MTT 252 / Loop Fitting

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MTT252 Spectrogram

An hour of mostly late '90s tracker module drum & bass. All but one of these selections were rendered to .wav with OpenMPT; they were then mixed with my normal equipment. A number of well-known artists are featured, including: Fanu, Krii (AKA Resound), Mav, and Twister.

This recording includes at least one track with some profanity; please consider your surroundings when listening.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Tyree / Soul Circle 00:00
  2. RS3 / Soul Refraction 04:10
  3. Fanu / Walk On Fire 07:33
  4. Psidream / Like Butter 10:12
  5. Jean Nine / Model 741 13:03
  6. Jcole / Too Long To Wait A Minute 17:21
  7. Mad-E / Lonely Again 19:59
  8. Twister / Sick 21:47
  9. Lois Lane / Bangkok Dusk 25:47
  10. Nightwatch / Liquid Candle 29:02
  11. Wesi / Progress 32:16
  12. Lynn Drumm / The Old Days 36:09
  13. M.C.A. / Foregone Destruction 38:28
  14. Prob. / Streeetsounds 42:05
  15. Krii / Never Forget 45:17
  16. The Future Sound Of London / We Have Explosive (Hitek Sabotage Mix) 49:09
  17. Mad-E / When You Get Scared 53:16
  18. Mav / Escape From Reality 55:53
  19. Kriffin / Timez 62:05

I feel like talking way too much & want to quickly run through each track, so let's do that.

We start with Soul Circle by Tyree, the first release on Language Lab, 1999. It sets up the smooth, atmospheric sound of most of this mix. Next up is RS3's Soul Refraction, the first track from his Phases Of Identity album released in 2001 on Hellven. Third we have Fanu's Walk On Fire from 1999, the first of seven(!) tracks from the netlabel MostValuablePlayaz. There's like 10 great old Fanu tracks on MVP, all hanging out in that archive on Track #4 is Clouds Above by Psidream also on MVP, more smoothness, pitched up about +5%. Track #5 is Model 741 by Jean Nine, released 1998 on the somewhat more experimental netlabel Milk.

Next up is #6 Too Long To Wait A Minute by Jcole, 1999, released on both MVP and Rebound, this one starts to lower the energy a bit. That trend is continued forward into #7 Lonely Again by Mad-E, 1998, MVP. Twister's Sick, the first of two tracks from Scientific, comes in during a breakdown in Lonely Again. I've linked to Scientific's bandcamp above, but if you're looking for their XMs and ITs a few of them are available here. Track #9 Bangkok Dusk by Lois Lane is the fifth from MVP, 1999, and serves as another small peak in the mix.

We roll on with track #10 Liquid Candle by Nightwatch (AKA Niwa), 1999, from Language Lab release #7 the Break Sides EP. #11 Progress by Wesi is another from Rebound, 1998, it brings the "ambientish vibes" (as the NFO says). Track #12 The Old Days by Lynn Drumm is the most recent in this hour, 2019, released on Feline Frequencies. I became aware of Lynn Drumm through her entry in Revision 2019, and later through her twitch stream. This is the one track I didn't render to .wav myself; the copy from bandcamp sounds like it was recorded straight from an Amiga, so it's all good. After a slightly uneasy mix track #13 Foregone Destruction by M.C.A. (Michiel van den Bos) comes in. This is, of course, from the Unreal Tournament (UT99) soundtrack, it's the tune that famously plays on Facing Worlds.

Track #14 Streeetsounds by Prob., released 1999 on Milk, takes the energy down and introduces some edge, some attitude. #15 is Never Forget by Krii (aka Resound of Loxy & Resound), released 2000 on Rebound. I have this one pitched down around -6% to fit. Tough stuff. Tougher still is #16 We Have Explosive (Hitek Sabotage Mix) by of course FSOL and remixed by Darkhalo. Was pleasantly surprised to find this remix in Darkhalo's on his website. Moving on to #17 When You Get Scared by Mad-E, 1999 MVP. Runs for a couple minutes to get out of Explosive and set up #18 Escape From Reality by Mav, 1999, the second track in this hour from Scientific. Big tune, dark and menacing. #19 Timez by Kriffin (AKA Krii), released 1999 again on MVP, takes us out. Something mellow to end on & talk over.

I found a lot of these mods (and labels) while doing research for last year's tracker music mix. In particular I had downloaded the MostValuablePlayaz catalog but didn't have time to render it to .wav; that one label really makes this set. An MVP label episode might be worth doing in the future.

That'll do it for this year's tracker music mix. Just one style this time, one tempo, but a good selection I think. I'll be back next week Thursday evening PST with another mix, something slow, call it half the speed of this one.


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