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Think I might set aside some time this weekend for computer maintenance. Do backups, a little cleaning, maybe upgrade to FreeBSD 13.0.'s avatar image / . source.

MTT 239 / One Day Trip

A little downtempo, electro, and IDM. A lot of the selections this week are tracks I've played before, familiar and easy-to-work-with. This one features music by Axiom 23, Autechre, Higher Intelligence Agency, Holger Flinsch, Plaid, and XY0815.'s avatar image / . source.

The next MTT mix is coming, I haven't forgotten. I had an unusually difficult week so I'm relaxing my normal Thursday evening deadline. Will try to have it up tonight.

Media Shelves in FG Before Disassembly

A blurry photo of my shelves. I'm moving to a nearby city in a few days and wanted to document their state before I box everything up.

Two full-height wire shelving units containing books and movies, CDs and vinyl, video games and et cetera. Most of what's pictured was purchased used at donation centers, secondhand shops, and thrift stores. The DVD cases without artwork contain secrets.

I'm sure there's something to be said here about consumerism and embarrassing displays of conspicuous consumption but I haven't figured out what.'s avatar image / . source.

CW: MH - and a little +

I'm moderately depressed at the moment and so not posting here much. Retreating into fantasy pretty hard to deal with it. I've got a pretty difficult thing to do next week so I'm saving up energy for that.

I really like clicking on the glitchsoc mastodon logo in the lower left to cycle through its three images.'s avatar image / . source.

Ooooh my soap opera is back on.

L.A. By Night (a Vampire The Masquerade actual-play streaming series) just went live with Season 5 Episode 1 over on

I've read that this will be the last season of L.A. By Night. I'm unreasonably excited.

Edge Habitat mixed by dequalsrxt

Edge Habitat mixed by dequalsrxt (AKA DRXT, AKA DJ Megaphysics). Released August 2021. Duration 61:09, 320 kbps 44.1khz mp3. Brilliant mix of Drum & Bass, IDM (?), and Jungle. Tracklist (with links to where you can purchase the music) is available at the soundcloud page.

dequalsrxt / DJ Megaphysics is my friend and partner in crime from way back. Together we hosted the Logical Aggression night at Ground Kontrol for nearly ten years. We have similar but slightly different tastes - we tend to go for the same records but where I might play the A side he might play the B.

Megaphysics puts a lot of time and effort into crafting his released mixes. He uploads one every year or two to his mixcloud and soundcloud pages and they're always sweet. Edge Habitat is no exception. An hour of Drum & Bass and Jungle, ranging from ambient and smooth to hype and noisy, all mixed pretty quickly (21 tracks in an hour!).

This is all a long way of saying: I think this mix is great, and if you like my taste in music I think you'll like his too. So I suggest you give it a listen.