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Was cleaning up my hard drive and just had a scare, deleted a bunch of files by mistake. I lost my downloads directory. Which is bad but thankfully non-critical.

Note to self, watch your bind mounts (nullfs loopback mounts in FreeBSD) when deleting large directory trees. Particularly when clearing out old jails.'s avatar image // / 105806965220112895 source link
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I've been watching a vtuber I like play through "13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim". I have no idea what 13 Sentinels is like as a game but as an anime-inspired sci-fi story it's amazing. Love the artwork and the many plot twists. It has excellent english voice acting too. It makes me want to play more visual novels.'s avatar image // / 105795797341718046 source link this is a reply
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Oh, and that's four years straight of 60 minute mixes, one every week. 209, 52 + 52 + 53 + 52. (One of those years had 53 weeks).

I'm gonna have to start looking for guest DJs so I can take a break. Maybe I can talk Megaphysics into it.'s avatar image // / 105766060901466835 source link
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Well shoot. I thought that the static website generator I use (Blogofile) didn't work with Python 3; I was wrong. I had to update a few templates and add some comparison functions but otherwise It seems to run fine. I can move on from Python 2 after all.'s avatar image // / 105755193809069635 source link
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Hm. Python2 deprecation means I'll need to build a virtual machine to continue compiling my webpage soon. Either that or port my static site compiler to python3. Or migrate to a different site compiler.

Might give qemu a shot, it's been a few years since I tried it.'s avatar image // / 105750243046800354 source link

Spent most of the day putting together a tracklist for tomorrow. I'm running low on new ideas so It'll mostly be repeats. I can't wait for March, for spring, to play some dub techno again.'s avatar image // / 105739036858649978 source link

I had a surprisingly productive day. Took some photos, solved a few minor web backend problems, learned a bit more about writing RSS feeds. Watched a few episodes of the 2011 TV anime "No. 6".'s avatar image // / 105715754424463042 source link this is a reply
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I've never been particularly good at mixing the glitchy 2000s electro style. I try it out every few years, always after picking up four or five new pieces that fit. It's tricky stuff to work with.'s avatar image // / 105715725702410457 source link
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MTT 207 / Deflection

New mix. Posting the link early 'cause I'm gonna go to sleep in a minute.

The noisy, loud, glitchy electro sound, the sound of 2000s Touchin' Bass and Pyramid Transmissions. Features a bunch of Pacific Northwest producers - 214, Doctor Evil, Ignatius (and Bot23), Senor Frio. Experimental Liquors.'s avatar image // / 105697956795699361 source link
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Walked into town today, to the secondhand store / thrift store. Picked up a used copy of THX-1138 on DVD.

It was about a mile and a half each way. That's the furthest I've been from my house in 4 months.'s avatar image // / 105676888739492230 source link
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New mix.

MTT 206 / Low Light

Some quick breaks and electro to start the month. Features new(ish) tracks by Carlos Sicrock, CYWU, Ikonika, and NULLPTR. Also features an old D&B 45 run at 33 and a similarly old MRK1 track I've been meaning to play. Fun stuff.

I like this one a lot, the selections are all good.