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Completed Painkiller (video game, 2004) tonight. It was... OK. Very edgy (of course).

Movement and combat were really fun, environments were beautiful but mostly linear, story was goofy and forgettable. Music was good (though it took me a while to like it). Boss gimmicks could have been explained better.

Seems like a game that might be more fun in short bursts. (Or maybe multiplayer, CPL 2005 style).'s avatar image // / 111790724776663451 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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First step: figure out how the monsters work, second step: teach the monsters to pick up and use items on the map. (Step two might be asking too much.)'s avatar image // / 111790719758221400 Origin link. Source file.
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I've spent the last few days working through & partially rewriting the Quake 1 monster code. It's not super complicated stuff but I've never studied anything like it before so it's all new to me.'s avatar image // / 111767850290427051 Origin link. Source file.
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Streaming for a bit today over at .

I've refactored / re-written a lot of the QuakeC game code recently so I'm going to test that by running through the standard id1 maps (and maybe some of Than's Deathmatch Dimension).

Mod Testing (running thru id1 & maybe DMD)

Found some bugs and played id1 & DMD 1-6

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Watched Brother (2000, dir. Takeshi Kitano) today. First watch (& my first Kitano too). A gangster (played by Kitano) is exiled to America and starts his own crime family in L.A. .

A whole bunch of recognizable actors in this - Omar Epps of course, also James Shigeta, Tetsuya Watari, and Pat Morita (for a single shot). Score by Joe Hisaishi! A lot of abrupt, fast violence. Everybody's doomed from the beginning. Really enjoyed the ending.

I remember seeing this on the shelf at my local video store when it was new. Happy to have finally picked it up & taken it home (so to speak).'s avatar image // / 111679636803417532 Origin link. Source file.

Happy New Ear everybody