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I've been a little quiet here because I had a breakthrough over the last few weeks with my implementation of CPM-like movement in . I've got something that works much better now, though it's only compatible with FTEQW.

Every day I've found new bugs and then fixed them. Bugs in clientside movement prediction, bugs in the slidemove, etc. It's been consuming all my time.

I'll record a video of it soon, or maybe stream some gameplay. For now I've posted the code here:'s avatar image // / 111335460063851170 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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Completed VtM:B and got my revenge against Ming Xiao for yesterday. To be fair I kind of cheesed my way through her fight (flamethrower). The rest of the ending was easy with some help from viewers.

Really love that game. It's rough around the edges, in some places unfinished even, but it's such a good time.

I do wish it had better (more consistent) audio mixing.'s avatar image // / 111334891802377374 Origin link. Source file.
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Finishing my playthrough of VtM: Bloodlines tonight at

Starting at Griffith Park then playing through to the end (Hopefully I won't run out of ammo this time).

VtMB (Part 5, Conclusion)

Griffith Park thru the end of the game