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MTT 215 / Affordable Auto Rental

Posted 2021-04-08. Permalink. Tagged audio download, breaks, dj mix, electro, mixcloud, movement through thought, music, techno.

MTT215 Spectrogram

A similar selection to last week's breaks, electro, and techno, though this time at 130. I pulled a bunch of old vinyl (and vinyl recordings) for this mix, longtime favorites.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Lone Shark / Float 6.3 00:00
  2. Shanti Celeste / Universal Glow 04:22
  3. Intelligent Communication / Drive 08:36
  4. The Martian / Starchild 12:57
  5. Lone / Oedo 808 16:41
  6. Axiom 23 / Vapour Drive 21:09
  7. Ke Thu / Is Separated From Itself 24:07
  8. NULLPTR / Hakusan 27:51
  9. DJ T-1000 / Outer Drive 31:19
  10. Overmono / Yell0w_Tail 35:02
  11. Subway / Drop 38:46
  12. Absolute Fiction / Revolve 42:37
  13. Intelligent Concept / Bass Mechanic 46:04
  14. Dynamik Bass System / Frequencies 50:22
  15. Dagobert / Activity 54:47
  16. Ramone / Breakerz Revenge 57:36

The first of two releases I'd like to highlight is the 1991 Principles Of Motion EP by Intelligent Communication (AKA The Future Sound Of London). Drive is the track from it played here, a super lush bleeps-and-breaks tune, my favorite from the EP. FSOL put out a Drive remix EP in 2015 which I also like a lot and recommend.

The second release highlight is the 2x12" EP Just Get On Down by Intelligent Concept, released in 1998 on Germany's Over-X-Posure records. I love this record and have played it at the arcade for years, all four tracks on it are great. The tough 303-driven Bass Mechanic is the pick for this mix, the last track on the EP. I've been meaning to write an article about Just Get On Down; maybe I'll get to that soon.

Actually a lot of these selections are things I've had for a long time: DBS's Arabian Dreams EP, Dagobert's Ready To Rock, The Martian's Ghostdancer, Drop by Subway. In the interest of getting this uploaded tonight I'll stop talking here, though.

I'll be back next week Thursday with another upload as usual, something slower (also as usual).

MTT 214 / From The Top

Posted 2021-04-01. Permalink. Tagged audio download, breaks, dj mix, electro, mixcloud, movement through thought, music, techno, uk garage.

MTT214 Spectrogram

Breaks, electro, and techno up around 140. Some aggressive stuff. This one features a few recent purchases from Crobot Muzik, Ilian Tape, and Lunar Orbiter Program.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. üNN / Friendship 00:00
  2. Fenin / Driven 02:03
  3. Mr. Velcro Fastener / Aura 05:34
  4. MachineFunk / 21/Borisov 09:16
  5. CYWU / Trip To Another 13:10
  6. Turk Turkelton / X Statione 15:42
  7. Mandroid / Clockwerk Mannequin 19:44
  8. DJ Di'jital / The Enforcer 22:43
  9. Rings Around Saturn / THX Assassin 25:44
  10. Headtop / The Matrix 30:22
  11. 2562 / Enforcers 32:43
  12. Korrupted Brothers & Vema-Diodes / Big Tie 36:12
  13. Nullptr / Arvanche 38:45
  14. Carl Craig / Science Fiction (In Touch With My Psyche) 43:16
  15. Skee Mask / Type 3 Beat 46:59
  16. Systemic / Inti 49:24
  17. Stenny / Adequate Force 53:55
  18. Metroneem / Blue Screen 56:51
  19. Scarletron / Cusp Catastrophe 61:20

Track #4 21/Borisov by MachineFunk and #12 Big Tie by Korruped Brothers & Vema-Diodes are both from Crobot Muzik; similarly #15 Type 3 Beat by Skee Mask and #17 Adequate Force by Stenny are from Ilian Tape, and #5 Trip To Another by CYWU and #6 X Statione by Turk Turkelton are from Lunar Orbiter Program. These are relatively recent tracks, all from 2020 onward. (Well, except the Stenny, that's 2019).

