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MTT 203 / Negative Space

Posted 2021-01-14. Permalink. Tagged ambient, audio download, dj mix, electro, mixcloud, movement through thought, music, techno.

MTT203 Spectrogram

Electro and techno up around 130, mostly in what I think of as the Donald / Stinson style. (But I'm probably wrong about that). Kicks on 16.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. =UHU= / Potentiality 00:00
  2. MANASYt / Secret Time 02:13
  3. Elecktroids / Future Tone 05:11
  4. Morphology / Journey's End 07:46
  5. Dexter / Ech Vet! 11:35
  6. Dcast Dynamics / Miss You 16:01
  7. Sol37 / 2.1.4 20:13
  8. Le Car / Cinematic-Automatic (Heinrich Muller Remix) 21:57
  9. D.I.E. / Space Travel 25:24
  10. MANASYt / Positive Deception 28:07
  11. Automat / Nematod 31:34
  12. Obergman / Quantum Eraser 35:16
  13. Rutherford / Ringer 38:05
  14. Lost Trax / The Saturnian System 41:47
  15. E.R.P. / Gleaning Creation 47:56
  16. Plant43 / Wounding Words 51:45
  17. Drexciya / Birth Of New Life 56:11

Two tracks from MANASYt's album Inferior Subjects appear here, #2 Secret Time and #10 Positive Deception. I'm familiar with MANASYt through his releases for Bunker and Touchin' Bass; his work is usually some combination of cryptic, dark, loud, and rowdy. I chose a couple of the lighter tracks from Inferior Subjects for this mix; check out the rest at the link above.

Four different labels feature twice in this mix. First is Clone with track #5 Ech Vet! by Dexter and #9 Space Travel by Detroit In Effect. Next is Southern Outpost with #6 Miss You by Dcast Dynamics (played at -6%) and #7 2.1.4 by Sol37. #11 Nematod by Automat and #14 The Saturnian System by Lost Trax are from the now dormant SCSI-AV. Lastly Brokntoys also features twice with #12 Quantum Eraser by Obergman and #13 Ringer by Rutherford.

It felt right to let Lost Trax's Saturnian System run long, about six minutes. I love it, and I don't play it often. I picked up a digital copy of the two-track SCSI-AV version back in I think 2008. It looks like Delsin re-released it in 2017 as a four-track EP (the two additional tracks coming from the follow-up Lost Trax 2). I've linked to the re-release above.

That's number 203 done. Pretty good, although there's a point or two where I should've been more patient. (Clashing basslines, etc). I'll be back next week with another mix, something slower, Thursday evening as usual.

MTT 202 / A Delicate Time

Posted 2021-01-07. Permalink. Tagged audio download, dj mix, electro, idm, mixcloud, movement through thought, music.

MTT202 Spectrogram

Pensive electro up around 140. Features a few new tracks from Lloyd Stellar, Metamatics, and Nullptr, and (as always) some old favorites.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Azmotronik / Last One In For Breakfast 00:00
  2. Mr Velcro Fastener / I Hear You 03:15
  3. Lowfish / Bitter 06:18
  4. Lloyd Stellar / We Don't Exist 10:03
  5. NULLPTR / Bit Device 13:31
  6. Noldus Rabiatus / Cable (Lumberjack) 16:53
  7. Metamatics / Beautiful Mutations 20:00
  8. Freeform / Flyplate 26:07
  9. Generali Minerali / Cyber Rhythms And Love 30:17
  10. Drox / Flipo (8 Bit Mix) 34:27
  11. The Black Dog / Dada Mindstab 37:22
  12. Ubahnrider / Emulator 40:31
  13. T.E.S.T. / Night Jam 43:47
  14. Transparent Sound / Night & Day 48:00
  15. Scape One / The Penultimate Truth 52:40
  16. EM + STAV / Atmospheric Love 55:56

The new tracks in this hour are We Don't Exist by Lloyd Stellar, Bit Device by NULLPTR, Beautiful Mutations by Metamatics, Emulator by Ubahnrider (from the Phalanx 3 comp on Typeless), and Atmospheric Love by EM & STAV, all released in 2020. Beautiful Mutations (from Metamatic's Vogue Casio 96) and Bit Device (from NULLPTR's Future World) are particularly great; I strongly recommend both those albums.

