Receiving Webmentions with Blogofile and a little scripting

A common downside to static websites (like this one) is that there's no easy way to handle user interaction. Comments, likes, trackback / pingback / mention, etc. . A bunch of third-party systems exist that solve this problem, the most popular probably being Disqus. Disqus relies on browser javascript (which I strongly dislike) and has a rocky history with user privacy, so it's not something I'm willing to use. Most of the other comment systems available also require javascript so, again, not willing to use.

But I still kind of want a way for visitors to leave comments and, more broadly, for my site to interact with other websites. Enter the IndieWeb community of web developers and their associated standards and projects, notably Webmentions.'s avatar image // / 106495636317953565 Origin link. Source file.

CW: PNW Heat Wave

The heat pump at my house broke last night. This means our central air conditioning no longer works.

I am a quietly laughing lizard. hhhehehe.'s avatar image // / 106468917960077430 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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Posting 226 early so I can sleep. Not my best work - a couple transitions are kinda badly phrased but otherwise it's OK. I dunno.

I'm happy I got to dig out my copy of Terran Invasion of Alpha Centauri Year 2794.'s avatar image // / 106430258520136167 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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And now that that's done I'm going to take a break and chomp on some garlic bread. Try not to think of all the wrong words I just lined up.'s avatar image // / 106429233457252870 Origin link. Source file.
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These longer daylight hours as we head into summer are messing with my perception of time.

I might be a little late uploading / announcing tonight's mix. I didn't start recording until 5:30 PM.'s avatar image // / 106425013839365600 Origin link. Source file.
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I went to the arcade tonight for the first time in over a year. Just got home.

Feels... different. Confusing. Not sure what to make of it yet.'s avatar image // / 106390322126532173 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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Not my best work, but serviceable. I should've let Last Transport by Sonar Base run a little longer.

The tracks are all good, and I didn't get in the way too much. That's what matters.'s avatar image // / 106390314553851900 Origin link. Source file.
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MTT 224 / Out At Night

A mix of spacey electro at ~130, mostly old familiar stuff. Features new tracks from Silicon Scally (from his new Revelations EP on CPU), London Modular Alliance (from their new Cracked Dice EP also on CPU), and Mariska Neerman (from her EP on HC Records).'s avatar image // / 106378922575286676 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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CW: post-pandemic anxiety

I'm vaccinated now, so I'll be there at GK to say hi to friends (hopefully I can get in - limited capacity).

I have complicated and confusing feelings about all this. About the transition into a post-pandemic world. I'm not ready to return to "normal"; I don't think I can return to "normal". Too much has happened.'s avatar image // / 106378887574714923 Origin link. Source file.
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Ground Kontrol Arcade posted to their twitter account today that they'll start reopening next week Wednesday 6/16. I really hope it goes well.'s avatar image // / 106361932354688804 Origin link. Source file.
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Very happy to report that the Raspberry Pi 400 works great as a DVS system running xwax using the standard raspbian install.

I hooked up a screen and an audio interface (an M-Audio Conectiv Synchroscience), turned off bluetooth, and installed xwax via the add/remove software dialog. (xwax is in the default software repos).

No dropouts or problems I noticed. Timecode sources were a 1200 with Serato CV 2.5 and a Denon S-5000 with the Serato Control CD 1.0.'s avatar image // / 106344029580768494 Origin link. Source file.
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It's been a long time since I've played "Cyber Vision" by Andy Dux & Bombing F and now I remember why.

It cooks my ears. Super loud buzzy track.