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Deus Ex (2000) again today at JC's brother Paul has just defected to the NSF and we're about to get yelled at by Manderley.

Toot edited to add: unfortunately in the middle of the broadcast the game crashed and afterwards wasn't captured for ~20 minutes. I have identified the problem and it won't be an issue in the future (have to make sure to capture the game window after clicking 'play' in the launcher).

Deus Ex (pt. 2, first playthrough)

Return to NYC thru entering Wan Chai Market

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Completed Shadowrun (SNES, Randomized) in just under four hours today! I'm very surprised, that's the first time I've finished the game in one sitting. I got a pretty fast rando seed I think.'s avatar image // / 112464588617874058 Origin link. Source file.
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I'm starting an SNES Shadowrun Randomizer game right now over at, playing the latest git version of the randomizer.

(These usually take me more than one day to beat so this'll be the first installment).

Jake's Weekend Update (SNES Shadowrun Rando)

Done in one! A quick seed (with a few deaths).

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And that's Dragon Quest 8 completed. I thought for sure I was going to have to fight Rhapthorne multiple times but no, no full-party deaths today.

What a good game. Sweet, lighthearted, fun. A real Saturday morning cartoon. Loved the ending too. I enjoyed it a lot in general, it was just what I needed right now.'s avatar image // / 112417948902385957 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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I'm pretty near the end of Dragon Quest 8 I think. In the final dungeon, maybe a level or two behind where I should be.

Might finish the game pretty soon.'s avatar image // / 112416910983257944 Origin link. Source file.
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Dragon Quest 8 (Playstation 2) right now over at The party must now pursue and defeat Marcello who (after the defeat of Sir Leopold) is now in possession of the cursed staff.

DQ8 (pt. 15, first playthrough)

Marcello fight then exploration & the Black Citadel

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I've spent the last few days sourcing, editing, and re-mixing sounds for Quake. I wish the game hadn't shipped with 8bit 11025hz audio (but then I guess that's part of the charm).

Renoise has a really good sample editor.