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I'm starting a playthrough of Dragon Quest 8: Journey Of The Cursed King (2004, Playstation 2) tonight at

I haven't played a long comfy JRPG in quite a while so this should be nice. (I figure it'll take me two or three months streaming a couple times a week to finish the game).

DQ8 (pt. 1, first playthrough)

Start up to arriving in Alexandria

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Oh wow just saw the huge Stardew Valley update. Up to 1.6 now. I was thinking about starting a new farm soon, now I definitely will.'s avatar image // / 112108362439219908 Origin link. Source file.
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Playing Mirror's Edge (2008 FPS game) again tonight over at

Can I complete the game twice in one sitting? Maybe 1.5 times is more realistic.

Faith's Quiet Weekend

Completed ME once, then ran around in Quake

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I started a second refactor of the Quake 1 gamecode. Made the classic mistake of "surely I can do it better this time" instead of fixing what I've already got.'s avatar image // / 112055840119925177 Origin link. Source file.
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Going to play a bit of Mirror's Edge today over at Starting from the beginning, aim to play ~4 hours, see how far I can get.

Faith's Midday Run

Completed the game in around 3.5 hours.