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Checked Twitch a few moments ago and saw that Feasel is streaming again after a five or six year break. Very happy to see him, I really like his streams, his attitude.'s avatar image // / 109055810670649569 source link this is a reply
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This one's coming in a few days late because I really wasn't feeling it on Thursday (and Friday) so I took a break.'s avatar image // / 109024005066825830 source link
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I'm really happy to have a quake mapping toolchain set up again. I don't do visual art other than mapping really so it's nice to have an outlet for that, to be able to paint a kind of picture or build a kind of sculpture. An environment.'s avatar image // / 109019490373688785 source link
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Oh no the version of netradiant in the FreeBSD packages repository works and I managed to compile ericw's bsp, light, and vis.

It's going to be difficult to not spend all my time mapping for Quake.

Cameron Paul Tells All

Cameron Paul Tells All on 1989 DJing & tape editing & remixing VHS instructional video from legendary San Francisco DJ Cameron Paul. I watch it every now and then to see a pro at work. Posting about it today because I watched it again recently.

Records from Cameron Paul's remix service Mixx-It aren't hard to find in the local shops here. I've always loved coming across them, reading the name "Cameron" on a record full of electro and freestyle. The only one I have myself is Mixx-It 23, an awesome 12" of freestyle edits. It can be heard on youtube if you're curious.

Cameron Paul sadly passed away in 2018. RBMA has an excellent article looking back on his life & career and Cameron himself told a lot of his story through social media (including at this old blog). Rest in peace Cameron Paul.'s avatar image // / 109013454349027121 source link this is a reply
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And, incidentally, all three of the Harebrained Schemes Shadowrun games run perfectly fine on FreeBSD thru the Linux compatibility layer. (After installing the linux-c7 package and its dependencies).'s avatar image // / 109013446639556004 source link this is a reply
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So I finished Shadowrun Returns tonight and started its sequel Dragonfall. It's striking how much better the writing is in Dragonfall - better dialog, better scene setting, better worldbuilding. It's my favorite of the three Harebrained Schemes Shadowrun games, I love it a lot.

There's a *lot* of text to read though.'s avatar image // / 108995317770247075 source link
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Practicing today. I have a bunch of good songs in a list and none of them sound right when mixed together. Frustrating. One of those evenings, I guess.'s avatar image // / 108990573256229671 source link this is a reply
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Tears Of A False God was really really good. I think I ended the map with something like 750 enemies killed and 14 out of 16 secrets discovered.'s avatar image // / 108979310762154972 source link

A distant wildfire has made the air outside unsafe, nasty. So I've had my window closed all day. It's gotten stifling in here, warm and heavy. I miss the cool breeze we had a few days ago.

Andreaen on Twitch

About a month ago I started streaming video games at I split my time there between Quake and other games, currently Arcane Dimensions and Shadowrun Returns. I'm live three or four days a week (never on Wednesday or Thursday). Time of day varies depending on my sleep schedule.

One thing I won't be doing on twitch is streaming DJ sets, at least for the near future. Mixcloud seems like a better place for that anyway.

The name "Andreaen" is, of course, a reference to Andreaen Sand Dunes by Drexciya, my favorite track on Neptune's Lair.

So if you want to hang out, watch some video games, maybe talk about how heavy records are, twitch is a good place for it.'s avatar image // / 108932474458881925 source link this is a reply
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Started up Shadowrun Returns after Quake today. I really like those games, the Harebrained Schemes Shadowrun games. I wish they would've made more of them. Hard to play on stream though, a lot of the game is reading.'s avatar image // / 108929962667843031 source link
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I found a test version of pukka3tourney2 (AKA toxicity) for quake 1. Been jumping around it for like an hour. It feels good to get lost in quake movement again.'s avatar image // / 108926066120252008 source link

Always a huge relief when the recording is good.