The two Ilian Tape tracks (by Skee Mask and Stenny) are particularly interesting to me. I just picked those up a few days ago after spending an afternoon going through Ilian Tape's catalog on bandcamp. Their fusion of breaks and techno remind me a lot of an old Go Hiyama track, World Game. An industrial, noisy, rattling kind of techno-breaks. Love & highly recommend those ISS Skee Mask releases and that Stenny EP.

Aside from that and the brief diversion into UK Garage (THX Assassin, Headtop's Matrix) this is a pretty normal selection. Metroneem's Skip Code EP on Satamile Records NYC seems a bit overlooked to me, it's a really good break-y electro record, so be sure to check that one out too.

I think I'll follow my usual pattern this month of getting slower week-to-week, so next episode will be say ~128 or so. I've been holding on to some tunes to play around there. I'll be back with that on Thursday the 8th.

MTT 213 / Never Won't

Posted 2021-03-25. Permalink. Tagged audio download, dj mix, downtempo, electro, hiphop, idm, mixcloud, movement through thought, music.

MTT213 Spectrogram

A 90 and 100 BPM grab-bag of downtempo, electro, IDM, instrumental hiphop, old tracker modules, and other stuff I've been listening to this week. This mix features a couple recent purchases (Pete Rock's Petestrumentals and Paul Blackford's Betamax) and a couple tracks from an old favorite of mine, Red Snapper's Our Aim Is To Satisfy Red Snapper.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Melotone / Elusive Feeling 00:00
  2. DJ Food / Freedom (Fila Brazillia Mix) 02:20
  3. Geniuz & Sprii / Freedom 06:41
  4. Daniel Savio / Dungeon 10:25
  5. Metamatics / Bedroom Locusts (Edit) 13:31
  6. Mrs Jynx ft. iAM9 / Cwishes 17:52
  7. Geniuz & Nagz / Dirty Barrel 21:21
  8. Pete Rock / Get Involved 24:21
  9. The Aesthetics / Solitude 27:47
  10. Prefuse 73 / Five Minutes Away 29:27
  11. Red Snapper / Don't Go Nowhere 31:44
  12. DJ Spooky / Galactic Funk (Tau Ceti Mix) 35:47
  13. Red Snapper / Bussing 38:24
  14. Ramone / Dojo In Slomo 43:14
  15. Plaid / Bo Bootch 45:48
  16. Paul Blackford / Fortress 49:43
  17. Reeno & Mr. X / N.O.X. 52:43
  18. Dagobert / DE Breakdown 55:14
  19. Michna / Believe In It 59:36

Just a couple of programming notes this week, first is that track 2 the Fila Brazillia mix of Freedom is played here from the original Refried Food CD; that remix is available online now from Fila Brazillia's bandcamp on a compilation called Remixes 95-99. A version of Refried Food itself (though without this version of Freedom) is available at DJ Food's bandcamp page. Refried Food is a classic, of course, and that Fila Brazillia remix collection looks pretty good too.

I think I picked up Our Aim Is To Satisfy Red Snapper shortly after it was first released, an impulse buy at the record store. The copy played in this hour is the US version on Matador Records, OLE 416-1. Keeping Pigs Together, Don't Go Nowhere, Bussing, and the whole D side (Alaska Street, Belladonna, and They're Hanging Me Tonight) are the reason I love this record. All instrumentals, sometimes chunky, sometimes light, sometimes quick, sometimes not. Check it out if you're a fan of late '90s early 2000s acid jazz and triphop.

I'm writing a bit late so the notes are short this week. One last recommendation, be sure to check out Paul Blackford's excellent Betamax on CPU Records. Just picked that up yesterday and have been loving it.

