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MTT 220 / Reaching For

Posted 2021-05-13. Permalink. Tagged audio download, breaks, dj mix, electro, mixcloud, movement through thought, music.

MTT220 Spectrogram

Midtempo synth-y (and even trance-y) breaks and electro. Features new tracks from Fundamental Bass Intelligence's 11:11 compilation, Scape One (new Metal Beat mixes), and Chaos Milieu on Warning Berlin.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. NULLPTR / Future World 00:00
  2. Doctor Evil / Clicker 02:30
  3. Dark Vektor / Time To Think 06:00
  4. Client_03 / Self Doubt Injector 09:15
  5. Scape One / Click Click Drone (Metal Beat Mix) 13:15
  6. Mrs Jynx ft. iAM9 / Something Which Was Everything 17:30
  7. Datawave / Nimbus 21:00
  8. Dj HasH / Subconsciencia 25:15
  9. Lone / Pulsar 28:45
  10. Clone Theory / Electrollenium 34:45
  11. Blastromen / Robot Aggression 38:35
  12. Deemphasis / Nexus 43:44
  13. Chaos Milieu / Pott Groove 48:14
  14. Low Orbit Satellite & Reii / Cyou 52:58
  15. Velvit / Chic Anatomy 59:17

So the new tracks here are #3 Time To Think by Dark Vektor and #12 Nexus by Deemphasis both from the 11:11 Fundamental Compilation on FBI, #5 Click Click Drone (Metal Beat Mix) by Scape One from the album Click Click Drone, and #13 Pott Groove by Chaos Milieu on Warning Berlin. The acid-breaks-electro-trance of Pott Groove is particularly interesting and cool, I think.

FBI's 11:11 Fundamental Compilation is high on my list of releases this year so far, quality tracks from the likes of Dark Vektor, Exzakt, Mandroid (whose Deafening Silence sounds suspiciously like a certain movie's end titles theme), Sbassship, and more. I've been playing FBI records for a long time so I'm really happy to see the release of 11:11. Check this one out for sure.

A minor correction: I mentioned while reading the tracklist aloud that Clone Theory is an alias for Heuristic Audio. That's not exactly correct. Discogs tells me that Clone Theory is Alan C. Hill and Dave Froud; Dave Froud is Heuristic Audio. Alan Hill appears to have been a member of a number of groups and used a number of aliases none of which I'm familiar with aside from Clone Theory, sadly. (And it's funny, I told myself not to make this mistake the last time I played Electrollenium. Go figure.)

That's the show this week. More 5- and 6-minute pieces than usual, but it felt right to let some of these breathe. I'll be back next week Thursday with another mix, something slower, as usual.

MTT 219 / Tomorrow & Yesterday

Posted 2021-05-06. Permalink. Tagged audio download, dj mix, electro, mixcloud, movement through thought, music.

MTT219 Spectrogram

Working through some fast (140) electro, old and new. Features a couple old tracks from Satamile NYC and some new(ish) ones from Brokntoys, CPU, and Lobster Theremin.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Zainetica / Future 740 00:00
  2. Mr Velcro Fastener / Refuse To Lose 04:38
  3. Electronic Corporation / We Got Velocity 09:13
  4. Blotnik Brothers / Le Monde 10:49
  5. MNLTH / Traffic 16:32
  6. Kraftwerk / Chrono 20:20
  7. Cyborg 95 / Tour De France '16 22:58
  8. Scape One / Tomorrow 26:51
  9. Lowfish / Wahawa 30:30
  10. DJ Overdose / Drift Away 34:01
  11. 96 Back / 050 37:27
  12. DJ Glow / Intruder Alert 41:20
  13. Amper Clap / Desolation (Robyrt Hecht Remix) 45:13
  14. Vertical67 / Far Away Lights 49:10
  15. Interviews / High Climber 52:49
  16. Skee Mask / TH808 57:31

Two Brokntoys tracks feature in this mix, both at the end: #14 Far Away Lights by Vertical67 from their 2017 EP Morphed Reality and #15 High Climber by Interviews from their 2021 self-titled EP. Pretty much everything Brokntoys puts out is great, but the latter of those two - the new Interviews EP - really caught my ear. The tough menacing electro of Miami String and High Climber, the quick cosmic disco of Cosmic Shuffle, the noisy industrial electronics of Petman. Solid EP, I like all the tracks on it.

The other new (2017 onward) tracks in this mix are: #5 Traffic by MNLTH and #11 050 by 96 Back both on CPU Records, #7 Tour De France '16 by Cyborg 95 on Lobster Theremin, #13 Desolation (Robyrt Hecht Remix) by Amper Clap on Elektrodos, and #16 TH808 by Skee Mask on Ilian Tape.

I keep returning to old Satamile NYC records when playing these fast sets. Satamile vinyl was easy to get at my local shops when it was new, and so I have a few pieces that I've spent a bunch of time with. In this mix track #4 Le Monde by the Blotnik Brothers from their Museful Revolution EP and #9 Wahawa by Lowfish from the Science Persuades Best EP (also on Burn The Lights Out) are from Satamile. Lowfish's work in particular always played well at the arcade.

And that's all the words I've got this time. I'll be back next week on Thursday the 13th with something slower, as usual.

MTT 218 / Sublimate

Posted 2021-04-29. Permalink. Tagged audio download, dj mix, drum & bass, electro, mixcloud, movement through thought, music, screenshot.

MTT218 Spectrogram

An hourlong wander through some 160 BPM DnB and electro. Features some new(ish) tracks from Next Phase Recordings and Astrophonica, plus some old favorites from Militant Science.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. XY0815 / MDK44 - Transit To Nowhere 00:00
  2. Infest / Oisee 01:59
  3. Aquarius & Tayla / Bringing Me Down 06:11
  4. Fjell / To Step To 08:59
  5. Darkhalo / Horror 11:23
  6. Sonar's Ghost / Anticipation Game 13:47
  7. THUGWIDOW / ribbon impressor 17:23
  8. Screwtec / Soul Fix 20:00
  9. Synth Alien / Spectral Attack 23:35
  10. Philip D Kick / Funk 160 27:54
  11. Aux 88 / Computer Speaks 31:05
  12. DJ Stingray / Mindless 33:12
  13. Client_03 / Hope Repeater 36:06
  14. Stratowerx / Time 39:42
  15. Ed Rush & Optical / Fixation 43:42
  16. ASC / Starkwood 46:53
  17. FFF / Know How 50:04
  18. Jega / Nausicaä 53:38
  19. Mad Professor / Cultural Explosion 59:09

Three tracks from Next Phase Records feature in this hour: #1 Oisee by Infest from the Drift EP, #4 To Step To by Fjell also from the Drift EP, and #6 Anticipation Game by Sonar's Ghost from the Octagon EP. Both those EPs are name-your-price (or "free download" as the page banner says) and are pretty sweet; the rest of the label's releases seem awesome too. I recognize some of the artists on the label from Digibeat Music and the big Subtle Audio compilations. Good atmospheric drum & bass and breakbeat music, thumbs up from me.

Two tracks from Astrophonica appear also: #10 Funk 160 by Philip D Kick (AKA Om Unit) and #13 Hope Repeater by Client_03. Fracture & Lucie La Mode's cheerful Some Love nearly made it into this mix too, and is very much worth a listen. Call it a bonus track. One to brighten up a gray day.

I'm laughing a bit as I write this 'cause looking at the tracklist it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But I like all these tracks and was into it while mixing. Can't ask for more than that. Anyway I'll be back next week Thursday with another set, probably some electro in the 130s. Thanks for listening and catch you all later.

Screenshot from Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind on VHS

MTT 217 / Short Waves

Posted 2021-04-22. Permalink. Tagged ambient, audio download, dj mix, downtempo, dub techno, electro, idm, mixcloud, movement through thought, music.

MTT217 Spectrogram

90 and 100 BPM business this week. Ambient, downtempo, electro; dubby stuff. A bunch of old '90s tunes in the first 20 minutes. Some comfort music.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Terre Thaemlitz / Hovering Glows 00:00
  2. Ian o'Brien / Midday Sunshine 03:30
  3. Future Sound Of London / Her Face Forms In Summertime 08:06
  4. Electric Skychurch / Creation (Original Low Frequency Dub Mix) 10:56
  5. Jega / Sakura 15:13
  6. Global Communication / 7:39 18:55
  7. Giriu Dvasios / Miega 24:37
  8. Dogon / Hex-A-Gon 27:29
  9. Apologist / Shadowspace 30:01
  10. Depeche Mode / Cover Me (Alt Out) 34:13
  11. Paul Blackford / The NASA Beat 38:04
  12. Mikron / Imora 41:04
  13. Sigma Algebra / Jet 44:37
  14. Clatterbox / Transformer 49:05
  15. Newcleus / No More Running 53:35
  16. Aphex Twin / We Are The Music Makers 57:19

I've been listening to Ian o'Brien's Eden EP and 76:14 by Global Communication a lot this week; this selection is the result. Newcleus's Jam On Revenge has also been on my mind, the weather in the pacific northwest feels right for it at the moment. (And I'm a little upset with myself that I couldn't remember the name of the album Jam On Revenge while reading the tracklist aloud. I'll get it next time).

The most recently released track here is Shadowspace by Apologist from their album Air Foundry on Frequency Domain. I picked that up this week and have been loving it, beautiful hazy dubby electronics. I'm sure I'll be playing more from Air Foundry in the next few months, so check it out at the link above.

I'm starting to fall asleep so that's all I have to say about this one. I'll be back next week Thursday with something different. (Maybe drum & bass if I can put a set together). Till then.

MTT 216 / Made Of Wires

Posted 2021-04-15. Permalink. Tagged audio download, dj mix, electro, miami bass, mixcloud, movement through thought, music, synthpop.

