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After about five hours that's Tokyo Dawn rendered to .flac & tagged. Did about 90 releases today, tdr-090 thru tdr-180.

My hands are tired. No more typing for the rest of the day.'s avatar image // / 109426751183431198 Origin link. Source file.
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I'm back to rendering old tracker mods to .flac .

Picking up where I left off months ago with Tokyo Dawn Records release number 90.'s avatar image // / 109409227992684636 Origin link. Source file.
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Tonight I'm fooling around with reading the archived posts from my previous two mastodon accounts. Surprisingly easy to do (at least with python). Making sense of the format is a little tricky though.'s avatar image // / 109402554433668597 Origin link. Source file.
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Mix is going to be late tonight, my day started at 6 PM (and I'm taking it easy anyway, taking my time).

I'm about to start recording now & thought to take a few quick photos of my dusty old DJ equipment:

DJ equipment on a wire rack photographed in low light. Pictured from left to right are: one Technics 1200 turntable, one Ecler Nuo 4 mixer, one Denon DN-S5000 CDJ, and a raspberry pi 400 running xwax DVS.
DJ equipment photographed in low light. The same equipment as the previous picture, but from a different angle further away. A Technics turntable, Ecler mixer, Denon CDJ, and raspberry pi 400 computer.

Mixcloud & Mix Availability

Earlier this month Mixcloud announced a major change to its platform. I can't afford a "Pro" subscription so, if I'm reading that linked post right, I'm faced with a choice: continue to upload after November 2022 and choose a maximum of 10 mixes that will be available or stop uploading after that same deadline and all my mixes currently on Mixcloud will remain accessible. I choose the latter. The shows there now will remain streamable for as long as Mixcloud will host them and I will no longer be publishing new sets to the service after this month.

I've been using Mixcloud because 1. it was free and unlimited and 2. they are licensed to play copyrighted music. I think DJing on the internet is often in a kind of grey area between advocacy and piracy, a problem Mixcloud solved by paying the appropriate fees and royalties. I'm much more interested in advocacy than piracy so I'm grateful for and will miss using Mixcloud. I bear them no ill will, I wish them well, and I hope to see them succeed.'s avatar image // / 109375154119823752 Origin link. Source file.
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I've been watching #ThePeripheral with my dad and I'm... pleasantly surprised. We've finished up through episode four and have enjoyed it so far.

It looks nice and sounds nice (most of the time) & I'm particularly liking the more relaxed moments, the dialog. A lot of things seem punched-up or exaggerated from what I remember of the book, sometimes in a disappointing way.

I'd kind of like to go through the book and the episodes side-by-side to see & think about what changed in the adaptation.'s avatar image // / 109364220092960414 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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I've fallen into a habit of using fedi mostly as a way to promote stuff I've done elsewhere and that's kind of not great, or at least not what I want to be doing. Need more weird digressions, fewer links.'s avatar image // / 109364160673283746 Origin link. Source file.
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I really like the fediverse but I've noticed I don't contribute much in the way of posts.

When I do talk comfortably I tend to say a lot at once and go on tangents. Often I talk to myself to figure things out. That doesn't work well with these microblogging services.