Anyway, I'll be back next week (uh-oh, Thursday April 1st) with an electro set. Something fast, energetic.

MTT 212 / Passing Days

Posted 2021-03-18. Permalink. Tagged ambient, audio download, dj mix, dub, dub techno, mixcloud, movement through thought, music, techno.

MTT212 Spectrogram

Chill ambient and dub techno for a rainy afternoon. Slow(ish), 105-115. A couple tracks from Deepindub, a couple from Dewtone Recordings, a couple from Recycled Plastics, an old ambient tune by Coldcut, and more.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Low Orbit Satellite / Twelve 00:00
  2. Textural Being / The Sixth Gap, Pt. 2 06:31
  3. Alex Humann / Dawn 10:44
  4. Melotone / Downer 15:12
  5. Ali Khan / Lake 18:44
  6. Coldcut / 6 Music 4 No Musicians 22:06
  7. Albert Kuningas / Astraalivirtaus 26:31
  8. Late Invitation / The Late Invitation Theme 30:01
  9. Dublicator / Lonely Phantoms 34:17
  10. Waveform / Nova Prospect 38:14
  11. BMinor / Refurbished Echo Two (Summerlivesession) 42:41
  12. Xoki / Soaked Dub 45:21
  13. Massive Attack V Mad Professor / Trinity Dub (Three) 49:30
  14. Dcast Dynamics / The Giant Returns 53:02
  15. User18081971 / 18 SsbA 58:38

The Recycled Plastics tracks are #2 The Sixth Gap Pt. 2 by Textural Being and #4 Downer by Melotone. The Dewtone tracks are #3 Dawn by Alex Humann and #5 Lake by Ali Khan. And last the Deepindub tracks are #9 Lonely Phantoms by Dublicator and #10 Nova Prospect by Waveform. Dublicator (AKA MetaComplex AKA Tamás Olejnik)'s album Deep Roots is particularly good and worth a listen.

The Giant Returns by Dcast Dynamics is from their 2008 EP of the same name, one of the few Frustrated Funk pieces I have on vinyl. It's a very spaced out dubby electro EP, similar in some ways to Dcast's (Gosub's) earlier Low Volume Lovers EP, although slower. Be sure to check that one out if you haven't heard it before, it's really good.

That's all I've got today. There's a little sketchy beatmatching in here and my levels are wonky as usual; hope nobody minds too much. I'll be back next week (Thursday 25th) with something slower and chunkier. 80/90 BPM downtempo and IDM, something like that.

MTT 211 / Folding & Unfolding

Posted 2021-03-11. Last updated 2021-03-12. Permalink. Tagged audio download, dj mix, dub techno, mixcloud, movement through thought, music, techno.

MTT211 Spectrogram

Techno and dub techno for this second week of March. 120 BPM head-nodding music. Features a couple tracks from Deepindub, a couple from Motorlab, and a couple recent purchases from 200 Records.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Seal Bient / Runout 02.03 00:00
  2. Deepchord Presents Echospace / Spatialdimension 04:00
  3. Bvdub / Tears For A Fallen Empire 08:24
  4. Low Orbit Satellite / 7am Monochrome 12:07
  5. Dequalsrxt / Caladan 1 14:22
  6. Zzzzra / Grotesque 18:28
  7. Organon / Unknown II 23:04
  8. Mark Broom / Runners 27:31
  9. Akcept / Going Around In Circles 30:42
  10. Hidden Sequence / Sun In My Eyes (Shadows Dub) 34:25
  11. Ben Businovski / Torque 38:50
  12. D.F.T. / D.F.T. Arranged 44:18
  13. Deepchord / Spiral 1 47:59
  14. Reference / Spacehood 51:36
  15. Brian Eno / Fractal Zoom (Naive Mix II) 56:27
  16. X343 / Page Two 61:45

Track 6 Grotesque by Zzzzra and track 7 Unknown II by Organon are both from the (now-inactive?) dub techno netlabel Deepindub. There's a lot of good dub techno on Deepindub, some of which I picked up a few years ago (and am still going through even now). I'll probably be playing more from them next week. (One of these days I'll have to read through their blog).

