789 Origin link. Source file.
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Having a bad day. On take 3 of this week's mix. Really fighting myself. Anxious, can't relax.

Expect delays.'s avatar image // / 107767005552365847 Origin link. Source file.
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Watched the second Eko Eko Azarak movie tonight. Something about this, the first one, and Shimako Sato's previous movie Tale Of A Vampire feel weirdly burdened, heavy, and sad to me. Melodramatic too.

Will probably watch the next one, #3 Misa The Dark Angel, but I think I'm done after that. (#4 doesn't look good).

Eko Eko Azarak II: Birth Of The Wizard

Adaptation of the comic and follow-up / prequel to Eko Eko Azarak: Wizard Of Darkness. The witch Kuroi Misa evades an evil spirit with the help of magician Saiga; eventually Misa calls on '90s CG magic to defeat the spirit. Gorier than the first movie. No lecherous teachers this time, thankfully.

I like the tone of this and the first movie. They're cheesy but also weirdly burdened, heavy, and sad. I wonder if that's something director Shimako Satō brought to the production, her previous movie Tale Of A Vampire has a similar vibe. (Edit: Misa is a tragic figure in these movies, and so are some of the characters in Tale Of A Vampire. I think that's why I wanted to compare them.) The soundtrack by Mikiya Katakura does a good job capturing that feeling.

Watched tonight and felt like talking a little bit. Shoutout to Snowblood Apple for their review & recommendation of the first movie which prompted me to rent it over a decade ago.'s avatar image // / 107754492965028995 Origin link. Source file.
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I just spent like a week thinking about Lil Jon and I'm not completely sure why.

Thinking About Lil Jon (Part 1)

Here's four links to electro-ish / freestyle-ish Lil Jon productions and remixes uploaded to youtube.

A week or so ago I was watching DJ Magic Mike spin on twitch and he played a track that sent me on this journey. I have a copy of Lil Jon & Lathun's version of Play At Your Own Risk (pictured top left) but I'd never gone looking for other tracks he produced in a similar style. This helpful comment from DJ KDM pointed me in the right direction and provided most of the video links you see above.

I think I might go through Lil Jon's back catalog, see if I can put together a set of his (and maybe other Atlanta producer's) electro / bass / freestyle tracks.'s avatar image // / 107738473357307076 Origin link. Source file.
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I have a weirdly difficult time handwriting hyphens and dashes, and so years ago I stopped using them as separators. I find it much easier to write forward slashes; I prefer "Artist / Title" instead of "Artist - Title" for example.

That's why you see slashes all over my website, my notes, etc. . It sometimes gets me into trouble with automated systems expecting dashes.