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## Dotfiles

My local scripts & configuration files. Installation and management
is done through the makefile Files that end with the
(unfortunately ambiguous) ".fix" suffix contain strings like "xDK0h"
that are defined in colordef\*.sh and are replaced/processed using
sed by way of

My Quake 3 config is also included here, though there's probably
something wrong with it.

All files (unless explicitly stated otherwise) are made available under
the 2-clause simplified BSD license; see LICENSE for the full text.

### Environment & Software Choices

My system is, generally speaking, a modern amd64 PC running X windows
on FreeBSD. 1080p (1920x1080) resolution, true color support (even in
the terminal), et cetera. A pretty normal set of hardware in 2021 but
worth calling out. These config files are written for that setup.

I use the X windows programs alacritty, conky, dunst, herbstluftwm,
jgmenu, mpv, picom, redshift, and tint2. Terminal emulator, system monitor,
notification daemon, window manager, menu, video player, compositor,
automated color temperature changer, and panel/taskbar respectively.

On the console I use cmus, irssi, mutt, newsboat, and vim. Music player,
IRC client, mail user agent, RSS reader, and editor respectively.

Nothing too unusual in those lists.

### Shell Scripts

Most of the shell scripts in this repository are generalized frontends
to various utilities, some with a bit of extra logic in them.

bin/ are my shell aliases, nothing fancy. bin/ and
bin/ are very basic, not much more than aliases.

bin/ is an X windows background (root image) setter, a frontend for
hsetroot ( capable of selecting random
images from a list or directory.

bin/ is a little tool that randomly selects n words from a file,
default 3 words from /usr/share/bin/words.

bin/ runs a new terminal emulator in the current working directory
of the shell running in the currently selected window. It's a bit weird,
doesn't always work.

bin/ is an ls-like that lists files in a directory and colorizes
the output based on filetype, filesize, and other criteria determined in
a great big case statement. Only tested on FreeBSD. Please don't alias or
otherwise call it as ls, it's a very bad idea.

config/redshift/hooks/ is an automated background selector &
setter launched by redshift ( when the redshift
period (day, transition, night) changes. I use sets of background art from
visual novels that depict scenes at different times of day. The conky
config at config/conky/conky.conf also hooks into this to draw a character
image with appropriate (day, transition, night) tinting and an expression
based on system load average.

### Missing Dependencies

Some of these config files, notably config/cmus/rc, require or reference
scripts I've written that aren't in this repository. I intend to publish
those missing scripts soon either in their own repo or in this one.

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