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  • Test Open Broadcaster (OBS is in the FreeBSD ports tree) DONE
  • Test streaming to Twitch: quality (720p), connection stability DONE
  • Rename existing twitch account? Make a new account? DONE
    • Kept existing account; consider renaming in the future?
  • Pick up a mic stand
  • Pick up a webcam (the Logitech C270 is supported by webcamd) DONE
  • Pick up a new analog video capture device supported by webcamd.
    • a used Dazzle DVC-100 ?

New Analog Video Capture Device

Look into webcamd, particularly em28xx(4) and usbvision(4). It looks like a Dazzle DVC-100 would work fine. webcamd is also the software required for a webcam to work (stating the obvious).

Shadowrun Streaming Project

Games To Stream / Possible Projects

CnEY's Better Quake Than Never list is a useful place to look for Quake singleplayer content.

  • Quake 1 (possible candidate for speedrunning)
    • Main Game (DONE 2x)
    • Scourge Of Armagon (DONE 1x)
    • Dissolution Of Eternity (DONE 1x)
    • Dimension Of The Past (DONE 2x)
    • Alkaline (DONE 1x v1.1), Alkaline Jam (DONE 1x)
    • Arcane Dimensions (DONE 1x)
    • Blue Monday Jam (DONE 1x)
    • Coagula2
    • Contract Revoked (D1x), Chapters (D1x), Contract 2 (D1x), FMJ 9 (D1x)
    • Coppertone Summer Jam 1, CTSJ 2 (DONE 1x)
    • Deathmatch Classics maps (DMC1 1x, DMC3 1x)
    • DM4 Jam (DONE 1x)
    • Dwell (ver 2) (DONE 1x)
    • Empire Of Disorder
    • Epochs Of Enmity
    • Func map jams
    • Halloween Jam 2018 (DONE 1x)
    • IKSPQ maps (DONE 2x)
    • Jump Mod (DONE 1x), Jump Jam 1 (DONE 1x), Jump Jam 2
    • Quoffee
    • Rubicon & Rubicon 2 (DONE 2x, 1x)
    • Sewer Jam 2 (DONE 1x)
    • Speedmapping packs (217, 219 1x)
    • Terra maps (DONE 1x 2022/11/05)
    • Underdark Overbright, The Punishment Due
    • Warpspasm
  • Quake 3 CPMA duels V bots (works now; DONE a little bit)
  • Painkiller (still need to finish this anyway)
  • Planescape: Torment
  • PSX: Final Fantasy VII
  • PSX: Final Fantasy VIII (for the first time)
  • SNES: Arcana (DONE 1x); learn speedrun route?
  • SNES: Super Metroid (DONE 1x)
  • SNES: The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past (main game & rando)
  • Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines (stutters when playing)

The two Chrono series games. Would want to play them back-to-back.

  • SNES: Chrono Trigger
  • PSX: Chrono Cross

The Shadowrun series games. These could be more of an overall project, could have an arc. Would need to upgrade my computer to handle the Returns games, I think.

  • SNES: Shadowrun (DONE 1x)
  • Shadowrun Returns (DONE 1x)
  • Shadowrun: Dragonfall (DONE 1x)
  • Shadowrun: Hong Kong
  • Shadowrun: Dead Man's Switch Vox Populi UGC
  • Shadowrun: Mercurial UGC
  • Shadowrun: Antumbra UGC
  • Shadowrun: The Caldecott Caper UGC
  • Shadowrun: CalFree In Chains UGC