MTT 253 / Grow Wings

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MTT253 Spectrogram

Tracker downtempo and IDM for this last show of 2021. Four tracks from the netlabel Language Lab, three from Rebound, and two from Milk. A couple of long (7 minute plus) tracks.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Tiger / Emme Ya 00:00
  2. Jean Nine / Lentoharjoitus 04:32
  3. Krii / High Above The Clouds 08:36
  4. Quad / Maybe, Maybe Not 11:50
  5. Phonex / The Next Thousand Years 14:32
  6. Nagz / Temple Of Weirdness 17:44
  7. Tyree / Kira 21:21
  8. Sacha / Willbe 24:55
  9. RS3 / Optic Embrace 29:48
  10. Massive Attack / Heat Miser (Noldus Rabiatus Mix) 34:30
  11. Tricolore / Evil Mindz (Tricolore Mix) 41:50
  12. Darkhalo / Under A Dark Sky 46:49
  13. Rain / x.15periments 49:43
  14. RS3 / Beam 51:49

Tracks #4, #6, and #8 are all from the Mimikry EP on Language Lab, an excellent downtempo / trip-hop 10-tracker from 2001. #7 Kira by Tyree is also from Language Lab, 1999. Track #3 High Above The Clouds by Krii, #5 The Next Thousand Years by Phonex, and #11 Evil Mindz by Tricolore are all from Rebound. Numbers 1 Emme Ya by Tiger and 13 x.15periments by Rain are both from the netlabel Milk. The Mimikry EP is particularly good and worth checking out.

The last track of this mix, RS3's Beam, is the second part of a series: Ray, Beam, and Prism. I often return to these at the end of the year; I'm not sure why. They're melancholy but also forward-looking, kind of hopeful. Just what I need on New Years.

That'll do it for me this week, and for this year. 2021 was a rough one. Thanks for listening. I'll have another mix up next week Thursday evening, in 2022. Not sure what it'll be just yet; hopefully some new stuff.


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