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I've never really had content ("content") to work with but now that I do website design stuff is kinda fun. And I like static site compilers a lot.

No Disgrace In The Bass by T.E.S.T. & Excel

No Disgrace In The Bass by T.E.S.T. & Excel. Written and produced by Tim McDaniel (T.E.S.T.) & Jason Reep (Excel), engineered by Larry McCormick (Exzakt), design by AS1. Released on Exceleration Records in 2006. Vinyl, 12", 33 RPM. Flac, 16bit/44.1khz, ~140M. Tracklist and credits from the label artwork. Track durations, file size, bit depth, and bitrate are of my stored recordings of the vinyl.'s avatar image // / 107341841999639321 Origin link. Source file.
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CW: Complaining

Writing is impossible and I hate it. It takes me forever to convey even a simple message. Always cutting through fog, a hazy brain.'s avatar image // / 107323189729620292 Origin link. Source file.
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I'm in the content mines today. Digging through the Rebound netlabel catalog, rendering the bits I like to .wav. 115 releases, about 80 more to go.'s avatar image // / 107311653357790155 Origin link. Source file.
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The latest Stardew Valley runs fine using native mono on 12. I used fnaify to set up the game, though I had to find an old version to get it to run on FreeBSD.

Mods for the game also work. Some require additional dllmap lines in the MONO_CONFIG file (importantly for me "libc" needed to be mapped to "").

I've been playing through Stardew Valley Expanded this way, it's pretty good.

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I've been staying away from the internet the last week or so, it was getting me down, I needed a break.

Been listening to podcasts, digging through tracker mods for next month's mod show, and playing Stardew Valley. That's about it.'s avatar image // / 107261779154539598 Origin link. Source file.
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MTT will be late this week, there was a long power outage here (and I wasn't ready anyway). I'll try to have it recorded & written-up & published around noon PST tomorrow.

Now I need to go sleep zZzZzZz.'s avatar image // / 107248381278342857 Origin link. Source file.
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Listening to a film review podcast and the description for the episode I'm on includes the phrase "Dell Abyss miserabilism" and I have to say that's excellent.'s avatar image // / 107241608149168501 Origin link. Source file.
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I'm converting a bunch of tracker mods to .flac today. The old Mostvaluableplayaz catalog available on .

It's a frustrating process, involves a lot of file renaming. Halfway done and I really want to quit.'s avatar image // / 107230844875455627 Origin link. Source file.
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There's some Quake on today. NVC is streaming a duel cup. Cypher, Agent, and Pavel are playing according to the stream description.

justnVc - Twitch

I'm an oldschool competitive fps player, part of Team Dignitas until 2016 and competed at the highest level in games such as Quake and Team Fortress 2. I just stream various fps games, and review stuff on YouTube.


And DFWC 2021 round 3 ends today too. Sweet.'s avatar image // / 107223447315114537 Origin link. Source file.
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Thinking about resurrecting my G4 Cube. I know I can run NetBSD on it, looks like OpenBSD supports it too. Should probably spend my time doing backups instead.'s avatar image // / 107211483055537881 Origin link. Source file.

I do not like the the new autoplaying videos on discogs. I guess they're not new, they've been there a few weeks, but they're really irritating me now.

Need to upgrade my adblocker I guess.'s avatar image // / 107207167904967703 Origin link. Source file.
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Did my monthly music shopping today. Picked up DJ Wally's old Genetic Flaw album, the new Drexell (AKA Plex) EP on Particle Music, some old Lectromagnetique on Bass Agenda, and an old Goth-Trad single on Deep Medi. A good haul I think.