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Streaming more VtM: Bloodlines today at

Finishing up the Chinatown hub and then moving into the last areas of the game. (We're past the nastiest part of it but still: warning that this is a pretty violent horror game.)

VtMB (Part 4)

Chinatown thru a failed attempt at defeating Ming Xiao.

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Going into the Hollywood section of VtM: Bloodlines tonight at

Those content warnings I've been giving about the game? They're for this part. It more than earns its M rating with the violence & gore in the Hollywood section.

VtMB (Part 3)

Hollywood thru the Fu Syndicate

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The edginess continues. Streaming VtM: Bloodlines tonight over at Will try to play through the Downtown hub in one go.

Warning again that this game gets to some pretty violent & nasty places.

VtMB (Part 2)

Downtown thru the start of Hollywood

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I'm starting a game of Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines on stream tonight over at

Fair warning, this game is real edgy stuff. Violent and gory. (Rated Mature 17+ the ESRB says).

VtMB (Part 1)

Santa Monica thru the Elizabeth Dane

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Continuing the Shadowrun Hong Kong bonus campaign today on stream over at

I think this is the second-to-last mission, The Tiger's Den.

SRHK Bonus Campaign (part 3)

The Tiger's Den mission (completed with several reloads). A little sloppy (used a platinum trauma kit) but fine.

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I've been switching between programming in Python and Quake C lately and it's starting to scramble my brain. Keep having to remind myself: tabs or spaces? do I need curly braces? etc. .'s avatar image // / 111219279108458599 Origin link. Source file. This is a reply.
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Oh no I forgot to read the end of the story, the epilogue, that Than wrote to go with the map pack. Dangit. Sorry Than. WIll have to leave myself a note to read that part next time.'s avatar image // / 111218108061950752 Origin link. Source file.
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I'm playing through Than's map pack "Deathmatch Dimension" on stream over at

I've been looking forward to this one for a while, I love single player reworks of DM maps.

Deathmatch Dimension

Adventures of Dave the Quake Marine

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Picking up my game of Shadowrun Hong Kong again today on stream at

Been 4 or 5 months since I last played. I believe I'm in the middle of the bonus campaign (after the events of the main game).

SRHK Bonus Campaign (part 2)

Namazu / Shiawase Research Lab mission

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CW: Movie Talk, To Live And Die In L.A. (1985)

Watched To Live And Die In L.A. after putting it off for a few weeks. "Pulp" would be the word for it I think. A procedural cop-versus-counterfeiter story elevated by great performances and William Friedkin's direction.

Really good but also evil & mean. Grim. (I'm beginning to think that could describe most of Friedkin's movies). Plot goes from normal procedural to horrific unrecoverable death spiral. Ended up being way more intense than I expected.

Soundtrack by Wang Chung.