Track 6 Cable (Lumberjack) by Noldus Rabiatus is an old tracker mod, filename, that I got from a friend's collection. The song message lists a release date of 1999-10-02, but I was unable to find anywhere that it's been published online. A number of Noldus's other mods can be found in the MODLAND archive, though.

This is a good one, a good set. I like this selection a lot. Forgive the loose timing on the transition from Night & Day to The Penultimate Truth, that recording of Night & Day from the Scape One & Transparent Sound & Karoshi compilation slips a bit. Anyway, I'll have another mix up next week Thursday, the usual time. Something slower. 'till then.

MTT 201 / The Robot Is Your Friend

Posted 2020-12-31. Permalink. Tagged audio download, disco, dj mix, house, mixcloud, movement through thought, music, synthpop.

MTT201 Spectrogram

Disco and synthpop for the last mix of 2020. Music for the New Years Eve party in my head.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Patrick Cowley / Sea Hunt 00:00
  2. Daniel Wang / Berlin Sunrise (Die Nacht) 04:02
  3. Susumu Yokota / Re: Disco 09:31
  4. Gino Soccio / Remember (again again INST) 14:05
  5. Giorgio / I Wanna Rock You 15:40
  6. Polygamy Boys ft. Lindsay-J / Mystic Eyes 19:42
  7. Synths Versus Me / Goodbye Horses 25:07
  8. Oppenheimer Analysis / The Devil's Dancers 29:13
  9. The Conservatives / Loneliness 31:52
  10. Legowelt / Hazy City Nights 35:41
  11. Orgue Electronique / Panic At Charles De Gaule 39:40
  12. Unit 4 / Bodydub (Freak Electrique Acid Dub Remix) 43:22
  13. Freak Electrique / P.H.A.S.E.R. 49:13
  14. Twilight Ritual / Webbmen (Indecs Edit) 58:23

This mix is primarily inspired by the 2004 CBS Top 100 countdown. Track 4 Remember by Gino Soccio (presented here edited and slowed-down), track 9 Loneliness by The Conservatives, track 12 Bodydub (Freak Electrique Mix) by Unit 4, track 13 P.H.A.S.E.R. by Freak Electrique, and track 14 Webbmen by Twilight Ritual were all featured in that countdown. The CBS countdowns always happened right around December 25th, but for some reason I strongly associate them with New Years. The 2004 countdown in particular is important to me, as it was the first time I had heard a lot of Italo Disco. The CBS (and I-F's Mixed Up In The Hague) seem to have had a wide-ranging impact, exposing a lot of folks like me to Italo.

There are a few outliers in this selection though, some not-quite-disco music. Synths Versus Me's very nice cover of the famous Goodbye Horses by Q. Lazzarus is one, I believe I first heard that at one of the Serious Moonlight parties. The Devil's Dancers by Oppenheimer Analysis is another, old Minimal Wave reissued by Minimal Wave Records. Both big tracks, hits that I've been meaning to play for a while now.

But the biggest track by far is Freak Electrique's P.H.A.S.E.R. (PHoton Amplified by Stimulated Emission of Radiation), released 2003 on Viewlexx. I've been waiting a decade or more to play it, waiting for an appropriate New Years Eve set. It was worth the wait. I skipped the first third of the song here, the wonderful ambient portion, and so I strongly recommend listening to the full (16 minute) track on Youtube, kindly made available there by Viewlexx. It never fails to make me move.

And that's MTT 201; that's the end of 2020. Thanks for listening; please pardon some mushy mixing in this hour. I will say, in closing, there's one song notably missing from this selection: Mr. Flagio's Take A Chance. I'd have played it but unfortunately I don't have a copy. Give it a listen on youtube, call it a bonus track.

I have no idea what to play next week; that's a 2021 problem, and I'm still in 2020 while writing this. I'll be back with another upload on Thursday though.

MTT 200 / New Note Action

Posted 2020-12-24. Permalink. Tagged ambient, audio download, breaks, demoscene, dj mix, drum & bass, idm, mixcloud, movement through thought, music.

MTT200 Spectrogram

The fourth annual Movement Through Thought tracker music mix. Late '90s, mostly XMs and ITs; breakbeat, DnB, and IDM, all on the more ambient end of the scale.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Basehead / Shades Of Night II 00:00
  2. Orbital / The Girl With The Sun In Her Head (Necros's Shadow Caster Mix) 01:53
  3. Mikroloop / Flowers Don't Grow In Concrete 07:15
  4. Melvyl / Disfigured 10:10
  5. H.Kyllönen / Qap19 13:14
  6. Norfair / Alive Evil 16:03
  7. RS3 / Mute 18:04
  8. Xhale / Red Smoke 19:19
  9. Mikroloop / Things You Like To Hear 22:43
  10. Dune / Astral Ian Breakside 26:10
  11. a/oc / Jean9's Striking String Melody Meets Retro Techno In Kirkkokatu Style 28:17
  12. Phonex / Gleefully Marooned Grin 31:35
  13. Darkhalo / Midnight Snowfall 33:51
  14. Dune / I'm A Ram 37:13
  15. Krii / So Cold 40:40
  16. an0va / Recognize 43:57
  17. Jean Nine / Flowerfield 47:03
  18. Yolk / Temple Of Sun 50:36
  19. RJV / Danny Saved My Life 52:56
  20. Tyree / Impala 55:55

Alright, I have too much to say about this list so let's go through it track-by-track, stream of consciousness, faux Blogariddims style.

We start with two tracks from Five Musicians members. First is a small piece of the intro from Basehead's 19 minute long Shades Of Night II. Second is Necros's classic Shadow Caster, his remix of Orbital's The Girl With The Sun In Her Head, both the original and remix from 1996. In Sides is my favorite Orbital album and this Shadow Caster remix is one of my favorite Impulse Tracker mods. It captures the tone of the original really well; it's impressive work.

Track 3 Flowers Don't Grow In Concrete by Mikroloop is from their Carmen Elektra EP on Fridge, a nice electro-breaks tune. Melvyl's Disfigured is the first from Hellven in this hour and moves the mix to a more abstract sound. Track 5 Qap19 by H.Kyllönen on the netlabel Milk was an auto-include the moment I heard it. It's pitched down -6% to get it to fit, but sounds just as good slow in my opinion. Tough beats and bleeps.

Norfair's Alive Evil is a loose file I picked up from, and shifts the mix again, this time closer to the traditional mod music sound. It's funky, has a fun lead and a good break, works for me. Track 7 is about 60 seconds of Mute by RS3 of Hellven, shoehorned in here to take advantage of Alive Evil's drop to halftime. Xhale's Red Smoke is another loose file, a quiet recovery from Mute, used to build back up to track 9 Things You Like To Hear, the other half of Mikroloop's Carmen Elektra EP.

Number 10 Astral Ian Breakside by Dune is another chunky noisy IDM piece; we'll hear more from Dune in a few. The next two selections are both from the excellent netlabel Kyoto Republik: Jean9's Striking String Melody Meets Retro Techno In Kirkkokatu Style by a/oc and Gleefully Marooned Grin by Phonex. The a/oc track is a jam, even more chunky beats and a nice melody taken from Jean Nine's Libido Ceusel. Gleefully Marooned Grin is here to bring the energy down a bit and to set up a sneaky fade from 127 to 170.

13 is Midnight Snowfall, an ambient piece by Darkhalo, chosen for its high-pitched reverse synth noises similar to Necros's Shadow Caster from the beginning of the mix. Track 14 is our second from Dune, SAPA.S3M, titled I'm A Ram. I've been waiting years to play this. I love the synth arpeggio running through it, and one of the melodies lines up with the snares in the next track, so this felt like the perfect time.

Now we get to the drum & bass. Track 15 So Cold by Krii is the first of three tracks from the classic modgroup and netlabel Language Lab, an atmospheric drum & bass piece, it wouldn't be out of place on say Good Looking. Recognize by an0va is the most modern, most recently-released track here, a hybrid footwork and drum & bass tune released in 2016. I'm playing an export-to-wav of the .MOD file made with OpenMPT, which is why the panning is kind of wack. #17 Flowerfield by Jean Nine is our second and last tune from Milk, some "hardstepping mellow jungle" to quote the file's instrument comments.