Track 10 Sun In My Eyes (Shadows Dub) by Hidden Sequence and track 14 Spacehood by Reference are both from the label 200 Records. Hidden Sequence is DJ Paul Simmons and Stefano Ugliano; Simmons is one half of the former State Logik, the same act that produced Electro Boogie and All You Need. Looking up Hidden Sequence now as I write this I see they've got a seriously good dub techno album called Moonlight Shift out on Steve O'Sullivan's Mosaic Records. Will have to pick that up soon.

That's a Moby remix of Brian Eno's Fractal Zoom, the Naive Mix II. I don't know much about Moby's music from this time period; I've heard he put out more ambient slash techno music like this (maybe on his album Ambient). In any case this remix is fantastic. The copy played here is from the CD single; I believe it was also available on the 12".

I'm pretty happy with this. Some of these combinations are a stretch (I don't have much techno and dub techno to work with) but it mostly sounds OK. Good enough for me. I think I'll continue the four-on-the-floor trend one more week, so check back on the 18th for more like this, but slower.

MTT 210 / Inner Life

Posted 2021-03-04. Permalink. Tagged audio download, dj mix, dub techno, mixcloud, movement through thought, music, techno.

MTT210 Spectrogram

Dub Techno and Techno for the start of the fifth year. A couple tracks from Scale Limited, a couple from From 0-1, some old Thinner, and a little Basic Channel.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Ke Thu / u1 00:00
  2. Ohrwert / Blavus (grad_u Remix) 04:10
  3. Axs / Milieu Interieur 08:51
  4. Basic Channel / Phylyps Trak II I 11:00
  5. Ben Businovski / Internal Escape 14:58
  6. T++ / Storm 18:55
  7. Surphase & Rktic / Sudschleuse 22:47
  8. Permutation / Odyssey 26:27
  9. Cabaret Voltaire / Neuron Factory 30:56
  10. Suburban Knight / Niagra Falls 33:30
  11. Phoboz / Mintaka 38:29
  12. Sone / Broken Axis (A. Trebor Remix) 40:55
  13. Inigo Kennedy / Caverns 43:21
  14. Rove Ranger / Geometric Series 47:58
  15. Damon Wild & Echoplex / Infinite Sustain 50:42
  16. JX-216 / Shaping Shadows 53:39
  17. Legowelt / Side by Side We Ride Against The Hordes of EDM 57:46

The first two tracks in this mix are from grad_u's Greyscale label, part of the Scale Limited group. I picked up a couple of Greyscale releases a few days ago as my dub techno purchase this year. Ke Thu's quick ambient techno track is from their distant, thoughtful Formed Together EP. The second track is from Ohrwert's Fidelis, Blavus EP, a more accessible and traditional dub techno cut, here inelegantly combined with Axs's Milieu Interieur from their Rosewood Secrets album. I like the deeper and dub-ier selections on Grey- and Redscale and will be paying closer attention to them.

Track 12 Broken Axis (A. Trebor Remix) by Sone and track 16 Shaping Shadows by JX-216 are both from the excellent Seattle techno label From 0-1. Shaping Shadows is from a particularly good release, the Life Under Lockdown EP, four tracks of (I believe I'm using this term correctly) wicked techno. Check out that EP for the serious business. Putting Legowelt's Side by Side We Ride... into Shaping Shadows doesn't really work, but I wanted to hear it. (And maybe I wanted to say the title out loud too).

This was super fun to mix even if the end result doesn't hold together very well. Levels are a bit different this time too; this was recorded with a new audio interface. Anyway, I'll be back next week with more dub techno and other four-on-the-floor stuff, uploaded at my usual time, Thursday evening.