MTT 147 / Pattern Repeat

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MTT147 Spectrogram

This is the third annual MTT tracker music show. Weird breaks, drum & bass, and IDM. The mix features 12 (!) tracks from the Assembly demoparty (including two from 2019), plus a few from the 2018 and 2019 Revision party.

My internet connection dropped during the live broadcast of this show, unfortunately. I couldn't leave it that way, so I re-recorded the whole hour: right-click save as here or on the spectrogram above to download it. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Cube / Illumination 00:00
  2. Complex / Beyond Reality 01:54
  3. Serpent & Rapture / Parking Lot In Space 03:33
  4. Buzzer / Left Behind 06:24
  5. Purple Motion / Purple Sky II 08:58
  6. Dascon & Mygg & Bonefish / Keith 12:23
  7. Rb387 / The Vital Synthetic 64-0 15:36
  8. Necros / Introspection 16:48
  9. Supernao / Elektrik Dew 19:16
  10. Vapor / Landscapes 20:24
  11. Illusion / Azlak 22:33
  12. Norfair / Dreamplay 25:25
  13. Ganja / Late Night Session 27:55
  14. Bacter / Just Bacter 30:18
  15. Goldcrest / Groove-A-Thon 32:42
  16. Xhale / Reflektive 35:21
  17. Prob. / Jazzy Vibesz 37:35
  18. Falcon / Tasting Malibu 40:03
  19. RS3 / Refraction Reprise 41:47
  20. Dune / Control E 44:59
  21. Zaril / Malkavian Rush 48:42
  22. JPX / No Way Out 51:31
  23. JCole / A-Twinkle 54:05
  24. Dune / Nobody Dreaming 56:22

Tracks three and four are both from this year's Assembly Tracked Music Competition; Parking Lot In Space took first place, Left Behind took sixth. Be sure to check out the rest of this year's entries, as they are all terrific.

My favorite from this hour is Keith by Dascon & Mygg & Bonefish. It took first place at the Revision 2019 Tracked Music Competition, and deservedly so. It's very well programmed. There are a bunch of super creative pattern jumps and speed changes in the song, and the thing just sounds good. Download that one and watch it in a tracker, or check out one of the videos on youtube.

One interesting thing about tracker music is that there are multiple ways to set playback speed. There are usually three settings: a tempo setting which is a single BPM (defaults to 125), ticks per row (or speed), and rows per beat. By changing speed or rows per beat and leaving tempo alone, you end up with interesting multiples of tempo. The last fifteen minutes of this mix is an example of this; five tracks all at ~187.5 BPM, or a tempo of 125 and a speed of 4. (Though I'll admit I cheated with a couple to get them to fit).

I'll close by saying: sorry this took so long to upload. There were some problems to overcome in the recording of this one. But, as always, the music is good. I'm glad to have finally gotten some proper old Dune in one of these shows. There's one more broadcast before the end of the year; that'll be a mellow one, I think.


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