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Movement Through Thought on starts in 30 minutes. My show is live every Friday from 06:00 to 07:00 UTC (that's Thursday 10 PM pacific time).

I'm too tired to do anything serious, so I've lined up some slow ambient and dub techno. I'll be featuring tracks by Dimomib, Galcid, Monolake, PFL, and Seal Bient.

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Megaphysics and I are playing music down at Ground Kontrol Arcade for their free play party tonight. Logical Aggression @ GK, 9:00 PM until close, 21 and over, $7 cover.

I'll be on at 9:00 PM, playing a selection of recent (2010s) electro and some '90s Detroit tunes later on. Megaphysics will take the back half, starting at 11:30 PM. I'm looking forward to hearing the new Whities releases he's picked up this month.

TRONix: Logical Aggression

Megaphysics pounds and expounds on the philosophy of sound and machine. DJ CEV parries dark electro with darker electro. Their DJ tag-team will transfer subtle energies to the unsuspecting listener. 21+

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Movement Through Thought on starts in 30 minutes. The show airs every Friday from 06:00 to 07:00 UTC (that's currently Thurs. 10 PM pacific time).

~120 BPM electro. A few acid-y tracks. I'll be featuring the artists スムー, Adam Jay (from his new album), Microlith, Scape One (also from his new album), and Technova.

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The pitch change of a 45 RPM record being played at 33 RPM is -25.92% (according to the Audacity change speed plugin). That seems to be just past -5 semitones.

In case you wanted to, you know, use a DAW (like Renoise) to recreate that effect.'s avatar image // / 103673063255605804 Origin link. Source file.
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Finished Madeline Ashby's first novel vN yesterday. I picked it up after reading (and enjoying) her book Company Town. There's a lot going on in the book, and I'm not sure it all works, but I liked it well enough. It was a fun read, nerdy, also fairly dark. The prologue was particularly cutting.

It has two sequels - iD, and the forthcoming ReV. I'll read those too, when I find them.


Amy Peterson is a self-replicating humanoid robot known as a VonNeumann. For the past five years, she has been grown slowly as part of a mixed organic/synthetic family. She knows very little about her android mother’s past, so when her grandmother arrives and attacks her mother, Amy wastes no time: she eats her alive. Now … VN Read More »

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Here's the tracklist and notes for this week's Movement Through Thought:

and at :

130 BPM , running through some old (and new) favorites. Tracks by Anthony Rother, Boris Divider, Ectomorph, Mandroid, Pamétex, Psylocity, Scape One, Umwelt...'s avatar image // / 103666274142412164 Origin link. Source file.
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I like that previewing albums on Bandcamp is as bad as previewing albums in a record store. (OK, almost as bad).

Bandcamp? You're streaming what sounds like a 128kbps mp3.

Record store? The provided headphones (and often the needle & cartridge) are always worn out.

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More Quake this morning. QPL Stage 2 Week 9 over at . Toxjq and Xron are playing the first game of the day, going into a third map right now.

quake - Twitch

The official Twitch channel for Quake Champions. Tune in here for competitive arena-style first-person shooter action! Play for FREE now!


This is apparently Zoot's last time doing Quake commentary for a while, too. End of an era. I think he started with the LevelupTV crew 8 or 9 years ago...'s avatar image // / 103619361095136449 Origin link. Source file.
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I finished reading "Agency", Gibson's new book, this morning. Really enjoyed it.

It feels like the middle book of one of his trilogies. There's at least one major question left unanswered in both "The Peripheral" and "Agency".

It's a 400 page book with 109 chapters, which was noticeable. I wonder when he started doing that... "Pattern Recognition", I think.'s avatar image // / 103594836772312869 Origin link. Source file.

I'm very happy that my sleep schedule is aligned in such a way that I slept through the superbowl.

Now I'd like to go back to daylight hours. Waking up at 10 PM is not great. Not very useful.'s avatar image // / 103594156002733130 Origin link. Source file.
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I'm doing a little music shopping today. Picked up Adam Jay's "Inoperable Data" and Galcid's "Ambient Works" both on Detroit Underground.

The Adam Jay album is terrific new (nu-nu-nu-)electro, very bright sounding, futuristic stuff. Reminds me a bit of The Advent's electro output.

Galcid's Ambient Works is also good, three chill beatless pieces and one with fast clattering synth percussion. Has some nice sharp-edged sounds.'s avatar image // / 103583343403986912 Origin link. Source file.
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I just finished reading the 2015 short story collection "Cyberpunk: Malaysia". 14 near-future scifi stories by Malaysian authors.

I really enjoyed it! I appreciated the variety of stories in the book. It could've been 14 derivative angry-man-in-rainy-neon-city stories, but wasn't.

Zen Cho, the editor, has a webpage for the book: