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MTT 210 / Inner Life

Posted 2021-03-04. Permalink. Tagged audio download, dj mix, dub techno, mixcloud, movement through thought, music, techno.

MTT210 Spectrogram

Dub Techno and Techno for the start of the fifth year. A couple tracks from Scale Limited, a couple from From 0-1, some old Thinner, and a little Basic Channel.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Ke Thu / u1 00:00
  2. Ohrwert / Blavus (grad_u Remix) 04:10
  3. Axs / Milieu Interieur 08:51
  4. Basic Channel / Phylyps Trak II I 11:00
  5. Ben Businovski / Internal Escape 14:58
  6. T++ / Storm 18:55
  7. Surphase & Rktic / Sudschleuse 22:47
  8. Permutation / Odyssey 26:27
  9. Cabaret Voltaire / Neuron Factory 30:56
  10. Suburban Knight / Niagra Falls 33:30
  11. Phoboz / Mintaka 38:29
  12. Sone / Broken Axis (A. Trebor Remix) 40:55
  13. Inigo Kennedy / Caverns 43:21
  14. Rove Ranger / Geometric Series 47:58
  15. Damon Wild & Echoplex / Infinite Sustain 50:42
  16. JX-216 / Shaping Shadows 53:39
  17. Legowelt / Side by Side We Ride Against The Hordes of EDM 57:46

The first two tracks in this mix are from grad_u's Greyscale label, part of the Scale Limited group. I picked up a couple of Greyscale releases a few days ago as my dub techno purchase this year. Ke Thu's quick ambient techno track is from their distant, thoughtful Formed Together EP. The second track is from Ohrwert's Fidelis, Blavus EP, a more accessible and traditional dub techno cut, here inelegantly combined with Axs's Milieu Interieur from their Rosewood Secrets album. I like the deeper and dub-ier selections on Grey- and Redscale and will be paying closer attention to them.

Track 12 Broken Axis (A. Trebor Remix) by Sone and track 16 Shaping Shadows by JX-216 are both from the excellent Seattle techno label From 0-1. Shaping shadows is from a particularly good release, the Life Under Lockdown EP, four tracks of (I believe I'm using this term correctly) wicked techno. Check out that EP for the serious business. Putting Legowelt's Side by Side We Ride... into Shaping Shadows doesn't work at all, but I wanted to hear it. (And maybe I wanted to say the title out loud too).

This was super fun to mix even if the end result doesn't hold together very well. Levels are a bit different this time too; this was recorded with a new audio interface. Anyway, I'll be back next week with more dub techno and other four-on-the-floor stuff, uploaded at my usual time, Thursday evening.

MTT 209 / Dim Landscapes

Posted 2021-02-25. Permalink. Tagged audio download, dj mix, downtempo, footwork, idm, mixcloud, movement through thought, music, vaporwave.

MTT209 Spectrogram

Wandering through some slow beats to end the month. Downtempo, IDM, a little footwork.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Delarosa And Asora / Smaze Words 00:00
  2. Phoenecia / Yamuna 04:01
  3. Push Button Objects / FM Science 07:48
  4. Luke Vibert / Music Called Jazz 09:49
  5. La Funk Mob / Ravers Suck Our Sound 11:41
  6. The Future Sound Of London / We Have Explosive (Pt. 3) 14:50
  7. Jens Buchert / Sunrider 18:47
  8. Legowelt / Arcade Breeze (Living In The Rain) 22:50
  9. Chris Hülsbeck / Turrican 2 Ending (Paul Blackford Remix) 26:53
  10. Hong Kong Express ft. Shima33 / Island Side Drift 29:39
  11. Legowelt / Buying ZIPdisks In Memphis 33:29
  12. Vaperror / Krystal GB 36:29
  13. Fran Jazzco / Don't Quit 39:08
  14. Crossfire / Laid Back N Coolin 42:44
  15. Coco Bryce / Chrystalize 44:56
  16. Dagobert / Der Mars 47:08
  17. DJ Shadow / Midnight In A Perfect World 51:19
  18. Meat Beat Manifesto / We Done 55:51
  19. Gyoza District / Strange Monday 57:40

As mentioned at the beginning of the recording: two tracks (Smaze Words and Yamuna) are from the label Schematic Music Company, two (numbers 8 and 11) are from Legowelt's album Tips For Life, and two (Don't Quit by Fran Jazzco and Laid Back N Coolin by Crossfire) are from the Juke World Order compilations on Juke Underground. Also I just noticed the two tracks from Mo Wax: number 5 Ravers Suck Our Sound from the Headz compilation, and of course number 17 Midnight In A Perfect World by DJ Shadow from his essential album Endtroducing.

I love the slow tracks on Tips For Life - Acing The Test, Arcade Breeze, Buying ZIPdisks In Memphis, Life Goals Fading Away, Sinister Never Deceives. Arcade Breeze was on Legowelt's first Memphis Rap mix (if I remember correctly), and I'm very happy he put it out on Tips For Life. I wish I could've played it at the arcade.

The last track of this mix is Strange Monday by Gyoza District, from their 2019 album Voyage Agency on Adhesive Sounds. I've listened to Voyage Agency a lot over the last year, and it always cheers me up, always makes me feel better. Chill, slow, thoughtful beats. I think it's a really well-made well-paced album. Check it out if the bit I didn't talk over caught your ear.

There's some odd timing to the fades and the phrasing in this mix (it's not my best performance), I hope nobody minds too much. It's been a tough week. This is the final episode of MTT year 4; next week will mark the beginning of year 5. I think I'll play something four-on-the-floor for a change of pace. Techno and/or dub techno for the springtime. Will return with that on March 4th.

MTT 208 / To The Exit

Posted 2021-02-18. Permalink. Tagged ambient, audio download, breaks, dj mix, electro, mixcloud, movement through thought, music.

MTT208 Spectrogram

120 BPM ambient, breakbeat, and electro music. I'm a bit out of ideas so most of this is repeats, favorites from the last few years of this mix series.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. STΛQQ ƟVERFLƟ / Synthetic (Pines) 00:00
  2. Autopilot / World Receiver 02:40
  3. Il.Ek.Tro / World Of Wire 06:55
  4. Holger Flinsch / Tenpres 10:23
  5. Dark Vektor / Com Ets Tu 14:06
  6. L'Automat / Work 2 18:20
  7. The Green Man / Deep Below 22:04
  8. Mrs Jynx / Kiss Behind The Ear 23:40
  9. Model 500 / The Passage 27:11
  10. ΠΕΡΑ ΣΤΑ ΟΡΗ / Passive Concealment 32:20
  11. Scape One / Internal Symmetry 35:57
  12. Ivna Ji / Maar 40:13
  13. Sbles3plex / Mathematic Universe 43:09
  14. Versalife / Manipulated Matter 47:22
  15. Supreems / When Two Souls Reach 51:24
  16. Matt Whitehead / Home To Glory 55:47
  17. Galaxy Toobin' / Friday Afternoon Toobin' 58:42

Three tracks from Brokntoys feature in this mix: #6 Work 2 by L'Automat, #10 Passive Concealment by ΠΕΡΑ ΣΤΑ ΟΡΗ, and #14 Manipulated Matter by Versalife. Both Work 2 and Passive Concealment are new - 2020 and 2021, respectively. I particularly like the Cold Readings EP that Passive Concealment is from, a lot of variety in those 5 tracks.

Mrs Jynx's Kiss Behind The Ear is from her 2012 Atlanta EP, originally released on Complex Sound Sagacity, now also available at her bandcamp (which I've linked to above). I just picked this up and I love it. Bright, bouncy, fun UK electronics. I'll be playing more from it here in the coming months and will try to pick up more of Jynx's work (Planet Mu, Recycled Plastics).

Repeats and favorites. I've played Ivna Ji's Laax EP a lot over the last few years, for myself, at the arcade, and here for this mix series. I love those four tracks to bits and have been meaning to write an article on it. One more: the Close Your Eyes (And Feel) EP by Supreems, another I'm always looking for reasons to play. Four tracks again, bright and moody, breaks and electro by way of some unknown-to-me house music scene. I gather it's a pretty well-known EP by now, but I still can't get enough of it.

And that's my time this week. I'll be back on the 25th with another end-of-month "slow" set, the last installment of MTT Year 4. March will mark the beginning of year 5.

MTT 207 / Deflection

Posted 2021-02-11. Permalink. Tagged audio download, dj mix, electro, idm, mixcloud, movement through thought, music.

MTT207 Spectrogram

An hour of noisy glitchy electro, featuring a bunch of tracks from Pyramid Transmissions and Touchin' Bass. This is a sort of re-work of MTT No. 050 / Nu Groove, an older episode from three years ago.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Vaeinoe / Cloudberry Dawn 00:00
  2. Ion Driver / Deliberate Distortion 02:25
  3. TwoFourteen / Slatter Jatter 05:34
  4. Ignatius / Gridpit (BOT23's Piggrits Remix) 09:30
  5. Mariel Ito / Form Function 12:26
  6. Logreybeam / Formfollowsfunction 17:25
  7. Trichome / Randy Bulbz 20:24
  8. RD / Numem 26:14
  9. Kamikaze Space Programme / Cel 28:58
  10. Sigma Algebra / Tet 33:11
  11. Doctor Evil / Dryer 37:08
  12. Tactical Systems / Quadratic Form 41:26
  13. Senor Frio / Scran 44:24
  14. Pal Secam Kids / Flatblock 209 47:34
  15. IX / Jaguar Spirit 50:32
  16. ADJ / Kronik Subsonica 54:58
  17. Kung Fu Jesus / Amen.. & Then Some 57:04

Four tracks from Touchin' Bass appear in this mix: #6 FormfollowsFunction by Logreybeam, #8 Numem by RD, #11 Dryer by Doctor Evil, and #15 Jaguar Spirit by IX. Formfollowsfunction and Dryer are both from Doctor Evil's Ritual EP, a great bass-heavy record I've had forever and never known when to play. Doctor Evil is an alias for Ben Milstein, a terrific local pacific northwest producer and DJ. If you have a chance to see him perform live don't miss it.

Track #3 Slatter Jatter by TwoFourteen, #13 Scran by Senor Frio, and #15 Kronik Subsonica by ADJ are all from the label Pyramid Transmissions. Slatter Jatter and Kronik Subsonica are both from the Alternative Networks EPs, number 2 and 1 respectively. Scran is from the label sampler available free at their bandcamp. It's worth mentioning that IX and ADJ are both aliases of Andy Jaggers, one of the founders of Pyramid (according to discogs, anyway).

Trichome's Randy Bulbz is the most recent track here, from their album Cognitive Dissonance released last year on Schematic. That whole album is as good as Randy Bulbz, which is to say excellent. I didn't want to interrupt it so I let it run long in this mix. Definitely check out the rest of the album if you like Bulbz.

This mix is pretty good, there's some mismatched phrasing, some level problems, a moment or two where the beats don't quite agree, but that's OK. The Touchin' Bass tracks and the Pal Secam Kids track are from old vinyl and might sound a bit worn out; I might need to clean those or get new needles.

I'll be back next week with another mix, uploaded Thursday evening as usual. I'll play something slower, but I'm not sure what. Shoutout to Bot23 and Senor Frio, hope you gents are doing well.

MTT 206 / Low Light

Posted 2021-02-04. Permalink. Tagged audio download, breaks, dj mix, electro, mixcloud, movement through thought, music, uk garage.

MTT206 Spectrogram

A fast grab-bag set featuring new(ish) tracks from CYWU, Ikonika, NULLPTR, and a piece from the new compilation on Fundamental Bass Intelligence.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Seal Bient / Runout 06.06 00:00
  2. Juswan / QB41 02:00
  3. Sonar Base / Before The Storm 05:16
  4. Clatterbox / Vector Model 08:33
  5. Adam Jay / Tempus Malum 11:22
  6. Velocs / Beam Transform 14:25
  7. Carlos Sicrock / Portales 17:03
  8. Morphogenetic / Reprogram Reality 20:34
  9. DJ T-1000 / Outer Drive (DJ Di'jital Remix) 24:34
  10. CYWU / Unending Glaciers 27:52
  11. NULLPTR / Arrowhead 31:23
  12. Low Orbit Satellite / Flying Steel 35:09
  13. Syncopix / Double Drag [33RPM] 38:26
  14. Contactless / Downpour 42:39
  15. Ikonika / Bodied (Roller Mix) 45:31
  16. Markone / Rain Dance 49:31
  17. NULLPTR / Wave Cannon 53:03
  18. Sorrow / Guardian 57:32

The two NULLPTR tracks are both from their excellent album Future World out last year on CPU. I love the three Nullptr releases I have (two on CPU, one on Detroit Underground) and of those I think Future World is my favorite. Discogs tells me that Nullptr used to release as Bovaflux, so I'll have to pick up some of those releases too. I imagine everybody knows by now but just in case: Future World is terrific and you should check it out.

Track 7 Portales by Carlos Sicrock is from the new 11:11 Fundamental Compilation on Fundamental Bass Intelligence, out just a couple weeks ago. I'm a fan of FBI - I have their first three releases on vinyl, and I love Máquinas Deseantes by Sbles3plex. So when I saw Electric Kingdom's review of the Fundamental Comp I was excited to hear it, and it does not disappoint. Stellar lineup, great tracks, just a fantastic comp. (The track after Portales in this mix is also FBI, their first release, The Principles by Morphogenetic, also very good).

Track 10 Unending Glaciers by CYWU is also pretty new, from their Dimensional Contract LP out a couple months ago on Lunar Orbiter Program. I haven't had much time to dig into this one but I like it a lot. Groovy space electro, music for your vacation to the moon.

Track 15 Bodied (Roller Mix) by Ikonika from their Bodies EP is a recent purchase, one I'm glad I found. The EP is somewhere in the lineage of UK bass music (something I don't know much about) and it's more-or-less compatible with electro in rhythm and tempo. Bodied is the toughest track on the release and I've got it pitched up about +6% in this mix so give the original a listen at the link above.

I'm writing this in a hurry once again so I'll close here. There's more weirdness in this hour (track 13 is one side of an old Drum & Bass two-track 12" played at 33 RPM, track 16 is one of the few pieces of early dubstep / UK garage I own), but that's all I have time to say. I'll be back next week at my usual time (Thursday evening) with another mix. Something slower.

MTT 205 / All Better

Posted 2021-01-28. Permalink. Tagged acid, audio download, dj mix, downtempo, electro, idm, mixcloud, movement through thought, music.

MTT205 Spectrogram

This month's slow(ish) set, the usual selection of downtempo, electro, and IDM, all at 100. Features new(ish) tracks from Annechoic, L'Automat, Neuroactive, Sophie, Sepehr, Zobol, and more.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Scape One / A Discord In Scarlet 00:00
  2. NEUROACTIVE / Minor Side-Effects 01:54
  3. Scorn / Night Tide 04:18
  4. Meat Beat Manifesto / United Nations (E.T.C.) 07:59
  5. Metic / Phase Inv (Phoenecia Meticoncoction) 11:13
  6. Lapsed / Break Ya Neck (Aaron Spectre Remix) 14:10
  7. Annechoic / Ib 18:00
  8. Micronaut / Nevermore 22:00
  9. Andy Garvey / Sub.conscious 24:33
  10. Zobol / Suspended Animation 27:50
  11. Syrinx 2600 / Ta-Va 31:40
  12. L'Automat / Work 1 34:43
  13. Seele Ohne Ziel / SOZ IV (Track 4) 36:24
  14. Aux 88 / Massive Effect 39:15
  15. SOPHIE / BIPP (Autechre Mx) 42:03
  16. Sepehr / Neophyte Delight 44:56
  17. [SiK] / Spiral Frank's Other Eye 48:14
  18. Identity Unknown / Solar 51:26
  19. Metamatics / 8 Bit Caravan 55:10

Let's run through the new tracks in this hour, everything 2020 onward.

Minor Side-Effects by Neuroactive is from their album of the same name on Alfa Matrix, I just picked that up a week ago and love it. It's somewhere between Kraftwerk (see Climate Is Changing) and the kind of synthpop heard at EBM / industrial nights, solid all the way through.

Annechoic's Ib is from their EP rw nw prt m hrw out last year on Brokntoys. I appreciate the variety of tracks on this release - a couple tough fast tracks, another tough one at 120, the slower Ib included here, and a nice ambient opener in Ka. Really good EP.

Sub.conscious by Andy Garvey is from their Complex Clarity EP for Lobster UNDR, another release I've played a lot over the last year. I've got Sub.conscious running at -6% so it may sound a bit off. Another great record with a wide variety of tracks and styles on it.

Zobol's Suspended Animation is one I just picked up, out a few months ago on EON Records. Slow melancholic electro, good stuff. It plays a little quiet in this mix, unfortunately; go check out the original for the full effect.

The second track from Brokntoys in this mix is L'Automat's Work 1, from their Works 7". I love this series of 7"es that Brokntoys has been putting out, and Works is no exception. Cryptic moody electro.

BIPP (Autechre Mx) by Sophie is the most recent track here, released two weeks ago on Numbers. Most of Sophie's music is too cooked, too bright for me; this slowed-down version of BIPP is just right. Like something from an imaginary lost entry in the MASK series. Good enough to bring back during Sepehr's Neophyte Delight, another new track, from his 2020 album Shaytoon on Dark Entries.

Which leaves the last track, 8 Bit Caravan by Metamatics from their album Vogue Casio 96, out a couple months ago through Metamatics' bandcamp page. A terrific album full of funky IDM beats, I like it more every time I listen to it.

Alright, I wrote this in a hurry so forgive me for rambling. Thanks for listening, check out the albums at the links above, and I'll be back with another upload next Thursday evening February 4th.