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Cleaning up my bookmarks and moving them over to my website. Lotta old stuff to remove, lotta questionable stuff to remove too. :shrug:'s avatar image / . source.

I had hoped to do more writing this month but that didn't happen. Didn't quite work out.

Got some fun web stuff done though. That was nice.'s avatar image / . source.
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The volume levels in this one are all over the place, sadly. That's what I get for A. not touching the gain and B. trying to mix together some wildly different stuff. Different decades, mastering techniques, production methods...'s avatar image / . source.

Took the train into Portland today for the first time in six months or more.

Downtown felt quiet. That could've been due to the time of day, and I was only there for a few minutes, but still felt a little odd.

Saw a lot of changes. Shops closed, buildings that were in progress are now finished. World keeps moving I guess.'s avatar image / . source.

Upgraded to FreeBSD 12.3 yesterday & spent some time wrestling with third-party software.

I got tired enough of waiting for ports to compile that I switched back to using binary packages.'s avatar image / . source.

Used up the last ballpoint pen I have this morning, so I switched back to mechanical pencil. I have an old set of Pentel 120 A3DX pencils that I like a lot. Way better writing experience compared to cheap Papermate ballpoints.'s avatar image / . source.

Backup day. A combination of rsync and pax | split aimed at an old FAT32 formatted 1tb pocket-size external hard drive.

It's about time to invest in a second backup device. Another external hard drive, probably.'s avatar image / . source.

I've been watching old episodes of Elvira's Movie Macabre today. Less watching, more listening while pretending to program. Movie Macabre aired a bunch of neat low-budget '70s horror films, something I wish I knew more about.'s avatar image / . source.

Spent a bunch of time today and yesterday fiddling with my website. I seem to be unintentionally recreating the features and some of the look of Blogger in the late 2000s. Not sure why.'s avatar image / . source.

Watching Demon City Shinjuku again for the first time in ages

A. I'd forgotten how good this movie looks, B. This was definitely written by Hideyuki Kikuchi, and C. Mephisto's monologue (the dub version) is still glorious.'s avatar image / . source.

Picked up a couple new singles and EPs today, spent some time mixing, came up with a pretty hilarious run of tracks. From old dubstep to new techno-breaks to Torsten Profrock. Snares on 12. Good times.