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I've recently published the full source for this website. That link leads to a git repo containing all the text data (article content etc.) and graphics plus the various programs used.

The program source code contained in that repo is available under the MIT License unless otherwise indicated. Text on this website (articles, wiki pages, etc.) and original graphics are now licensed under the CC BY 4.0 license unless otherwise indicated.

(Note that most of the graphics aren't my original work - they're photos of cover art, screengrabs from film and TV, preview images sourced from the web, etc. .)

If you think you can use something then go for it. Just, y'know, please credit me when you do.'s avatar image // / 111124348230606393 Origin link. Source file.
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Conclusion: Zerstorer and FMJ 3 are both pretty good. Zerstorer accomplished a lot for a mod made in '97 (breakables, rain, new models & sounds), and FMJ 3 was a cool throwback. I particularly liked MFX and Tronyn's maps from FMJ 3.

Next time I spin up Quake I think I'll play czg's Honey mod and Func Map Jam 1 (the Honey-themed jam)'s avatar image // / 111083158172187978 Origin link. Source file.
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It's funny to me that most of the reviews I see on Discogs now are comments about this or that particular pressing. I like the half-thought-out comments about the music itself more.

I guess that means I should make an account there and start posting reviews.'s avatar image // / 110895588628037520 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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My copy still has the receipt with it, says I purchased it in November 2002.

I remember being really confused by it at the time but thinking it was super funky. Being drawn to it in spite of (or because of) how weird it was.'s avatar image // / 110815246261633155 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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I like digging for old or overlooked music, promoting new artists, and finding (+ demonstrating) the connections between tracks. Those are (some of) the reasons I do what I do, the things I'm interested in, what keeps me going.

I've reached a point now where I'm just too broke to buy music, to dig. Without an influx of new or different tracks to play I've started repeating myself a lot in recent months. I'm not interested in playing the same set over and over, at least not in this format, and so that means it's time to do something else. Hopefully I can find a source of income & then return to DJing in one form or another.'s avatar image // / 110815237375978477 Origin link. Source file.
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Hey all, I'm putting my mix series "MTT" on pause until at least August 2024. I'm taking a year off to rest & recharge, dig for music, and to make a serious attempt at writing some new music myself.

I'm going to record and release the sets I had planned up through #335 so a few more are coming but then there'll be an extended break.'s avatar image // / 110727568955399950 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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I look forward to this marathon every year, I really like the RPGLB crew. I think the first of their marathons I saw was their third, RPGLB 2017.