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Happy Halloween

I think my celebration this year will be to fall asleep while watching Horror Of Dracula.'s avatar image / . source.

CW: COVID booster

Got my second booster on Saturday. At the same Tektronix location that I got my first booster which was neat. Unfortunately I got sick from it again, the ordinary and expected fever-like symptoms. Was non-functional for about a day and a half.

Still really glad that these vaccines and boosters are free & easy to get here.'s avatar image / . source.

Just had the strange experience of (re)watching Night Of The Living Dead (1968) with commentary by a shark girl vtuber. (Gawr Gura).

Good movie, I still like it anyway. Not sure how many times I've seen it but I got a lot out of it this time.'s avatar image / . source.

I moved my record & book shelves a small distance yesterday and now I'm paying for it. Sore all over. Had to remove everything from the shelves, move them, then put everything back. It took hours.

Looks nicer now though.

MTT 295 / Half Awake & Half Asleep

MTT295 Spectrogram

Electro (& other) at 120 this hour, a little cryptic & eerie following this month's theme. This mix features five tracks from Brokntoys (including relatively new pieces by Barking and Champagne Mirrors) and two from Bass Agenda. Plus, of course, a bunch of old and weird tunes.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.'s avatar image / . source.

Mix will be late this week. I'll try to have it up Friday afternoon PST. I've got the first half of it worked out, need to do the second.
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Mix will be up mid-day tomorrow (Friday). I spent all day working out a tracklist, finally settled on one a few hours ago & ran out of energy.

Couldn't make it good enough to meet my standards in time.

Shadowrun Returns on FreeBSD

Writing to report that the Harebrained Schemes Shadowrun games (Returns, Dragonfall, and Hong Kong) all run under FreeBSD. I got them working by following the Linux Binary Compatibility chapter of the FreeBSD Handbook (using the CentOS base system linux-c7 as instructed by 10.3) and then installing the linux-nvidia-libs package to support my graphics card. After that I was able to directly execute the Linux binaries downloaded from GOG. (This configuration is, of course, not officially supported by anyone. I got it to work but I can't guarantee that it'll work for anyone else.)

I like these games a lot. They're an interesting combination of tactical combat RPG and '90s Shadowrun novelization. The second one, Dragonfall, is my favorite of the trilogy, I think it has the best balance of those elements. I've had a rare crash or two while playing Dragonfall but otherwise all three games run flawlessly for me.