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MTT 304 / Break Position

The sixth annual Movement Through Thought tracker music show. ITs, MODs, S3Ms, and XMs at various tempos.

This features a few recent tracks from the Assembly and Revision 2022 tracked music competitions as well as five pieces from the old Tokyo Dawn Records '97-'00 mod catalog.'s avatar image / . source.
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I didn't realize this was episode 303 until a few days ago; up until that point I had something way more mellow planned.

And pardon the loose mixing in this one, I've got no idea how to work with acid (or house or most anything four-on-the-floor).'s avatar image / . source.

Love having miscellaneous .com and .exe files hanging out in my music archive.

(They're sometimes part of demoscene and tracker music releases. I keep 'em because I doubt they'll hurt anything.)'s avatar image / . source.

I'm pretty dissatisfied with OpenMPT's playback and rendering of .mod files so I went looking for an alternative today and found this:

A ProTracker 2 clone listed for use on Windows/Mac/Linux. It compiled and runs fine for me on FreeBSD. Sounds better than OpenMPT (IMO).'s avatar image / . source.
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Not my best work this one but the tracks are good. The break-y part in the first 20 or so minutes is nice I think. It was good to hear "Head Melter" by Sasha again.

It's coming in a day late because I really wasn't feeling it yesterday.'s avatar image / . source.

starting on the tracker group/label iLLoGiK today. 92 .zip files in this directory I got from Renaming today, rendering tomorrow.

A lot of this looks like it's going to be techno or trance but there's a few '96 / '97 drum & bass tunes in here that I want in my library.'s avatar image / . source.

I've spent the weekend avoiding rendering tracker mods to .flac.

Instead I wrote a little python script to convert the public non-reply toots from my old mastodon accounts into a format my static site generator can read. Fun and not too complicated but time consuming.