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I have a copy of Heaven Is Waiting but I don't have this release (Seduction), I definitely need to pick it up.

For some reason programming always makes me itch for goth rock. (And coincidentally the Quake FlyMove / SlideMove function I was tinkering with is called "DanceMove" in the code.)'s avatar image // / 112694127147163364 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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I really enjoyed Q1 Dimension Of The Machine,

The levels were big, detailed, and well thought-out. Played it on hard and it never felt unfair, I always had the tools (weapons, ammo, cover, etc) to handle the encounters. When it did get spicy it was satisfying not frustrating.

It was also very beautiful. Texturing, lighting, architecture, really fantastic. Good Stuff all around. Glad I (finally) picked it up.'s avatar image // / 112692944041440440 Origin link. Source file.
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Quake 1 Dimension Of The Machine right now over at

This is the map pack/mod that was released for Quake's 25th anniversary in 2021. I haven't played it before, this is my first time through, so I expect it to be impressive / a struggle.

Dimension Of The Machine (first playthrough)

mge1-mge5 and mgend complete

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I'm starting a playthrough of the Func Map Jam 6 map pack for Quake today over at

I'm running it with the mod I've been writing as a test of sorts. So there will be some funky movement.

Func Map Jam 6 (w/modded movement)

FMJ 6 + jam6_daya in one shot

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and that's Deus Ex finished. Was a good time.

I really enjoyed the gameplay, the surprising number of ways the player can solve different situations.

The story... not really my cup of tea. I like a lot of the elements it was playing with but not so much in that particular combination.

Still: very fun to play. Easy to get in a groove with it. I look forward to playing it again with a different approach, different restrictions and skills.