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Spent yesterday playing with the CSS for my website, updating its look a little bit. I find design stuff fun when there's existing content ("content") to work with. The site is still readable in links & lynx too, which makes me happy.'s avatar image // / 108353337089492332 Origin link. Source file.
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CW: Horror Movie Talk, Spoilers, "The Perilous Internet Ring"

"The Perilous Internet Ring", 2020, a Chinese horror film directed by Japanese horror director Norio Tsuruta. Fanmade subs for it appeared on reddit recently, so I watched the movie today and got something I didn't expect.

From afar the movie looks like a ghost story in the style of say "The Ring", and for the first 20 minutes it plays out that way. Swap the student film on VHS for a "web novel" and you get the idea.

What I didn't know is that the movie is a kind of message film or social problem film about, as it says at the end, the dangers of "net addiction". The movie also references the "Blue Whale Challenge" (which I had to look up):

There's a mystery / investigation plot that unfortunately falls apart (in a convoluted and kind of funny way) in order to reach the internet-is-dangerous conclusion.

There were some nice spooky ghosts though which I always like. But I definitely had more fun thinking about this movie than I did watching it.'s avatar image // / 108305945469254958 Origin link. Source file.
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CW: Horror movie talk, Reincarnation (2005)

The movie Takashi Shimizu made between the US versions of "The Grudge" and "The Grudge 2". Watched it tonight (found a copy on

Felt to me like a fine ghost story that mixes up a bunch of pretty standard elements (a creepy doll, a hotel, past lives, spooky kids). It's a bit meta - it's about actors in a horror film - but doesn't pursue that angle very far. Very well executed (aside from some dated looking CG). I liked how eerie and reality-bending it was. Kenji Kawai's soundtrack is good. Will have to watch it again & think on it some more.

hangtime3-df[mdf.cpm] by aNnh & power_of_heavy_metal

hangtime3-df[mdf.cpm] at Quake 3 Defrag map hangtime3-df completed with CPM physics in 08:18:296 by aNnh. Video by power_of_heavy_metal. Map by, of course, NaturalSpringWater. Music featured in the video is the track Archetype by Sciama.

The video includes flashing lights and first-person gameplay that might cause motion sickness. (The hangtime maps are particularly disorienting I find).

Saw this last night & had to link it. A new video from power_of_heavy_metal is reason enough to celebrate, but hangtime3? Done flawlessly by aNnh? Incredible.'s avatar image // / 108300090910885811 Origin link. Source file.
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CW: quake 3 defrag, first-person gameplay, youtube link

Oh shoot there's a new hangtime map for defrag ( ), came out a few weeks ago... and aNnh already has a flawless run of it.... and power_of_heavy_metal made a video of the run!

Fair warning, the hangtime maps can be particularly disorienting, viewer discretion advised's avatar image // / 108293092707610932 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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Wrote the notes for this one a little faster than I'd like; might take a second look at it tomorrow. Also some of the mix is a tad busier than I prefer & a little inelegant. I suppose that's OK, prefect is the enemy of good, etc. etc. .'s avatar image // / 108287036062860644 Origin link. Source file.
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Practicing tonight, most of the mixes & transitions I'm trying aren't working, bleh.

Practice practice practice.

Red Orc, Professor Smith, and Voltage Music

Artwork from plus_two.mp3, a simple drawing of a man wearing glasses waving at the viewer

So back in the late '90s there used to be a site called, a place where musicians released low-bitrate mp3s of original tracks. There was a drum & bass producer I liked a lot there by the name of Red Orc. I got to wondering yesterday: where'd Red Orc go, what'd they end up doing? tells me that Red Orc is Andrew Smith AKA Professor Smith AKA Jackie's Army. This appears to be the same Andrew Smith that founded XLR8R magazine. Discogs lists three releases by Red Orc in 1998 after which Smith released a series of very interesting minimalist dubby electro EPs on the San Francisco label Voltage Music (all of which are now available on bandcamp).

The one Red Orc track I can remember clearly is Plus Two, a dark sketchy 170 BPM amen workout. I wasn't able to find any Red Orc for download on the web; digging through old burned CDs I found Plus Two and four other tracks, all in 128kbps mp3 format. Plus Two's metadata says it's from a 1999 album called "Red Orc in the Palace of Funk"; I'd very much like to hear that album someday.'s avatar image // / 108268413697632308 Origin link. Source file.
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Digging through the old Tokyo Dawn tracker netlabel catalog today. (The 1997-2000 releases, thru

Preliminary unzipping & renaming work is done, next step is to render the tracks I want then encode then tag.'s avatar image // / 108253493303866317 Origin link. Source file.
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Tired. Wiped out. Today's mix was much more difficult to execute than I expected. First 40 minutes are good, a little uneven, last 20 minutes I'm very happy with.

I really want a cup of tea teacup without handle containing green tea even though it's 11 PM, even though I know it'll shift my sleep schedule forward.'s avatar image // / 108245648994066066 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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CW: USPOL, SCOTUS, podcast link

and now the 5-4 Podcast have their episode up on Dobbs v. Jackson and the leaked decision:

There's an appropriate amount of swearing in the discussion.

I generally trust the hosts of 5-4 and so I've been waiting to hear their comments on this matter.'s avatar image // / 108239982511054609 Origin link. Source file.
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CW: USPOL, SCOTUS, podcast link

the Opening Arguments podcast put out an episode today discussing the contents of the draft opinion that leaked last night:

I found it (the podcast) educational and alarming.

In case you want to hear a (justifiably) upset lawyer go over the document itself.'s avatar image // / 108229172876662517 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.

CW: MH-, Anxiety, Covid

I saw a lot of people on my trip into the city that Friday. I'd guess somewhere between 10 and 20 percent were wearing masks.

I hung around in the shops until the anxiety of being around that many people got to me. I spent a long time working towards being less anxious around people, with a lot of success. The last few years have been a big setback.'s avatar image // / 108229137604908321 Origin link. Source file.
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I took a trip into Portland on Friday (4/22), spent some time in Everyday Music and Powells Books, both on west burnside. Picked up a clean hardcover copy of Rum Punch by Elmore Leonard. Was a nice way to spend an afternoon.