MTT216 Spectrogram

A grab-bag of electro and synthpop featuring new ("new") tracks from Debbie Deb, Jackal And Hyde, Neuroactive, and more. Plus a bunch of old '80s tracks and a little Miami bass.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Andrea Parker & David Morley / Early Days 00:00
  2. Debbie Deb / Everybody's Jammin' 02:14
  3. Paul Hardcastle / Loitering With Intent 05:34
  4. DMX Krew / DMX Funk (Rock Mix) 09:09
  5. Tape Loader & Phatt Rok Ski / Prime Time (Main Mix) 12:09
  6. Hashim / Al-Naafiysh (The Soul/B) 15:27
  7. Jackal And Hyde / Cogito Ergo Sum 19:33
  8. Microslav / Sam Sa Tobom (Radio Edit) 23:08
  9. Quadrant 77 & Roller8 / Roll Into Space 26:42
  10. Autobot-1000 vs. DJ Di'jital / Input, Output 30:30
  11. Kraftwerk / It's More Fun To Compute 33:35
  12. Dynamik Bass System / Omega Platinum 36:25
  13. Scape One / Macola 38:58
  14. The Beat Club / Security (Club Mix) 42:19
  15. Techno Bass Crew / Undertow 45:43
  16. Dynamix II / Machine Planet 48:43
  17. Neuroactive / Climate Is Changing 53:07
  18. Inigo Kennedy / Happy Robot Glow 58:35

Let's run through the new tracks in this hour, "new" being 2019 onward.

First up is Everybody's Jammin' by Debbie Deb, an unearthed mid-80s recording from the Pandisc catalog published in 2019 by Schematic Music Company. A proper fun freestyle jam transferred from tape to 24/96khz digital for the 21st century. I feel like everybody should have a copy of this.

Next is Jackal And Hyde's Cogito Ergo Sum, a single put out about a year ago on their bandcamp page. I usually expect hard electrobass from Jackal And Hyde, but here we have a really sweet Kraftwerkian throwback tune. Highly recommend this one, it's a great song. (As an aside I think this is the only explicitly Cartesian electro track I've ever heard.)

Scape One's Macola from his 2020 album Cosmic Trax is also new, though I've had this one a bit longer than the others. Clicky, snappy, spacey, and distant. Retro electro as only Kurt Baggaley does it. I picked this up for the Jive Rhythm Trax referencing Cosmic Jam; it turns out the rest of the album is fantastic too.

The final track I'll highlight this week is Neuroactive's Climate Is Changing from their 2020 album Minor Side-Effects. Climate Is Changing is a perfectly executed electronic-pop message-song, corny and sincere. I love it and so I let it run long in the mix. Minor Side-Effects is a pretty varied album, ranging from EBM/industrial to poppy electro and some more ambient pieces. I like the whole thing a lot and I think it works particularly well listened to straight through, so check that one out if you're interested in both electro and new EBM/industrial.

And if you ever need to extend It's More Fun To Compute Dynamik Bass System has you covered.

That's all I've got. I'll be back next week at my usual time (Thursday evening) with another upload.

MTT 215 / Affordable Auto Rental

Posted 2021-04-08. Permalink. Tagged audio download, breaks, dj mix, electro, mixcloud, movement through thought, music, techno.

MTT215 Spectrogram

A similar selection to last week's breaks, electro, and techno, though this time at 130. I pulled a bunch of old vinyl (and vinyl recordings) for this mix, longtime favorites.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Lone Shark / Float 6.3 00:00
  2. Shanti Celeste / Universal Glow 04:22
  3. Intelligent Communication / Drive 08:36
  4. The Martian / Starchild 12:57
  5. Lone / Oedo 808 16:41
  6. Axiom 23 / Vapour Drive 21:09
  7. Ke Thu / Is Separated From Itself 24:07
  8. NULLPTR / Hakusan 27:51
  9. DJ T-1000 / Outer Drive 31:19
  10. Overmono / Yell0w_Tail 35:02
  11. Subway / Drop 38:46
  12. Absolute Fiction / Revolve 42:37
  13. Intelligent Concept / Bass Mechanic 46:04
  14. Dynamik Bass System / Frequencies 50:22
  15. Dagobert / Activity 54:47
  16. Ramone / Breakerz Revenge 57:36

The first of two releases I'd like to highlight is the 1991 Principles Of Motion EP by Intelligent Communication (AKA The Future Sound Of London). Drive is the track from it played here, a super lush bleeps-and-breaks tune, my favorite from the EP. FSOL put out a Drive remix EP in 2015 which I also like a lot and recommend.

The second release highlight is the 2x12" EP Just Get On Down by Intelligent Concept, released in 1998 on Germany's Over-X-Posure records. I love this record and have played it at the arcade for years, all four tracks on it are great. The tough 303-driven Bass Mechanic is the pick for this mix, the last track on the EP. I've been meaning to write an article about Just Get On Down; maybe I'll get to that soon.

Actually a lot of these selections are things I've had for a long time: DBS's Arabian Dreams EP, Dagobert's Ready To Rock, The Martian's Ghostdancer, Drop by Subway. In the interest of getting this uploaded tonight I'll stop talking here, though.

I'll be back next week Thursday with another upload as usual, something slower (also as usual).