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MTT251 Spectrogram

An easy selection of ~120 BPM electro and IDM this week. Features a couple of long tracks by Autechre, Kurt Baggaley, and Metamatics.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Subaeris / Anubis 00:00
  2. Higher Intelligence Agency / Fleagle 03:26
  3. Orbital / Science Friction 07:18
  4. Kurt Baggaley / Escape To Paradise 11:34
  5. Sky Tucker / Notewithstanding 18:14
  6. Dan White / Digital Detox 22:04
  7. Luke Vibert / Homewerk 26:04
  8. Credit 00 / On Hold 29:32
  9. Metamatics / Man-Q-Neons 33:52
  10. XY0815 / 16mBit (Robyrt Hecht Remix) 39:43
  11. Clive Kells / Pan Tropic 42:24
  12. Cyborg 95 / Cyborg's Theme 46:32
  13. Mike Paradinas / Hi-Q 51:17
  14. Autechre / 444 55:22
  15. DBP / Runout 08.04 61:57

There isn't anything really new here, I think the most recent tracks are #15 Runout 08.04 by DBP from 2020 and three from 2018: #8 On Hold by Credit 00, #10 16mBit (Robyrt Hecht Remix) by XY0815, and #12 Cyborg's Theme by Cyborg 95. All good, all worth checking out.

The piece I really wanted to hear, really wanted to play is #13 Hi-Q by Mike Paradinas from the first From Beyond record on Interdimensional Transmissions. I can't remember the last time I played it. Such a beautiful build, starts quiet and ends with that thumping, fist-pumping beat. Unfortunately my copy doesn't sound great, it sounds like a dollar-bin find. (The price sticker on it says $2.00, so close).

The mixing & transitions in this one may be a bit more loose than usual, I felt a bit off my game, I hope I didn't get in the way of the music too much. The next episode (coming Thursday the 23rd) will be this year's tracker music mix. Expect a lot of late '90s XMs and ITs.


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