MTT 250 / Trouble Ahead

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MTT250 Spectrogram

Breaks and electro in the high 120s, some smooth and polite, some jittery and a little menacing. This mix features a couple new tracks by Audioelectronic (as remixed by Single Cell Orchestra & released on Resource Records) and Rugon (on Brokntoys).

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. John Beltran / Decembers Tragedy 00:00
  2. DJ Life / Crisis Premonition 03:30
  3. AS1 / Clouds Of Thunder 08:32
  4. Shann-X / Earthly Abyss 12:41
  5. Shadowbunny / Earthtone 16:43
  6. Rugon / 0327 20:00
  7. Morphology / Cobol 23:58
  8. Fleck E.S.C. / Dead End 28:45
  9. CRC / Disposal Robot 139 31:09
  10. Nullptr / Exotropia 34:56
  11. Audioelectronic / World Of Form (Single Cell Orchestra Electro Remix) 38:43
  12. b0t23 / AcidBBQ 43:14
  13. Volsoc / Needleintuit 47:04
  14. Who Is Who / Insert Coin 51:04
  15. The Exaltics / 2905 56:19
  16. Alex Jann + A-Future / Code X 58:42

Going over the new (2021 and later) tracks in this hour we have #6 0327 by Rugon from the A Call Too Close compilation on Brokntoys and #11 World Of Form (Single Cell Orchestra Electro Remix) by Audioelectronic. Track #2 Crisis Premonition by DJ Life and #16 Code X by Alex Jann & A-Future are also relatively new both having come out last year. Single Cell Orchestra's mix of World Of Form is definitely my favorite of these, be sure to check out his bandcamp 'cause he's been up to cool things recently.

There are a couple of old pieces I want to call out near the end of the mix, namely #13 Needleintuit by Volsoc and #14 Insert Coin by Who Is Who. Released on World Electric (digital thru Pretension US) and Electrix respectively. Tough stuff, records I don't play often. Insert Coin is pitched down somewhere between -5 and -6% to fit so it might sound a little off here.

250 is a big number! 50 more than 200. Thanks for listening. If you hear a track you like consider showing the artist some support, most everything is available through bandcamp at the links above. I'll be back next week Thursday evening PST with another mix, something slower.


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