MTT 252 / Loop Fitting

MTT252 Spectrogram

An hour of mostly late '90s tracker module drum & bass. All but one of these selections were rendered to .wav with OpenMPT; they were then mixed with my normal equipment. A number of well-known artists are featured, including: Fanu, Krii (AKA Resound), Mav, and Twister.

This recording includes at least one track with some profanity; please consider your surroundings when listening.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

DFWC 2021 Coverage Links

Defrag World Cup 2021 concluded a few weeks ago, and was a really good event! There were some pretty spicy runs. I wanted to rewatch some of the round coverage so I built the table of youtube and twitch links below. (Note that w00deh and ZERGTV also covered the cup but for the Russian-speaking audience).

Standard content warning for Quake videos: flashing lights, disorienting gameplay that may cause motion sickness.

RoundTop VQ3Top CPMTimConLanZoot
Round 1 Yotoon Bazz qGHHuekPETM vukCeJvLlzU
Round 2 Frog annh 67rPiRRQ4A4 vwfz8x3H4RQ
Round 3 xas-th Bazz XtMp9UUIMtw -kl56vvkO30
Round 4 Strangeland w00dy-th bcMdTEKQqQE lCgwkXI1Z_c
Round 5 Frog annh HP5bNqr_VOs 1211107904
Round 6 DeX Bazz tTWPAQsqvrg Congrats Zoot!
Round 7 Strangeland annh 5LB17uFoD6o 1224005901


After avoiding it for years I've finally published my dotfiles. There's a mixture of shell scripts and configuration files in there, most of which is (I hope) explained by the README.

The image nearby is a recent screenshot of my desktop. The background / wallpaper & character art pictured are from the old eroge visual novel Divi-Dead (which I played way back in high school and have been using artwork from for backgrounds ever since).

A few points of interest, things I'm happy with:

I'll be adding more to the repo soon(ish), probably starting with my audio file management scripts.