Yolk's Temple Of Sun took 7th place in the multichannel music competition at Assembly 1995; one of the drum loop samples has a nice phase-fight with Flowerfield as it mixes in. The last two tracks are both Language Lab releases. RJV's Danny Saved My Life is another track in the Good Looking style, the Danny in question being of course LTJ Bukem. Tyree's Impala cuts the tempo in half, into triphop range, and brings the energy down to close out the mix.

And that's MTT 200. Sorry for rambling - this is way too long - but I couldn't pick just three or four releases to comment on. Shoutout to the Netlabel Archive for their good work making a lot of the track research much easier to do. Shoutout to adamd, dokuja, the other longtime listeners from aNONradio. Shoutout to the Tronix Crushing Crew. And final shoutout to Rb387, sorry I didn't work one of your pieces in here this time.

I'll be back next week with something for New Year's Eve; some old Viewlexx and some disco, maybe.

2017 and 2018 Demoscene Mixes Available Again

Posted 2020-12-24. Permalink. Tagged demoscene, meta, movement through thought, music, website.

Hey all, just a quick note to say that I've re-uploaded the 2017 and 2018 demoscene / tracker music mixes I performed for MTT on aNONradio. As of this post five such mixes are now available for download on this website:

  1. MTT 043 / Demosong 2017/12/22
  2. MTT 095 / Beyond Reality 2018/12/21
  3. MTT 147 / Pattern Repeat 2019/12/23
  4. MTT 148 / Backwards & Forwards 2019/12/27
  5. MTT 200 / New Note Action 2020/12/24

These particular mixes are important to me so I'll keep them up as long as I can. Please forgive the many mixing mistakes in them and enjoy.

MTT 199 / The Right Size

Posted 2020-12-17. Permalink. Tagged ambient, audio download, dj mix, electro, idm, mixcloud, movement through thought, music.

MTT199 Spectrogram

Ambient, electro, and IDM floating around 120. A bunch of old favorites and a couple long tracks by Carl Finlow and DJ R21.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. AQV / Qav 00:00
  2. Lowfish / Fatblex 03:51
  3. State Logik / Electro Boogie 07:40
  4. Dr. Futurist / Bound To The Atom 11:15
  5. Delayscape / Velux 14:10
  6. スムー / Levitate 18:41
  7. Access To Arasaka / Segin 22:56
  8. DJ R21 / Beauty 27:00
  9. Carl Finlow / Odyssey 31:48
  10. Photodementia / Sporobulus 37:48
  11. Jo Johnson / Coarse Materials 40:44
  12. XY0815 / End Of Your Orbit 43:40
  13. Adam Jay / Discrete Event 47:08
  14. Morphology / Zilog Z80 51:22
  15. The Parallax Corporation / Invasion 55:21
  16. Myoptik / Eclipse 60:44

The two long tracks here are DJ R21's Beauty from his album Wired for Swishcotheque and Odyssey by Carl Finlow from his Electrilogy series for Device (played here from the Electrilogy+ CD). The R21 track is cool, a nice ambient-electro piece, though it's little hard to get now (the zip file isn't available at the link above). Odyssey, and Electrilogy+ in general, is an old favorite of mine, and very much worth checking out if you've never heard it.

Lowfish's Fatblex is from Eliminator on Suction Records, Lowfish and Solvent's label. I'm a little surprised this is the first time I've played Fatblex here, it's another old favorite of mine, a song that always played well at the arcade. The following track is of course Electro Boogie by State Logik from State Logik & Jacob's 12" for Narcotix Inc., which I wrote up for this blog a few months ago.

The closing track Eclipse is from Matt Whitehead & Myoptik's album for Frequency Domain, a great ambient tape from 2017 that I slept on for way too long. I particularly like Pris's Dream, track 5 from that album. Sorry for talking over Eclipse; the beat lined up with Invasion (more or less) and it was a good tune to fade out on.

Not the most winter-y selection, but serviceable. It was good to play Fatblex and Invasion again. I'll be back next week, the evening of the 24th, with this year's tracker music mix. Gonna go work on it right now, in fact...