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Putting together an ambient mix for tomorrow. I remember now why I don't do these often, they're a different way of working and thinking, one I don't have much experience with.'s avatar image / . source.

The second game of horror block just started over on the twitch stream. Aneternalenigma playing SIlent Hill 4. For anyone interested in GDQ.'s avatar image / . source.

CW: Internet, Politics, US POL

Apparently "Q" (as-in "Q Anon") posted again on the 24th, the day of the Dobbs decision, after a year-and-a-half absence. Heard about it while catching up on podcasts today. (The Q Anon Anonymous podcast has an episode up on the topic already).

I truly hope Q will not have the same impact it did in the past. I want to believe that most of the followers have moved on. But, regardless, just fuck all of this.'s avatar image / . source.

Playing with OBS a bit today, learning how to use it. Very glad it's available on FreeBSD.

It's probably not a good idea but I might try streaming video games on twitch soon. I'll need to figure out a stand or mount for my microphone first. And later on pick up a webcam.'s avatar image / . source.

I needed to see something positive last night, something beautiful and redeeming, so I put on & rewatched Orson Welles's movie "F For Fake". Art, fraud, and lies. Reality and fiction blended. I always walk away from it feeling hopeful, inspired.

Criterion has it in NA (and you can find it on if like me you don't have Criterion money).

"Our songs will all be silenced. But what of it? Go on singing."'s avatar image / . source.

Tired today & so I went digging for movies on Found Hitchcock's adaptation of Rebecca from 1940. Watching it now. I know I've seen it once before but I don't remember that viewing well. Olivier is wonderful (and I really hate Max de Winter).

Been meaning to read the book forever, even started it a couple times.'s avatar image / . source.

Today's mix is going to be properly late, I'm thinking Friday 4 or 6 AM pacific time.

My non-24-hour sleep cycle and generally bad sleep hygiene has caught up with me once again. I woke up at 6 PM and my brain thinks this whole "day" or period awake is Thursday, despite it being mostly Friday.'s avatar image / . source.

Didn't get enough sleep yesterday and then tried to do too much. Wore myself out. Oof.

It's time once again to lean on some old tracks & sequences that I know work for this week's mix.'s avatar image / . source.
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Some kinda dodgy transitions at the start of this one but it picks up after that. Glad I finally played Computer Age for the series without feeling like I'd flubbed the mix.

Also just noticed the "some of some" phrase in the previous post... an editing error, ah well.'s avatar image / . source.

I'm just now about to press the record button so today's mix might be a little late. Somewhere around midnight PST. Don't want to rush or stress over it.

20 Minutes Into The Future

Max Headroom: 20 Minutes Into The Future, 1985, dir. Annabel Jankel & Rocky Morton. VHS, NTSC standard, ~60 minutes long. x264 NTSC SD video + flac 16bit/44.1khz audio, ~1.2G, archived on DVD+R media. Purchased over 20 years ago at my local "Video USA" video rental store when they were closing that location.

The Max Headroom TV movie made for Channel 4. Strangely unavailable on DVD (or any other modern format). A pretty clean copy can be found on youtube thanks to user Kevin Galvayne (tipsy1973).'s avatar image / . source.

I'm glad it's the right temperature now in the Pacific NW to leave a window cracked open all day.'s avatar image / . source.
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Received the DT 770s today, been listening to them, getting my ears adjusted to the sound. It's strange to have headphones capable of sub-bass again. And I'm starting to notice the Beyerdynamic treble peak (particularly when listening to rock music for some reason).

Very happy with the build quality & comfort. Metal bows (curved Y looking pieces) attach strong plastic earcups to a (much more robust) metal headband. Really hope they last a long time; at least 10 years.'s avatar image / . source.

My Panasonic RP-HTX7 headphones, the only working set I own, broke about a week ago. One of the two metal wires in the headband snapped. I had another pair of this same model fail in the same way about five years ago. (Which is, to be fair, a good run for $50 headphones that are worn nearly all the time).

I borrowed some money and bought a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pros, the 80 ohm model, to replace them. I'll have to sell some stuff to cover it (I have no income right now) but that's OK, I can't really function without headphones.